Senator Cruz Loses It on Reporter Over Mass Shooting Question

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) had about all he could take from a UK reporter.

After the Uvalde, TX, mass shooting, a UK journalist immediately went for the throat with Cruz.

Cruz held it together initially, then he just about lost it before walking away.

Cannot Answer

Mark Stone of Sky News put Cruz on the spot immediately after the mass shooting over the rash of mass shootings in this country.

Cruz was giving a reaction regarding the families when Stone asked Cruz, “Is this the moment to reform gun laws?”

That was when Cruz appeared to have heard enough…

So, let’s straighten out some of the information from both sides.

Cruz was wrong for calling this the safest country in the world because we are far from it.

Out of 113 recognized nations, the United States is the 56th highest crime rate globally, according to World Population Review.

In terms of mass shootings only happening in America, that is just flat-out wrong.

While they do occur more frequently here, at least five other nations have experienced mass shootings in recent years (Afghanistan, Brazil, Crimea, New Zealand, and Russia).

According to World Population Review, the United States ranks 11th in the overall mean death rate due to mass public shootings in recent years.

However, those stats are a bit off, as the nations ranked above the United States have not had mass shootings in years.

For example, Norway, which is ranked #1, is based on a single event that took place more than a decade ago.

There is no denying that gun ownership in this country has saved far more lives than it has taken, and that statistic is not even close.

Louder with Crowder did a segment on this recently, but keep in mind, some of the mass shooting stats he refers to are dated, so that part of his argument is suspect…

Other than the one discrepancy I mentioned above, however, Crowded was dead on in everything he said, especially in regard to how Democrats characterize these events and gun ownership (the same Democrats that have people armed to the teeth around them for most of their careers).

So, what is the answer? It is not taking away firearms from law-abiding citizens, especially when you consider the rising crime rates in the country.

When you look at the crime rates of the countries above us, many of them do not allow gun ownership, so it is a scary thought of what our crime would be if law-abiding citizens had their firearms taken away.

The answer is in looking at how we better recognize these horribly broken individuals that carry out these horrific shootings.

The answer it to pass legislation that secures our schools and protects our children.

Sadly, our politicians are too worried about spitting venom at each other than sitting down and working something out to protect the people of this country in ways that would be very easily implemented.

Sources: InfoPlease, World Population Review, & New York Post

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9 Responses

  1. When and why has our country sunk into such divisivness and hatred. What has caused it. It seems to me that it all started with Obama and then the dems were so outraged that an outsider like Trump won the election they poured on more and more hatred. And now we have Biden who is in la la land and his handlers are continuing the hatred and divisivness. They look at every situation and put a hatred slant on it. They are killing our country and doing great harm to every citizen. It must stop.,

  2. Katydid: Spoke the truth. Obama is still running this country behind the scenes along with Mr. S & his son. It is not guns that is killing innocents, it is the background checks should be more thorough, as well as individuals who knew this guy’s hatred attitude who previously stated his intent to kill people. Many black people who voted for Obama only because of the color of his skin, do not have the common sense to understand anything about this traitor.

  3. It is up to a thorough background check before any guns can be purchased, every school having armed security guards, every School teacher required to carry a gun and be trained thoroughly how to use it. Every School should be totally fenced off and gated with locked gates during school sessions to prevent these tragedies. We need to harden our school systems in order to prevent tragedies like this.

  4. Why don’t we treat schools like Pelosi treats the capitol building. Put the same amount of spending into schools that she put into the capitol with the same amount of speed.

  5. Obama to me is a disgrace by praising Floyd who was nothing more than a criminal & drug addict. The Dems refuse to sign a bill that is bi-partisan to secure our school systems. This bill would have been the right step to take, but Schumer blocked it. Doesn’t that tell you the Democrats are intentionally trying to destroy our country and implement Communism?

  6. Again, I want to re-iterate the Democrats continuously use hatred as well as being divisive to destroy America and what it stands for. Look at all of the people in Delaware who continuously voted for the last 47 years to keep that idiot Joe Biden in office. I would venture to say the people of Delaware are all Leftest Liberals!

  7. Democrat Caused , and only way to fix is Throw the SOBs out of office
    Biden did this

    blame the right people

    discrace is how a thief , con man , criminal can steal the election and democrats do the evil work and they have no responsibility

    guess what

    get a clue

    blame the evil admin in dc right now

    I support Cruz and Those like him

  8. Is it any wonder that Republicans don’t want to work with the Dems on anything?
    When you have Suckie Chuckie throwing crap at them NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO!!!!!!!!!!
    WHEN SUCKIE CHUCKIE, AOC, AND PIGLOSI ARE GONE then all will be right with the world!

  9. Obama and his crew should be banned from the white house and possibly hung or kicked out of the US. Then maybe the dems could do something right on their own instead of going down the drain by listening to stupid Obama and his crew.

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