Biden Accused of Hiding Supreme Court Commission Documents from Public

During the election, Joe Biden managed to squirm his way out of the Supreme Court packing issue by saying he would form a commission to study the issue.

Biden formed the commission in April, but the problem is that nobody has seen a single report from the commission to this point.

Now, Stephen Miller, a former Trump aide, claims that Biden and his new commission are hiding documents from the American people.

What Are They Doing?

Miller’s group, America First Legal (AFL), has sent a formal request to the Biden administration requesting more information about the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court.

AFL vice president Gene Hamilton stated, “America First Legal is working to ensure that amid all the promises of transparency and the rhetoric of ‘wanting to just consider the issue’ that the political leadership of the White House has not predetermined the outcome – and is just using the commission as a pretext – to accomplish its political goals.”

He added, “This is too important of a matter to be conducted in secret, behind closed doors.

“The Biden administration must be fully transparent with this entire process.”

This is a very serious issue, and AFL is absolutely right.

It is unacceptable for the Biden administration to expect the American people to buy whatever the recommendation of this committee is without knowing every step that led up to the recommendation.

It should be taking this request seriously, but how did Biden respond?

A White House spokesperson responded with five simple words… “What is America First Legal?”

Source: Fox News

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44 Responses

  1. why in the hell hasn’t he been brought up for impeachment just look at everything that he has done to this country and what’s bad is everyone knows. Just look at his history in government. what the hell is wrong with our congress and senators, there and chicken crap.

    1. The problem is, is that 90% of Republican Politicians are nothing but cowards. All they know how too do is send emails, make phone calls, text messages and send mail asking for donations. That’s it.

      1. You are correct. Send text messages to seek donations and not earn a penny on their own.

      2. Absolutely true!! They’re spineless jellyfish and cave to left.. are they bought off and just greedy? Yes probably so.. and they keep wanting more money from us.. not until they step up to the plate and prove they are not rhinos😖not another penny!!

      3. thats why the country needs Donald Trump…he fights back and doesn’t take crap from these bottom feeders!!

  2. I’m telling you, this Administration and just about all of the Federal Agencies are corrupt and run by criminals.

    1. They sure are a bunch of criminals, but what about the ones that voted for them? They have to be as bad as the politicians.

  3. I don’t Trust anything media would ever publish about any liberal Democrat. They are the America’s Worst nightmare they consistently no not share truthful information to the United States citizen!


    1. Vegetable Biden is a puppet for the communist party. The communists developed the Wuhan flu to STEAL the election and place vegetable Biden in the White House. This is a communist takeover of America. Americans need to know WHO and what we are fighting and we can NOT allow this to continue at any cost.

  5. Biden’s whole family are crooks and liar’s His wife is more interested in being the first lady and does not give a dam about the rest of Americans. Hunter is a drug addict, liar, cheat, thief and will do anything for money. Biden has been wrong on everything he does. .

  6. Biden is a GD communist. He and his crew need to be impeached and hung by the neck until dead for Treason

  7. Get on the phone and let your congressional rep. know that WE THE PEOPLE want the treason breeders in this government removed and replaced with reliable politicians!! We do not work for these butt nuggets they work for us, the TAX PAYING , honest and upright people !!!!!

  8. Problem is Joe’s not making any decisions because “ IF HIS BRAIN WAS MADE OF GUN POWDER HE WOULDN’t have enough to blow his HAIR SNIFFING NOSE.

  9. I have been a Republican all my voting years and now a staunch Trump Rep. However, if we all stop giving to the Reps. and only give to the Trump org. UNTIL they get off their lazy arses and start making waves maybe they will do something. Hold any contributions & maybe they will start working for their vote.

  10. Biden’s Executive Order on the commission dealing with the Supreme Court is a clear violation of the Constitution’s Check and Balance System. Nowhere in the US Constitution does it grant the Executive Branch of government the power to examine, oversee, or explore changes to the Judicial Branch of government. The Constitution clearly states that ONLY the Legislative Branch has power to oversee the Judicial Branch. The President has abused his power with his commission to examine another “separate” branch of government.

  11. Captcha didn’t like my post even tho I blamed both parties for our sad state. You just can’t say anything negative about the dems and expect to get it posted.

  12. The best part of Biden dried on a sheet! I hope the people who voted for Sleepy
    Joe are proud of the choice they made for President. He has proven himself to be the worse
    choice for president that has been made since the founding of this Nation.

  13. I think the ones who voted for Biden didn’t actually vote FOR him, but voting AGAINST Trump because they believed every fricking lie the fake news spewed out, instead of opening their eyes to see all the good things Trump did for this country. Too many stupid people out there.

  14. Can you imagine the out cry and hyperbole of the news media and its shills if this was Donald Trump, instead of the senile, hair sniffing, child fondling, lying POS that occupies the White House now!!!!!!!!!!!!

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