US and Spain Send Warships to Med as Russian Threat Looms

The situation between Russia and Ukraine is beginning to elevate rather quickly.

Reports have been breaking all day that tensions are extremely high and Russia is ready to make a move against Ukraine leadership.

In response, both the United States and Spain have sent warships to the Mediterranean.

Here We Go…

The United States has sent the USS Harry S. Truman aircraft strike group to the Med.

The group will take part in the NATO Neptune Strike 22 exercises.

John Kirby stated that the exercises will “demonstrate NATO’s ability to integrate the high-end maritime strike capabilities of an aircraft carrier strike group to support the deterrence and defense of the alliance.”

The move is very interesting in that Joe Biden has already stated he would not commit military action to defend Ukraine.

On that front, even though the exercises were not on the NATO website as being scheduled, Kirby stated this had been planned for some time and is not in response to the Russian threat.

That, however, appears to be more of a cover story to try to keep tensions from rising even higher than they already are.

Spain is also sending ships, only it is not using exercises to hide its activity.

Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles told reporters this week that the country is sending numerous warships to the Med and Black Sea as well as fighter jets to Bulgaria.

She stated, “Russia cannot tell any country what to do, so NATO will protect and defend the sovereignty of any country that can or wants to join NATO.”

Robles stressed that, ideally, a diplomatic solution can resolve these tensions, but Spain is clearly ready to strike if need be.

Do you think we are headed to war?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: The Hill

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37 Responses

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  2. No, we do not need to go to war with Russia! The US going to war with anyone at this time is laughable and sad. We are in No condition to fight any other country when we’re trying to not have civil war here!

    1. EXACTLY RIGHT, Linda! Biden is looking for war to cover his criminal acts against America and Americans. The best way to “unify” the people of a nation, is to create an outside enemy, over which the people can focus their anger and fear, and forget about what their government his inflicting upon them. That happened in 1982 fomenting the Falklands War. The Brits had serious problems at home, with Thatcher roundly despised by the Brits. Britain was supposed to turn the Falkland Islands over to Argentina, but then reneged on their agreement. This angered Argentina. Argentina had its own problems with Galtieri as the leader of a military junta, and in order to turn the attention away from his dictatorship and towards the Brits as the enemy, he took military action by “invading” the Falklands. At the same time, British rhetoric had become more and more hostile towards Argentina, as they categorically refused to turn the Falklands over to Argentina. Thus, Argentina “invaded” the Falklands and this allowed Thatcher to successfully paint Britain as the victim. This enraged the Brits, who now, fell in behind Thatcher, she suddenly becoming Britain’s “HEROINE”. A short war between Britain and Argentina ensued.

    1. You obviously have NOT followed the events regarding Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe over the last thirty-five years, or even longer. NATO had begun encroaching on Russia’s borders ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, and the end of communism in East Europe. AFTER America had promised they would not! Russia was decidedly upset, knowing what they had endured historically.The Cold War was over but America and NATO decided they would push for control over Eastern Europe and encouraged The former Warsaw Pact countries to join NATO. This alarmed Russia and their tack became more hard line against America, especially after the USA attempted to usurp their constitution and politically influence the new Russian system. Our attention should be directed towards China and not Russia.

  3. Biden is going to provoke the Russians into a conflict that will result into an all out war that at this point our military cannot sustain. Next China will move along with Iran . Biden is an idiot and will get a lot of people kiiled.

    1. You are correct, Edward! Obama had already set this all in motion and Hillary Clinton was his representative!

  4. War is coming, but not first in the Mediterranean area, the first strike will be an EMP hit of the U.S. by Russia from the Artic Region, then the Med area countries, while China invades Tiawan, then the South China Sea countries, then a combined Russia/China “clean-up” in other countries.

    1. Each party has started wars, but recently it has been the Democrats fomenting conflict, ever since Bill Clinton. Remember also, that it was a Democrat, Lyndon Baines Johnson, who sent America to Vietnam.

  5. Let see joe get out of this one he need to go back to the basement he is weak and will get people killed just like he did before roll on 2024 when we can get some one in are White House that know what they are doing

    We have MUCH bigger problems right now than RUSSIA, BIDEN is still in the WHITE HOUSE !!!

