Sinema Now Targeted for Primary Race by Progressives

The news just keeps getting worse for Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ).

After getting very little support from her fellow Democrats after being stalked in the bathroom by a “protester,” Sinema just got more bad news.

In addition to not caring about the incident, she is now being targeted by progressives in her party for a primary race.

They Are Coming for Her

Sinema’s resistance to the progressive agenda is not going over very well with the far left in her party.

The Democrat Senator is up for re-election in 2024, but now she just learned she will have to fight off a primary battle.

Progressives announced the Primary Sinema PAC to take her out.

Co-founder Kai Newkirk stated, “Our message is clear: listen to your base, join your party, back Biden’s agenda, and help remove the filibuster as an obstacle to the urgent legislation Arizonans need.”

Just One Problem…

Newkirk may think this pressure will work, but there is more news on the Sinema front.

This group seems to forget there are still a LOT of conservatives in Arizona, and they like what she is doing right now.

Sinema is actually polling better than her Democrat counterpart, Senator Kelly (D-AZ), and she has a 40 percent approval rating by Republicans, which is pretty strong for the opposing party.

Sinema, overall, is plus-7 in approval rating, while Kelly is only plus-4.

With those numbers, it will be tough to beat her.

If she stands firm and does not cave, she will probably have the benefit of getting some Republican money into her campaign war chest to help her take down a socialist.

If Republicans know she will hold firm, the safer choice may be to help her win her primary, then battle it out in the general rather than take a chance of having another socialist hold a Senate seat.

Sinema will also have the support of some pretty big power brokers in the party who are livid over the attacks against her as of late.

Source: Washington Examiner

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