Senator Cotton: Supreme Court Will Overturn Roe v. Wade

Will the Supreme Court end up overturning Roe v. Wade?

With a significant abortion case coming up to address new abortion laws in conservative states, that is what everyone wants to know.

According to Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), the Court will eventually overturn the long-standing precedent.

Roe v. Wade

This fall, the Court will hear arguments on one of the many new abortion laws.

The upcoming case will address an abortion law making abortions illegal after 15 weeks in Mississippi.

It is not quite as extreme as the Texas law, but this will set the measuring stick if the Supreme Court is willing to move the bar on abortion restrictions.

If that law is permitted to stand, the Texas law will surely be next.

While the Court has kicked this issue down the road in the past, Senator Cotton is now predicting that will change.

During a Federalist Society conference, Cotton told attendees that he thinks the Supreme Court will finally decide to overturn Roe v. Wade.

He added, “The only thing standing in the way of justices doing the right thing is the intense social pressure of liberal elites.”

“Now is the time for true friends of the Constitution to speak up.”

I am not sure if this is lip service by Cotton or if he genuinely believes the conservative-dominated Court is ready to make such a bold move.

All the Trump appointees have yet to show a united front, and they will need to do just that because it is almost a given that Justice Roberts will side with the liberals on the bench.

That being said, there is only going to be one chance at this, and if even one of them blinks, Roe v. Wade will stand.

What do you guys think? Is now the time to go after Roe v. Wade, or should the justices kick it down the road just a bit longer until the rhetoric surrounding Trump’s appointees is in the rearview mirror?

Source: The Blaze

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24 Responses

  1. Get rid of Roe versus Wade now. End all taxpayer paid abortions. Allow states to have the Heartbeat Bill everywhere!

    1. im with you 100% its time cant stand to see a baby that’s breathing thrown on the floor or cold table to die while its crying Hitler would be proud

  2. Remove biden, his constitutionally ineligible v.p.harris, pelosi, schumer and an untold number of other anti-Americns in Congress, then offer all the people who think America is bad, a paid ticket to a country of their choice after giving up their American citienship. This will make everyone happy.

  3. The only thing standing in the way of justices doing the right thing is John Roberts! — constantly creeping around major issues, obsessing about his “legacy” (timidity; cowardice), explaining at unnecessary length some bogus reason he’s avoiding doing his job.

      1. its time for john roberts to retire from the supreme court. why he only listens to liberals. .overturn roe verus wade its time.wake up stop killing babies and stop selling there body parts .period

    1. Your right, It should be up to the voters of the state. The government should never be involved in paying for abortions because it is so controversial. It’s forcing people to participate in something that is against their religion.

  4. 100% in favor of finally stopping the murder and then actually making money off selling baby parts and God knows what else!! These are precious souls, it is time to stand up for them!! SCOTUS DO THE RIGHT THING, overturn Roe v Wade & stop this madness!!

  5. abortion is murder any way you look at it, you’re taking a life that has done no wrong. care or not God sees all and will judge everyone involved believe or not. God will not be mocked.

  6. It’s sad that we have people that want Abortion acting like it’s some kind of right it’s not it’s the baby it doesn’t have any rights If there is one thing in this world we need to protect and Cherish it’s all Our babies white black green blue It don’t matter…And why in the world Should any Tax payer pay for these people Abortions If you want abortions fine but we should not be paying for it

  7. The constitution guarantees the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Can’t have one without the other. What about that don’t the dems understand??

  8. I hate to say we need to wait till after 2022 because of innocent babies dying.
    Just makes sense to have Republicans in control of the house & senate and then have a better chance of roe vs wade overturned. Only get one chance; better to be safe than sorry.

  9. abortion is not an enumerated power and the regulation or lack thereof should of course be reserved to the states. it was an unconstitutional power grab by demoncrats who needed body parts to sell.

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