Senator Paul Festivus Report Exposes Massive Waste in Government Spending

I don’t always agree with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) but there is one issue on which we have never disagreed…

That, of course, would be wasteful government spending.

Paul released his annual Festivus report, once again exposing just how much wasteful spending is going on in our government.

$52 Billion

With all the money the government has and will be spending, we would all think wasteful programs would have been eliminated.

That would be commonsense, something our government, for the most part, lacks.

Paul chairs the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Spending Oversight.

Each year, he releases a Festivus report to show the American people, the idiotic programs our government is flushing our money down the toilet on.

What are some of the programs?

How about $14 million for parties for members for Congress (via the Wilson Center).

How about $11.3 million spent, in part, to get Vietnamese to stop burning garbage.

One of the biggest wastes… a whopping $549 million in military equipment in Afghanistan that was either destroyed or currently in the hands of the Taliban.

Oh, how can we forget about the $250 million in border wall construction… for the Middle East and North Africa!

Next year, I am sure this report will include the hundreds of millions in equipment for our own border wall that Joe Biden is about to dispose of.

Paul stated, “It seems like just yesterday the national debt was $20 trillion, but now the U.S. has managed to breeze past $28 trillion, spending and wasting more than we ever have.

“While some in Washington insist on recklessly spending your taxpayer dollars, I will continue to shed light on some of the most egregious examples of government waste, and fight against excessive federal spending.”

The wasteful spending is staggering and sadly, it will never end.

You can read Paul’s full report on  The Blaze.

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14 Responses

    1. no one ever has to pay for the crimes in govt. in less there on the right the left is what we called maggots in the corps.

  1. and, how much of this “waste” is returned as political contributions for elections/re-elections?

  2. Democratic die off starting up .mostly democraps got jabbed. Depopulation kicks in soon. Biden setting up FEMA inoculation centers all over soon. Probably only be in democrapped up states. Power grid is supposed to be shut down today. Won’t be turned back on. Dark days ahead for America.i read that trump and Hillary are doing bitcoin commercials together. Seems like were really in trouble folks. May God be with us. Reeducation camps opened in Europe. Australia and Canada. We voted Tuesday for new Yorks first camp.

  3. What about the millions paid for
    research on poor helpless animals that helps no one and is terribly painful to the animals.
    Shame on the people who keep doing it year after year. Please stop the abuse and save the government money.

  4. This country should personally hold each and every congressman the votes for this responsible to pay it back and don’t forget to look in the offshore accounts these Congress people have

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