Senator Warren Supports Adding Four Justices to Supreme Court

Senator Warren (D-MA) is not happy that Democrats are losing rulings on the Supreme Court.

She is not happy with winning some battles… she wants to win them all.

To ensure that happens, Warren now wants four justices added to the Supreme Court to ensure every ruling favors liberals.

But Isn’t That…

Warren, in trying to justify changing the rules, called the Supreme Court “radical” as well as accusing the court of having “opened floodgates for corporations to spend unlimited sums of money to buy our elections.”

She added, “Republicans steal power to ram through an extremist, unpopular agenda. Basic protections like Roe v. Wade, supported by 70 percent of Americans, are hanging by a thread.

“And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

Warren concluded, “The only real solution now is to expand the Supreme Court.”

So, you want to fight what you deem to be extremism by taking an extreme position of adding justices to the court so you win every decision?

Does she realize how utterly ridiculous that sounds?

Even with there being a conservative edge on the court, this court has proven to be very balanced, and I say that being unhappy with some of the court’s decisions.

But, I don’t expect conservatives to win EVERY ruling, unlike Senator Warren.

This is just a dangerous road, as this could go back and forth every time we have a new president if Dems go down this route.

They add four now, Republicans add four more when they take back Congress and the White House.

And, let’s be honest, if Democrats add four justices, they are all going to be far-left extremists to ensure they vote on the Democrat side every time.

Currently, we have four “conservative” justices that have all walked across the aisle.

Democrats may not want to admit it, but this is about as fair and balanced a court as we have had in decades.

Warren is just wrong, period.

Source: The Blaze

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27 Responses

    1. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and saw Elizabeth Warren’s picture and listing on the obituary page.

    1. I’m so fed up with these so xalled professional adult politicians. They sound more like grade school kids. Maybe we will one day have adults in office representing Americans if this country lasts that long.

  1. American should have to vote on these kind of issues instead of letting those people just make any kind
    of law to suit themselves. Pelosi, Warren, the AOC (should be sent back to her country and let her make trouble for
    that government), Soros (should be sent to Russia), Hillary, Psaki should all be terminated immediately along with all the other crazy democrats including Biden and Harris.

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  5. This is so typical. To Democraps, the ends justify the means, but what goes around, comes around. They obviously don’t think too far ahead and think if they play with the rules, they can be in complete control forever. When they accuse Republicans of something, it is they who are really doing it. When are people going to wake up to this insane game they’re playing??? The people had better wise up quickly before it is too late to rescue this country from the communist dictators in power right now.

  6. Warren sounds like a spoiled little kid who gets mad and throws a tantrum when ever she doest’t get her way

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