Supreme Court Punts on Texas Abortion Case, Liberals Freak Out

On Monday morning, liberals were hoping to learn the fate of the Texas abortion bill.

As the morning went on and liberals realized the Court would not be releasing an opinion, social media started to blow up.

Demand Justice was among those obliterating the Court for not taking action.

No Action?!

Demand Action is an organization run by former Obama officials that, among other causes, are hoping to add justices to the Supreme Court.

So, when the conservative-dominated Court failed to strike down the bill, the group went ballistic to call the Court out.

It tweeted, “The Supreme Court has allowed Texas’s abhorrent anti-abortion law to remain in effect for 83 days.

“We cannot keep waiting for this Court to act in the interests of the American people – it’s time to #ExpandTheCourt.”

Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon added, “Many guessed the Supreme Court would weigh in on the Texas law today but it turned out to be a giant head fake.

“It is insane we let the third branch of government conduct itself with so little transparency when it comes to rights this fundamental.”

The only opinion rendered was a dispute case between Mississippi and Tennessee, which set off court-packing and abortion advocates even more.

Demand Justice Chief Counsel Christopher Kang tweeted, “John Roberts playing ‘haha made you look’ when it comes to abortion rights is about all you need to know about this Supreme Court. #ExpandTheCourt.”

MiQuel Davies, who works with the group Physicians for Reproductive Health, stated, “If we still believed that the Supreme Court actually wanted to protect our constitutional rights that went out the window (once again) this am.

“There is a constitutional right to abortion. S.B.8 is unconstitutional and cruel. I can’t.”

The abortion drama for the Court will be far from over after the Texas case is decided, as it has arguments on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization on December 1.

Source: Fox News

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30 Responses

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  2. Democrats seem to think they can make demands on the law. When things don’t go their way, then they want to overthrow the process of law. It’s not a good idea to discredit our laws. Quit acting like a spoiled child and learn patients.

  3. all demorats including aoc and her mob should beimpeached. there distroying america and our values. we had enough. vote these insane politican s out. there a disgrace to america and us people that stand by the constitution and bill of rights . its called freedom not putting in communism in our country. they all need to be impeached.we the people stand by our constitution and the supreme courts.amen

    1. It’s amazing how the left can go on and on and speak hundreds of words without saying anything. They never explain anything. They just slander, accuse, lie, embellish and make up their own stories. They really are a bunch of uneducated and stupid people.

      1. Amen your right there Sylvia instead of abortion they should think of birth control or abstinence both work wonders and have been around for years

  4. I do not think the Surpreme Court needs to be packed, I think the left just needs to understand they cannot always have their way! We really need to get rid of the illegal President Obama who belongs in jail! And Clinton too!


  6. The patience with the liberal dem blood sucking parasitical ticks is at zero
    Life is about to get very difficult for them

  7. Hey “D’s” – It takes 9 months for a baby to develop outside the womb. You impatient AS—les can wait. You know what is coming since you all are so righteous! Tough titty says the kitty, but the milk sure is good! Ha, Ha, enjoy your “life”, you are not as important as our future generation. Gobble, Gobble, eat mud!

  8. I want some to show me in the Constitution Abortion. I held a 4 month pre-mature baby girl in my right hand. She was breathing, her fathers blood was flowing through her veins and her brain was operational. She was crying . She was a human being. She was alive. She did not just become alive when she came out of the womb, she was alive inside that womb. That my friend is a scientific fact and indeed it is the truth!

  9. “Physicians for Reproductive Health…” It astonishes me when I hear, or read about, Physicians who have no bioethics. Aristotle said, “It is impossible to heal the body without healing the soul.” They are in the wrong line of business.

  10. demoncrats are baby killers who sell body parts until the run low on inventory. that’s when they start human trafficking. keep in mind that demoncrats worship satan and abortion is a sacrament to them.

  11. They need to stop saying the American People want this crap!!! The American People want the commie Liberals to be arrested.

  12. So my take is this if you don’t quit killing babies there is no reason to put someone in jail for murder if you can’t protect the innocent then why should we protect you, the other thing is this if it’s ok to kill a innocent baby because you don’t want it and it’s not the babies fault then why should we convict someone for killing you? Because they don’t want you? No one in this country should be convicted of murder until we quit killing innocent Babies they have heart beats at six week after that there should be absolutely no way for you to murder the baby, the other thing is if you believe in God well I don’t think he is going to believe in a Baby killer!

  13. I guess I will have to go back and reread the Constitution because I must have missed the part about getting an abortion is a right, it is murder plain an simple

  14. Abortion is just a “convenient” way to avoid the responsibility of creating a baby.
    Birth control has been around forever, and if you’re too STUPID to use it, DON’T BLAME THE BABY FOR YOUR STUPIDITY!
    For those who use abortion as a means of birth control, think about this: What if your parent(s) had had an abortion?

    Hey admin, are these comments okay?

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