Sinema Fundraiser Will Include Groups Opposed to Social Spending Package

The only way Democrats are going to get their way and force through reconciliation is if EVERY Democrat in the Senate is on board.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) was supposed to be the rock, but he recently stated that he would only go for a bill of around $1.5 trillion in additional spending.

Senator Sinema (D-AZ), who was instrumental in the smaller, bipartisan package, is another story altogether, and the news just got worse for Democrat leaders.

Fundraising with Anti-Social Spending

Most in this country would agree that our infrastructure has been ignored for far too long.

Even in our current financial state, most Americans would probably support a reasonable spending package, as long as it ONLY included infrastructure, not the new definition of infrastructure created by Democrats.

Sinema now seems to be drawing a line in the sand regarding what she would support, reportedly now holding a fundraiser with business groups that oppose social spending.

What is of particular interest here is that we know the bill is loaded with illegal immigrant-friendly legislation.

This is very much a problem for Arizona, as illegal immigration remains a concern for Arizonians, even though the state is more purple than red now.

This gives us a much better idea of where Sinema stands on this front and what she may possibly go for.

House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) has hinted that she is ready to drop down from the $3.5 trillion already listed in the bill, but it is unlikely she is willing to come down as far as Sinema and Manchin would like.

That being the case, the reconciliation bill appears to be dead, which will create a significant problem for Biden.

Both sides get to claim victory in the $1.2 trillion package, but Biden will be dealt a significant blow if he cannot get the larger package passed.

That failure is likely to cost Democrats dearly in both the 2022 and 2024 elections.

Source: The Hill

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11 Responses

  1. Go, Kirsten! AZ rep, here.
    The dems need to go back to the sandbox to learn the rules of truth and sharing.
    One doesn’t get to redefine well-known/understood words at their whim (infrastructure) then shove a “misnomered” bill through Congress. Voters think they’re getting one thing yet will find it’s also to support illegals walking across our border.
    Thank you for standing up for Arizona’s and the US’s sovereignty.

  2. “Most in this country would agree that our infrastructure has been ignored for far too long.”


    1. And the Lottery was supposed to go to education!! bunch of lying thieving scumbags!

  3. Manchin and Simema seem to be the only senators to have the guts to stand up against Nancy Pelosi and fo what is right for Americans welfare. Would Pelosi like to have illegal immigrants camped out on her street in front on her home? Maybe funding for the illegals should come from her and Bidens bank accts not hard working tax paying Americans

  4. The Democrats owe a lot of money to China and the only way they can pay them back is to add pork to the bill which we the taxpayers will pay for. So hopefully Simema is for the US Citizens especially from her Beautiful State
    of AZ. Enough is Enough people need to save our country!!

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