DeSantis Is Doing It. Biden Can’t Stop Him

Joe Biden has been bussing in immigrants under the cover of night.

Unfortunately for people like Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, one of the places that the buses were dumping the immigrants was the sunshine state.

NOT anymore.

Ron DeSantis has announced that he’s putting his foot down. Contractors hired by the federal government to bus in immigrants will no longer be able to show up in Florida and dump them like they have been.

And if they try to?

1) Heavy fines.

2) Rerouting the immigrants to places liberals don’t want them. Like Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware.

The plan is really spectacular if you think about it.

If Biden or any other liberal has a problem with the immigrants being dumped in their state, it will instantly expose their hypocrisy.

Okay, Joe, if YOU want to bus in immigrants under the cover of night, you can do that. But they’re going to your state, not mine.

“I’m gonna sign a bill very soon. It will be effective July 1. The contractors are gonna get penalized if they dump illegal aliens in Florida from the border,” DeSantis said, adding that immigrant buses heading to Florida will be rerouted to “places like Delaware and other sanctuary states.”

“You see there’s a massive, massive caravan that’s coming towards the southern border right now. And what is Biden doing? He’s fumbling around on late night TV shows, and he needs to get in the game here and he needs to defend our country’s sovereignty because that’s gonna absolutely [get] overwhelmed, not just Texas, but it’s gonna overwhelm a lot of other communities throughout the United States of America.”

Source: Breitbart

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18 Responses

  1. Go DeSantis!! It’s about time someone makes the Dems take responsibility for this crap. They should dump these illegals right outside of Biden’s property. On his front lawn.. if he wants them, let him have them!! This is absolutely ridiculous!! FJB!! GoBrandon!!

    1. Completely agree, it’ll be fun, but don’t stop there. You know he’s only following orders, he has no thoughts of his own. I can think of a lot of homes, starting with Pelosi’s, whatever rock Soros hides under, absolutely Obama’s, Gates’, feel free to jump in with other liberal names. You know they’re going to gift immigrants with plenty so they’ll mean a vote for the next dishonest democrat. This gov’t, GOP or DEM, only has plans to put us into poorhouses and under their thumbs with monitoring every move we make!

  2. Thank you, Governor DeSantis. Please make sure they are delivered to Biden’s home (with the gate/wall around it). And make sure someone is advised that the gate should be opened so Joe’s illegal friends can join him and enjoy the pleasures of his home.

  3. dump illegals in front of joe biden house in delawere and nancy pelosi and maxine waters house at san franscico and put there tents up also to live there. we had enough all demorat states dump illegals off. they want them send bus loads to there houses.

    1. DeSantis for President! I liked Trump as President, but I seriously don’t believe he would win this go around.

    Send all the illegals to Delaware!!!!
    DeSantis is doing a great job, keep up the good work, we are all behind you!!!

  5. Yes…dump them in Washington DC. Delaware, Nancy Pelosi front yard, blue states as they welcome them with open arms….sorry Colorado, you asked for it.

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