Senator Blumenthal ‘Furious’ with Biden Over Afghanistan

It would appear that not all Democrats are buying into the narrative that all is well in Afghanistan.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) is absolutely irate that we still have Americans that were left behind.

He seems even more upset with the fact this administration is going about its business as though Americans behind Taliban lines is okay.

Delay and Inaction

This administration is doing everything in its power to turn the page on Afghanistan.

Biden was out handing out sandwiches to union members and Kamala Harris is headed to California to hit the campaign trail for Gavin Newsom.

If we did not know better, we would think all was well right now.

Senator Blumenthal is not buying it.

He is one of the few Democrats who have publicly blasted Biden for the lax attitude of getting our fellow Americans out of Afghanistan.

Blumenthal stated, “I have been deeply frustrated, even furious, at our government’s delay and inaction.

“There will be plenty of time to seek accountability for the inexcusable bureaucratic red tape that stranded so many of our Afghan allies.

“For now, my singular focus remains getting these planes in the air and safely to our airbase in Doha, where they have already been cleared to land.”

He added, “I expect the White House and State Department to do everything in their power – absolutely everything – to make this happen.

“These are American citizens and Afghans who risked everything for our country. We cannot leave them behind.”

The White House is NOT doing everything in its power, however.

In fact, the White House has only been offering excuses since our last military boot left the ground, yet most media, Democrats, and about half this country seems okay with that.

Now that reports are surfacing of the Taliban allegedly blocking flights containing Americans and allies, this clearly qualifies as a hostage situation, yet it’s only making headlines on Fox News and conservative publications.

It is time for more than just tough talk… Biden needs to be held accountable.

Source: The Blaze & Washington Examiner

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26 Responses

    1. Why aren’t ALL OF THE REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS sounding off on this situation, the border situation, the economy situation but most of all how this idiot of a President we have is unfit for the Office he holds?? It angers me so much on how cowardly our Republican Politicians are. If for ONCE THEY WOULD STAND IN UNITY, it would send such a positive message.

    2. As long as the main stream media is following their master’s(Dem Party) commands, the vast majority of people will think all is well. Biden is a shameful excuse for President! This is absolutely sickening.

    3. right on do it today. they all need to be impeached. the demorats dont care how are country is indanger with wide open borders. and dont care about our people of the united states. we have a corrupt demorat party. they only want power dont care for you and me american citizens. you have a dummy for a american president and a dummy
      laughing hyenia for a vice president .the worst party we have in our country.

  1. I could ALMOST feel sorry for “The Village Idiot !!!!!!!!! He wanted to “PLAY” President soooo badly that he sold his soul to his PUPPETEERS !!!!!!!!!!! THEY make BAD decisions, and set BAD policies, and HE (just being their front man) takes ALL of the heat !!!!!!!!!!! On the RARE occasion that he is somewhat lucid, I wonder if he feels ANY shame or regret for his ambition???????

    1. I don’t think so John. It all about “show me the money” and the power. He deserves to burn in hell.

    1. and burn in hell. biden is a catholic he needs to resign from the catholic church and step down as our president. we have had bnough from this fool.

    1. Yes, but they need to take a few more to make it fair. They need Harris, Pelosi, Schummer and Pencilneck. With that lineup, I’d say we get the better part of the deal. They have the balls to go campaigning in CA for a useless governor when we have hostages in Afghanistan that are stuck there because we deserted the fight. I’m not saying that getting out of there was a bad idea, just that it was carried out about as disgraceful as possible and no one in the military would ever leave anyone behind. But, then again, Biden is just a “want to be” and deserves to rot in hell.

  2. The democratic party needs to feel the fury and total disgust of the people of America. For leaving even one or any of our citizens behind. Including 24 school children from California. Why did we put Afghanistan people on board before Americans. Importantly just …Why did we give our power away before we left???
    These democrats and their lemonaid stand fake President and whole administration needs to be flown over to Afghanistan and left! This is the most ineffective administration with policies that go Against and in total disregard for America or Americans. Everything is in favor of other countries. They all need to be tried for Treason!

  3. i am sick of all this with our own citizens not being helped or treated fairly…close our borders, fly our citizens and helpers of the americans out of afghanistan now on those 6 planes and drone attack them if they don’t comply…our president and rest of his staff and vp should be held accountable, impeached and accused of treason

    1. biden and his entire administration are the most inept people on the planet! Total violation of the oath of office! Impeach all democrats!

  4. anthony manzo
    Prove it Mr. Blumenthal, tell JOE, NANCY and SCHUMER, you will NOT VOTE ON ANYTHING until a SOUND FORMULA to get AMERICANS OUT SAFELY is WORKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This administration seems not to care including Milly and Austin. The Taliban offered the US to control Kabul and the would monitor the rest of the country. The idiots declined.

  6. Biden and Pelosi been pushing blm and antifa on the country for over a year.lives don’t matter to these corupt money laundering communist want to be’s.

  7. I don’t care what blumenthal says. He bragged about serving in Vietnam (like I did 67-68) and he didn’t. So ole blumey can spout off as much as he wants. He’s the worst type of liar to the 58,000 men and women on the wall.
    The real thing I don’t understand, and while I really think America is doomed is that there were enough morons that voted for him so he won. I wonder how many who voted for him never served in the military. So sad. Nothing like the America I grew up in.


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