Senator Sinema Confronted at Airport for Second Time

The liberal horde will not leave Senator Sinema (D-AZ) alone.

Once again, while traveling through the airport, an activist approached her.

This time, the individual got just a little too close for comfort, as Sinema told the woman, “Don’t touch me!”

Give Her Credit

I have always believed there is a time and place for everything.

When politicians are making appearances, they are fair game in terms of demanding answers.

If you want to say hello or something friendly, I do not even have a problem with that when they are in public, but don’t be intrusive.

But, I get that is what makes conservatives a bit different from liberals on this front.

They will get in your face no matter where you are and invade your personal space in a heartbeat, which is again whet happened to Sinema.

Senator Sinema, for holding firm on the latest spending bill by Democrats, has been targeted by left-wing activists.

She has been approached at the airport, approached on a plane, and even followed into the bathroom, with video rolling.

This is the latest incident for Sinema with someone getting a little too close for her liking…

In this day and age, considering her current profile, how does security even allow someone to get this close to her?

Sadly, this will not stop, as Sinema can expect a steady stream of pressure until she either caves or the bill outright fails.

If the latter happens, she better travel in a bubble, because these nutcases will never leave her alone.

Source: Fox News

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29 Responses

    1. She needs to carry a fire arm and let them know that they are not going to intimidate her. We have one gal on the Western Slope and she carries a pistol in plain sight. I frankly would be doing that, no matter where.

  1. Keep up the good game. The majority of American people are with you. Don’t let these nut cakes discourage you.

  2. I think she is pretty strong and the more they push the harder she pulls back. This is human nature. I wonder where this woman was when Obamba’s health care cost thousands their coverage. Don’t blame this Senator. She has way more support than anyone can imagine. I am a Republican and this lady would have my vote because of her stance. She is trying to protect us all in all facets of this bill. I will bet she is one of the few who has actually read it.

    Thank you for that!


    1. It is when my kickbox side comes out which I have practiced for years. I would have liked to kickbox that women’s vagina into her throat. Did you ever hear the phrase…..”she can kickbox the nuts off a gorilla?

  4. It is one thing to express disapproval and dissatisfaction. However, a level of respect must be maintained. The sort of behavior displayed by the activist is not the way to confront anyone. At minimum, personal space must be respected.

    However, the author should either proof read these articles or hire an editor. Paragraphs are typically 3 sentences. These articles are fraught with run-on sentences, bad grammar, and other errors. A polished write-up is far easier to understand and has more credibility.

  5. Only God knows why a Democrat is doing the right thing . TRILLIONS , the Democrats need TRILLIONS: TRILLIONS,000,000,000,000.00 to bribe their way to power in 2022 and 2024. Good for Sen Sinema. However , the DEMOCRAT IN YOUR FACE SCHOOL REMAINS UNCHECKE: AUNTIE MAXINE ” GET IN THEIR FACE,” at restaurant , gas stations , movies , operas, anywhere. When one of theirs gets it, it is hard to be sympathetic.

  6. As has happened many times before, these are organized, paid “protestors”. They have no interest in a true discussion., but are there only to intimidate. Unfortunately, Sinema’s best response, under the circumstances, is exactly what she did: ignore the intruder until she goes away.

  7. Very proud of you! Please get selective service around you. Be safe & YES AZ & USA are backing you. This is suppose to be a free country.

  8. When are our SELF RIGHTOUS Leaders like Nancy, JOE, CHUCKY give this AMERICAN Legislator Secret Service Protection. Or are they in LOCK STEP with Maxine who Promotes this, while understand she Demands Protection for Herself. Stay the course Senator, let them know it not only strengthens your resolve but has you THINKING of CHANGING your Party Affiliation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I am behind her 100% she needs a bodyguard. These far left are nut cases. I lived in Arizona for many years and she is great and strong. Because I am a Republican I could not vote for her but she is a great person.

  10. If I was an Arizonian, I would have to insist that my representative was not without an escort. Maybe two Arizona Rangers? We should not be disrespecting our women congress personnel.

  11. Finally, someone with a backbone who is not afraid to use it. We commend her for her consistency. Stand your ground and fight for what is right for the American people. And yes, we know there are a lot of nutty people out there-all over the place but she is not letting them get to her. Stay strong!!

  12. why is she any better than a regular citizen the democrats especially Pelosi told people to get into peoples faces no matter what if they supported Trump and they did in bunches while people were dining with their kids even saying foul things etc. so what makes her any better than those people besides she is a public servant paid by the taxpayers so she should answer questions anytime

  13. Even though I am not a democrat, this type of behavior is totally unacceptable this kind of stuff has gone on far to long if you don’t like it here then leave no-one will stop you

  14. According to the investigation of the ASU bathroom incident these people are paid political activists and stalkers.
    I believe stalking might be an illegal activity, subjecting the stalker and the management of the organization to legal penalties.

  15. she needs to be protected at all times and if someone tried to get to close to her than jail the person for endangering a congresswoman and send this scum bag to jail for 10 years. Keep going congresswoman. I like your style.

  16. The left will only disrespects women if they are conservatives or those even in their own party if they are not in lock step with what the left wants.

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