Supreme Court Declines GOP Challenge to House Proxy Voting

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) should have known better.

There is simply no way the current makeup of the Supreme Court would get involved in a political battle between Democrats and Republicans.

By even appealing to the court, he has given Democrats something to use against him.

Can’t Do It

If I thought the Supreme Court was wrong here, you know me well enough by now to know that I would not think twice about saying something about it.

While I don’t like Pelosi’s proxy voting rule, she has every right to put it in place.

No court in the land would allow a challenge to a congressional procedure to be overturned.

As McCarthy should have expected, the Supreme Court declined the case, allowing the lower court ruling to stand.

This challenge makes him look foolish and worse, it provides Pelosi with some ammo to make him look clueless in regard to our Constitution.

It took her about five second to react to the ruling.

Pelosi stated, “With this failed lawsuit, Republicans have worked to recklessly endanger the health of colleagues, staffers and institutional workers.

“In doing so, they have fought harder to try to score political points than they have fought to help struggling families during the pandemic.

“They do so with great shame and hypocrisy, as last year alone more than half of the Members of their conference designated a proxy so that they could vote remotely.”

McCarthy’s office responded, “Members of Congress should show up to work on behalf of their constituents, just as they have since our nation was founded.”

And I want to be clear… I very much agree with McCarthy on this issue and I believe that this rule is long overdue to be changed, but it won’t happen until the GOP gets control again.

Democrats have been shoulder-to-shoulder at parties, yet they cannot show up for work to vote… it is utterly ridiculous.

However, that does not mean the procedure can be challenged.

If you want to change it, beat the Dems in 2022 and take control back!

Source: The Hill

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7 Responses

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  2. Republicans do t know how to govern. They only know to cow tow to their supposed democratic opponents

  3. I guess we will just have to wait and see what Congress does next, though I am not going to hold my breath

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  4. How will it be verified that a congressperson is the one actually casting the vote and not some clerk, or outside “net” user? Remember the hackers in the 2020 elections?

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