Secret Service Agent Takes Down Biden Protester in Street

A Los Angeles protester discovered the hard way you cannot run toward a presidential motorcade.

Biden was in downtown LA for his little summit meeting and Kimmel appearance this week.

As his motorcade approached, a woman with a bullhorn walked out into the street toward the motorcade, at which point a Secret Service agent appeared to take out some frustrations.

Take Her Down

The protester was a pro-choice supporter, apparently with a few screws loose.

As we have seen recently, many of these women are just flat-out nuts.

They are showing up at events with red-paint-stained crotches and all kinds of crazy slogans.

This woman appeared to be in that same category.

In the midst of the takedown, she was screaming at the agents, “Get the f— off me!

“An abortion ban will not stop abortions – only safe ones.”

Anthony Guglielmi, chief of communications for the U.S. Secret Service, released a statement on the incident.

It read, “Shortly after 5 p.m., an adult female entered a restricted roadway along a motorcade route on Chick Hearn Ct in Los Angeles.

“As the woman approached passing vehicles, a United States Secret Service agent swiftly removed her from the roadway and placed her into custody.

“There was no impact to the motorcade movement or our protectees.

“Our investigation into this incident is ongoing.”

He also landed a slap to the face from what I can see, which I am sure liberals will have a field day with, totally neglecting the fact she was swinging at the officer and God only knows what else.

Source: Fox News

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4 Responses

  1. This is the future Gustople in training for our want to be Dictator. Time is running out for the Democratic party, and they know it. But Super lying Hypocrite Biden and his handlers still thinks that he can complete his mission in destroying America and its people’s way of a good life and liberty and before the American people find out the complete truth about Bidens and his son’s criminal lives along with everyone else involved in this conspiracy against our Country and our government. This is the worse crime scam that has ever happened to our country and the one involved should pay with their lives in the end for all the lives that have been lost and all the TAX money that has been wasted or stolen. And we have a good idea who is responsible for that. and all the pain and hurt and stress they have put on the People. The Democratic party are putting their lives in danger by being a part of this conspiracy scam.

  2. Time for HO JOE to Go
    The Crime Monster is a Thief, Conman, Criminal
    NO Clue JOE MUST Go

    Judas the traitor

    sold your country out for money , greed , lust , deception

  3. Should have pulled his pistol and sent that crazy woman to never never land.

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