NATO Sending Fighter Jets Due to High Russian Tensions

Over the last few days, the situation between Russia and Ukraine has taken a rather dramatic turn.

Rumors of an alleged plot to place a pro-Kremlin operative in Ukraine leadership has put the entire globe on alert that Russia may be making its move sooner rather than later.

NATO has now answered the call, reportedly sending fighter jets and ships to the region.

Is War Imminent?

All of this started months ago over reports that Ukraine wanted to join NATO.

Russia wanted nothing to do with allied forces being so close to its border, so it started to amass troops along the Ukraine border.

At last report, more than 100,000 Russian troops were in the area.

Several weeks ago, Ukraine’s president announced that his intelligence warned him of a coup in place to take over the government.

Russia waved off the report, but that now seems to have been accurate.

To this point, all Biden has done is say that Russia will pay severe consequences, although nobody has made clear exactly what those consequences will be.

As I have stated numerous times, if we hit Russia with sanctions, China and Russia’s allies in the Middle East can do the same to us, more than likely with far more devastating consequences, especially on the energy and supply chain fronts.

In addition to NATO fighters, Denmark, Spain, and France are reportedly sending forces to the area to support Ukraine.

Both the United States and UK embassies have also reportedly ordered embassy personnel to evacuate.

This is clearly no longer posturing on Russia’s part as a move now seems imminent.

If Russia does make a move, the question is just how deep will we get pulled in and is this truly putting us on the brink of another World War as many pundits are predicting.

We fully expect this all to play out one way or another over the next few days, so we will continue to monitor and update as more reports are available.

Source: Fox News

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18 Responses

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    1. While biden , bo & commies started the WW3 deceitful disasters to create their sub-human dictator enslavement !

  2. We have a weak President that is in Russia’s pocket. Biden will do nothing to stop Putin’s aggression, since the Russians own him and the rest of his family. Why should Biden? Him and Hunter are making money hand over fist. Biden doesn’t want to upset his cash cow. I did read somewhere this weekend that Biden is sending troops to Ukraine. He pulls troops from Afghanistan just to relocate them to Ukraine. What a fu*king idiot we have for a Commander in Chief.

  3. Well you can see what happens when you have a weak president, Biden is one of the weakest and each day he shows just how weak he is things can get pretty ugly very quickly all we can do is pray that things calm down and that cooler heads take control

  4. My neighbor’s aunt makes 62 every hour on the internet.. she has been without work for eight months but the previous month her revenue was 19022 only working on the laptop 5 hours a day..

    check this ……

  5. And Let’s Go Brandon kicked many out of the US Military for not getting the jab! I wonder if Let’s Go Brandon will demand Russia to wear masks!

  6. I doubt that financial sanctions will have much effect on Putin. It will hurt the Russian people but not Putin. Putin doesn’t care about the people. Plus, with the new source of income coming from Germany and other countries from the Russian gas and oil pipelines, there is an economic increase that will compensate for any financial sanctions Biden would put on Russia. Biden is too weak to anything really productive to deter Putin.

  7. That is what happens when the American people sanction a Fraudulent election for a current Government that was not really officially elected. They all Committed Fraud and Treason in order to gain control of the Federal Govt!

  8. Unfortunately 98% of School Teachers and Professors have no common sense with all of their schooling when it comes to basic economics! The American people that vote Dems into office are in the same scenario!

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