REPORT: Sinema Gives in to Mandatory Corporate Tax

One of the biggest obstacles that Democrats had to work out was the mandatory corporate tax rate.

This had been one of the major sticking points for Senator Sinema (D-AZ), but she has now caved.

Sinema released a statement late Tuesday afternoon expressing her support for the tax in the reconciliation package.

One-Step Away

This was a major concession by Sinema, but it was one we figured she would eventually make.

The pressure she is facing in the party right now is utterly ridiculous, and it won’t stop until she caves completely.

On supporting the new tax, Sinema stated, “This proposal represents a commonsense step toward ensuring that highly profitable corporations — which sometimes can avoid the current corporate tax rate — pay a reasonable minimum tax on their profits, just as everyday Arizonans and Arizona small businesses do.”

If that tax is put in place, it will impact about 200 major companies.

That cost, of course, will get passed right on to the consumer.

For instance, FedEx is one of the top companies on the list, so expect shipping prices to increase considerably if that tax goes into effect.

That, of course, then impacts the cost of the goods being shipped when they are up on the shelf.

There are much better ways to crack down on corporations, such as hammering golden parachute plans and bonuses given to the top executives.

This gets Democrats one step closer to pushing this bill through with the full support of the party.

Biden has been putting significant pressure on party leaders to get their members in line so this legislation is passed before he heads to Europe for the global summit meetings.

With this concession by Sinema, he is now one step closer to making that happen.

Source: The Hill

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19 Responses

  1. Very DISAPPOINTED in her actions and decision to sell out!!!! I guess Congressman Munchin is the only person in Congress that has the grit and fortitude to stand up for his people that elected him.

  2. Question ??? Will this in any way include JOE BIDIN who earned seven million in 2017 and 2018 BUT only payed TAXES on $700,000 he is not alone. Most AMERICAN TAX PAYERS would LOVE that kind of a deduction. He won’t spend our TAX Dollars on the Southern border to PROTECT US from the CRIMINAL INVADERS, but is willing to SPEND HALF A MLLION OF OUR TAX DOLLARS to Build a WALL around HIS HOUSE to PROTECT HIMSELF. What a Leader, WHAT !!! a LEADER ????????????

  3. I am ashamed to say that I considered her a strong women, she reminds me of a women without a backbone. When you DO NOT do what you say your going to do, and give in to the pressures of someone that doesn’t give a s***t about you or what you stand for, shows me that you were never or will ever be a strong women who stands for her people.
    Politics is not your calling, step back and let a real women take us there.
    Glad I do not live in AZ. you should be ashamed to call your self Arizonan. I positive the people and the business there will let you know when you come up for reelection.

  4. We are now being ruled by Oligarchs, establishing their families as the rulers, for as long as possible.
    Biden followed the line of Bush,Clinton, Obama & the Average America Citizen Pays the Tab, the Higher TAXES to BIG CORPORATIONS just mean HIGHER PRICES FOR US TO PAY.

  5. This is why Republicans back MTG ,, she has bigger wevos than alot of the Republicans , and I like how she won’t back down and how she tells it like it is .

  6. Biden and his corrupt administration are liars and disgraceful and they are ruining this country! And the sad part is they know this but continuing forward this disgrace! Democrats how do you live with yourselves?

  7. Please stick to your original gut feeling! Always thought you were a strong woman with morals & intelligence. Don’t let these lying, greedy, self serving Democrats beat you down. Help bring our country back to the “GREAT COUNTRY” it was before Biden sold us out. We have become the laughing stock of the world & Biden & Harris have the respect of no one!

  8. Just was a game of when to cave in for her to get something she wanted. Wonder what the back room deal was for her end. Patsy>>>>>>>

  9. So she really is just a puppet after all; controlled by whoever is pulling her strings. I guess she’s nothing more than a monkey on a rope.

  10. Do they ever consult their constituency about their decisions or is it all about them?
    Vote the flip flopping Jeff Flake cowards out! Where does AZ. get these politicians from. Yeah, right, almost forgot. CA. is right next door….

  11. All of the demonRATS should be ashamed of themselves, they are traitors! You just watch, Manchin will also give in before it’s all over, GOP in 2022! Trump again in 2024!

  12. Vote her out ASAP. She has turned her back on you. She is getting her money and the heck with you. Vote GOP in 2022 and TRUMP in 2024. Enough of this screwing the people. Manchin will cave as well, so don’t be surprised about that either.

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