REPORT: Fort Hood Soldier Found Dead Over Weekend

Fort Hood escaped one possible tragic death only to be hit with yet another horrifying discovery.

After having gone missing, PFC Sewell was finally located.

However, reports are now surfacing from Fort Hood that another soldier was found dead behind the barracks in Fort Hood.

Rach of Attacks and Murders

The stain on Fort Hood does not appear as though it will go away anytime soon.

In April 2020, the national spotlight was turned on Ft. Hood when Specialist Vanessa Guillen vanished.

She was later found dead, bludgeoned to death with a hammer.

The horror did not stop there, as her body had been dismembered.

A person of interest in the case was Specialist Aaron Robinson, who took his life when authorities tried to take him into custody.

When PFC Sewell was reported missing, there was genuine concern that something horrible had happened to her.

However, the joy of learning she was okay was short-lived when the morbid discovery was made this weekend with an unidentified soldier being found dead behind the barrack at the Texas base.

The only information made public thus far has been that the soldier was assigned to the Army’s 1st Cavalry Division.

Something is going horribly wrong at this base, as there have been dozens of disappearances and deaths at the base over the last few years.

Leadership at the base has faced a lot of criticism, especially after the death of Guillen.

Her death led to numerous officers being relieved or suspended as well as the formation of the People First Center, a resource for soldiers thinking about suicide or that have been the victim of a sexual assault.

Sadly, I feel this is a problem that will only get worse before it gets better, especially with the vaccine mandate deadline looming and hundreds of thousands of active-duty troops facing discharges.

Source: Fox News

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13 Responses

  1. R.I.P. soldier. I pray for your soul and that the impending Vaccine MANDATE did not contribute to your death!!

    1. Was PFC Sewell AWOL?? Its good she is safe but it sounds like too me she was AWOL which is a Court Marshall offense. There is something going on at this Base.

  2. Hopefully they will actually do a real autopsy & report truthfully the real reasons & causes of deaths.

  3. To bad this could no happen to all the people that has made these things happen the clintons.obama, bush, pig face and anybody that has any contention to these horrible people the devil will come for you soon.

  4. I always wanted to enjoy my life, and I did ! Not killing for someone I don’t know ! Seems as though being killed in combat isn’t a problem at Fort Hood !
    The current administration won’t react !
    I wouldn’t want to die for JOES VISION !
    That could interfere with Joe”s schedule

    1. Time to rotate out the soldiers at Fort Hood, split them up and see if this behavior starts up at another location, and bring in a new crew?

      1. it ALL starts from the top down in the military – try getting rid of ALL the top then the bottom will settle down

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