REPORT: FDNY Shutting Down Firehouses Over Staffing Shortages

Joe Biden stood on national TV and said he fully supported the firing of any first responder that did not want to get the vaccine.

He essentially told Americans that they meant nothing to him, period, and nor do the first responders that suited up during the pandemic and showed up for work when they were truly at risk.

Now, the city of New York is among the first to experience the blowback, having to close a reported 26 firehouses because of staffing shortages created by the mandate.

We Don’t Need No Water…

The argument for natural immunity has never been stronger.

Many of the first responders refusing to take the jab have already been exposed to COVID-19.

They have recovered and feel they don’t need to take the jab because they have natural immunity.

That means nothing to Democrats right now, so first responders cannot work because they are missing the mandate that goes into effect on Monday.

New York Republican Nicole Malliotakis has five firehouses that are shut down in her district alone…

Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro is calling out the firefighters for missing work instead of standing tall behind his firefighters.

He stated, “The excessive sick leave … because of their anger at the vaccine mandate for all city employees is unacceptable, contrary to their oaths to serve & may endanger the lives of New Yorkers.”

FDNY spokesman Jim Long described the closings as a “fluid” situation.

He stated, “The situation remains fluid. We hire manpower to get the company back in service or relocate other units to the area for coverage.”

Residents in some areas have turned out in force to support their local firefighters, even though they know they are now at risk by these men and women not coming to work…

If Democrats continue down this road, every one of them will be without a job when they come back up for re-election.

Believe me, if someone dies due to a slow response, it will only be the talking heads that blame the firefighters because everyone else will be pointing fingers at Joe Biden and Democrats who have put these mandates in place.

Source: New York Post

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19 Responses

    1. I fully support these Fire fighters. Maybe AOC can put out fires. Maybe BLM and ANTIFA can put out fires instead of starting them. Good luck New York, you got what YOU voted for. Hahahaha, I find it so funny.

      1. she might try to blow them out…..but, since mostly HOT AIR comes from her, she would probably enhance the conflagration!!!

    2. The “Nigro” commissioner is FULL OF SHYT! Get rid of that a.h….the oath means NOTHING, when the bastard in the imitation white house wants to kill as many as possible!! buydung is demonic and it behooves America to help that worthless, lying, thieving, moronic demonic S.O.B to meet his little god satan! imho

  1. No FIREMEN !!!
    BLM can burn it all down now !
    That sounds great !
    Stay north of Arkansas you be goot

  2. Must be that there are still some “contaminated”syringes out there to help with random population reduction?

  3. Biden will doom the USA thru his stupide polices this man named Branden is a sick induvial who shi* on his self

  4. Let’s go Brandon!
    It does a body good seeing these firemen standing up for their rights. Burn all the democrat controlled states and cities..

  5. Democrats will reap what they have sewn ! The sword cuts both ways !
    What should NYC do ?? Answer ……..
    Smear feces on everything .
    Pump crap on top of all tall buildings !!
    Save NYC !! Bury it in crap !!!
    Crap will burn but it’s hard to light !

  6. Biden said he was going to replace Americans with foreigners/illegals!!!! Fraudulent administration killing citizens and America!!! Let’s go Brandon!!!!

  7. Has Biden and the democrats continue down the road of forcing people to get the shot or lose their jobs they are just digging a deeper hole for themselves I fully support each persons right to decide on their own wether or not to get the shot the government should not be forcing people to do things

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