Senator Blackburn: Were Afghanistan Missteps Intentional?

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) just asked a question many conservatives have thought but not dared to allow to pass over their lips.

The Afghanistan withdrawal was so botched, it almost seemed as if it was on purpose.

That is the very question that Blackburn wants answered.

Why, Joe, Why?

How do you explain removing troops before all staff and civilians are gone?

How do you explain leaving so much valuable equipment behind to fall into the enemy’s hands?

How do you explain allowing a group of terrorists to have their own country?

Blackburn dared to go there, giving a hint as to what we could expect once Republican Senators have Secretary of State Blinken in the hot seat.

She stated, “What we can expect are questions such as, did we have a withdrawal plan, or was this happenstance?”

“The steps that the Biden administration made, which are missteps, were they intentional [or] were they seeking to elevate China?

“Had they made a deal on the front end?

“Was the Taliban creating an exit strategy for us because we did not have an exit strategy?”

She continued, “Did they plan to leave thousands of Americans and SIV applicant and SIV holders behind enemy lines, and why did they underestimate the Taliban?”

“Were they not aware that the Taliban was working with China and Russia and Iran?”

Was the intelligence that bad, or was it simply ignored?

I would add one more question to that… how is Joe Biden going to be held accountable for killing a civilian family, then lying about it?

Whether all these questions will be answered remains to be seen.

Source: Newsmax

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22 Responses

  1. Great questions! Only God knows the real answers. We will never know the truth. Everything this current administration is doing is so pathetic and crooked. We are in trouble, folks.

    1. I agree. Nothing about this presidency (or lack thereof) is unintentional. Everything he’s done has been as he designed it to be.

  2. My thoughts follow the “Done as desired” path with the thinking that the outcome is just what Past President OBAMA wanted.

  3. Remember, Joe is really owned by China and many of his top advisers are also owned by or pro China. Then you have Hollywood Elites, NBA, big tech, Dr. Fauci, and many top Dems.
    I would not be at all surprised.

  4. Though only a personal theory at this point, I’ve often wondered if there was a large financial dealing to leave billions of dollars of equipment and evacuate the military first.

  5. Joe Biden and his administration did everything on intentional. They are with China and our enemies to take America down. We can’t trust are DOJ, FBI or the military because they have become traitors to America and the constitution. Civil war. Its the only way to take back America from these world order elites .

    1. I believe it was intentional! Just like the Capital on Jan. 6, it is so all can be blamed on Trump. Got news for Demorats we are not stupid. All is so that Islam and China can take over along with the New World Order. People should have been awake more than a few years ago. Now what is it going to take to stop these criminal act of our Government? I am including a group of Rep-Rinos too, they have allowed all this garbage to happen and have gone along with way to much of it. Military has been infiltrated also!

  6. Too bad when we give the power back to the Republican Party next year these fools will not do anything with it. No one will pay for these crimes. All will be forgiven because going after the Democrat Criminals will just expose the Republican Criminals and confirm all the payoffs from the Chinese Communist Party. I have ZERO Faith in my Government to ever do the right thing for us again. We need people like Trump at the top and NOT a pack pf Traitors supposedly following his orders but actually doing nothing like we had in the first Trump administration. President Lincoln had it right. Hold the trials, build the gallows and clean out these thieves.

  7. Can anyone tell us why the Biden Administration lets Al-Qaeda run amok in our Country, is he able to do anything about it? Are we going to have another World Trade Center debacle? Does the US and our Allies prop up Afghanistan and other poor Arab Countries if so, is there any possibility of another Trade Center like debacle?… Also is our back door on the border still accessible to all Drug Smugglers and smuggling of children to pedophile’s waiting at the back door in line I am so disgusted that there is a real Threat to Humanity as we know it.. We now need to screen ALL People who come in the front and back doors, no matter what and be able to send them back if crimes are committed, no matter the time-lines… Clean-up-America!!

  8. I think we should go and kill the same number of Taliban Leaders in
    retribution for their killing our allies. If the do it again then they will
    lose more members of their leadership. When they raised their flag
    at the Palace on September 11, we should have turned the Palace
    into a pile of rubble. The Taliban might have physical control of the
    country but they could very easily loose that control even if they are
    there. Fear for your life is a good deterrent to bad actions.

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