    1. Dems are all about distraction (pay no attention to that man behind the screen.) If necessary they will readily create a crises to provide distraction. Just like a skillful magician–distraction will allow you to deceive yourself and be manipulated. Biden and his cabal are using this tactic repeatedly. Dems really fall for it, being zealots of leftist ideology.

      1. I know that pelosi has tried to use this tactic many times and she was heard telling new Dems that they used that tactic!

  7. If you read the bible it says that Russia is going to take out the USA. We cannot go to war, this country is far from being ready. Look at how Biden did in Afghanistan, he won’t even get the people out. At the way things are going here, sooner or later there will be a civil war.

  8. Biden need to grow some balls and put Russia on notice because if we have to start a war with Russia, China will take over Taiwan since Biden has our military so whittled down we can’t be in two places at once.

  9. We have more important issues here at home to solve before thinking about how to respond to Russia. When we can get our country on solid footing politically, we can attend to international issues. Let’s not take our eye off the ball for international interests. That does not mean we don’t plan ahead.

  10. the demented demoncrat dimwit told the russians a little incursion was OK. now they are planning a surgical strike likely to undermine the sovereignty of ukraine and scare them away from joining nato. i do not think vladimir is ready to die over this matter, so talk of generalized war is overblown. however, with such feeble leadership in washington, mistakes are possible if not probable.

  11. If I were the Ukraine I would be shaking in my boots. Not from Putin, but from Biden. I would not trust that unlikeable POS as far as I could throw him. Has been a moron and unreliable for more than forty years.

  12. Considering the messages that have been sent by a weak president Putin feels that he has a free hand and can do whatever he wants right now I am very ashamed of being called an American

  13. It looks like war. An aging former KGB agent is President of Russia with nostalgic fantasies of restoring the former Soviet Union to its rightful place among the great world powers. It would not be the first time Russia threatens or instigates a war to cover up domestic problems- it is a common practice in the 1000 plus years of Russian history. The USA in currently in no condition to militarily fight a war – all four branches of our military have long standing enlistment problems and there are questions about the loyalty of some troops should another insurrection be attempted. If Biden thinks he has problems now with Congress what do you think would happen if he asked them to reinstate a military draft.

  14. The first trumpet of Revelation has sounded as of Dec. 14th of 21. One-third of the ships of the sea will be destroyed and one-third of the forest will be burned. within three and a half to less than four years. The vaccine also rolled out on that date and it is the start of the last great war between good and evil. Don’t get this vaccine!

  15. looks like war. An aging former KGB agent is President of Russia with dreams of restoring the former Soviet Union. Putin was once quoted as saying ” the collapse of the Soviet Union is the greatest tragedy in world history”. It would not be the first time Russia started a war to distract the Russian people from domestic problems- it has frequently happened in the 1000 plus years of Russian history. If Putin thinks he has problems now wait until the body bags return home from Ukraine. He should remember what happened to the Soviets in Afghanistan.

    Biden would need to ask the Congress to reinstate a military draft if war broke out between USA and Russia. Like wise, if Biden thinks he has problems now just wait.

    1. What you are saying, is what Biden is doing! Your arrogance is astounding! You had better research Ukraine, using outside sources and NOT your propaganda machine! You have no idea about Russian history and your ignorance truly shows! I am no fan of Russia, having been deeply involved inn the Cold War, but it is Biden who is causing the issues ad fomenting conflict. He is continuing Biden’s agenda against Russia. We should all be MORE concerned about China!

  16. well as I see it a war is the only thing that BRAIN ROT BIDEN can see as a way to stay in office !

  17. It looks like that we are headed for war! (I suppose that getting people killed is what they want – just look at the virus and what it has been doing to the people). I think that the nations should turn back to God for the answers we need in His Holy Bible, for guidance to live by.

  18. Sending ships into the Med is nice but to really make Russia back down you will need boots on the ground which is a scary picture

  19. NATO isn’t trying to expand or control anything. Countries ask to join NATO for protection. Now you can ask why and from whom.

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