Senate Confirms Biden Nominee for CBP

US Customs and Border Protection has a new boss.

The Senate has finally confirmed Tucson police chief Chris Magnusk to be the new boss of the CBP.

This is a massive blow to conservatives hoping Magnusk would have been defeated.

Worse Than Mayorkas?

Democrats have proven once again that they simply do not care about safety at our border.

Magnusk was approved with a 50-47 vote.

Time and again during his confirmation hearing, Magnusk refused to call the situation at the border a “crisis.”

His stance on immigration was only part of the problem, however.

His police department has had its fair share of controversy.

This would include sexual harassment allegations against Magnusk himself.

There are also allegations of Magnusk using racially charged language in his department.

RJ Hauman, head of government relations for FAIR, stated, “Secretary Mayorkas may have been right when he referred to Chris Magnus as a ‘highly-regarded and accomplished professional with deep experience.’

“Not only is he highly-regarded by open borders activists and illegal aliens, he has a lengthy track record opposing immigration enforcement.

“While that may be a perfect resume in the eyes of the White House, it is disqualifying and downright dangerous.”

This is one of the nominations I felt for sure was going to be defeated, but he has obviously passed through.

If you think DHS Secretary Mayorkas is bad, wait until you see this guy in action.

And don’t be surprised if a decision is finally reached regarding the agents involved in the #WhipGate case.

This is a dangerous, dangerous man, and our border just got significantly weaker the moment he put the uniform on.

Source: Fox News

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14 Responses

    1. Just another POS added too this Administration. Man, I just wish that Biteme would drop over dead already.

  1. Of course he is staying, the RATs know he will lie for them, these RATs do stick togeather. I wonder if they will all go to hell togeather?

  2. Biden don’t care of these illegals, he just seeing them as voters .like blm, promise money for their vote..blm came to congress, demanding pay off but didn’t get paid .now Pelosi’s San Francisco is paying the price..

  3. It depends on whom he allows in the country. If it becomes one-way the same kind of people entering, then there will be a problem. It has been observed that few blacks from elsewhere are allowed to enter into the country while others from south America come in as they wish in lines. That will be an alarm.

  4. This is not good news, but the only hope is that the GOP can come together and take back the House and Senate, we also have to remember that God is in control

      1. You sound like your doing a bad job of understanding God’s ways are above ours! Imagine being in a helicopter watching a parade where you can see the beginning and end

  5. It should be apparent to anyone who cares to look that Obribem is doing everything in his power to keep our southern border OPEN TO ILLEGALS!!!!!
    A cartel bullet is not going to fix the situation, but, a group of armed patriots who can shoot could really make a difference.

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