Supreme Court Refuses to Block Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers in Maine

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that sent a shockwave through conservatives.

In a somewhat surprising ruling, the Court refused to block a vaccine mandate in Maine for its health care workers.

The declination was issued by liberal Justice Stephen Breyer, who oversees emergency requests for Maine.

 Sorry, But No

Liberals had gone ballistic when conservative justices made such rulings, so we will have to wait and see just how much outrage erupts over this ruling by Breyer.

The only solace in the order was the Breyer did dismiss the request “without prejudice,” so he did leave the door open for future requests.

Honestly, it was almost as though he was kicking the can down the road, not wanting to take responsibility for an order he possibly does not truly support.

However, because this was an emergency request, he was forced to make an immediate decision.

Liberty Counsel, a Christian group, had brought the suit hoping to get a religious exemption for some 2,000 health care workers in Maine.

The case had been lost in the first round, with a federal judge ruling against the group.

Several days later, an appeals court reaffirmed the initial ruling, resulting in the Supreme Court’s emergency request, which Breyer denied.

The group can bring the complaint back before the Supreme Court if the case is ruled against on merit by the appeals court or no decision is handed down by October 29.

So far, the Court has seen several mandate challenges, ruling in favor of them all, but these have all come under liberal justices.

We fully expect, at some point, possibly with law enforcement, for a case to be heard by the Supreme Court.

If and when that happens, it will decide how far Biden can go in ordering vaccine mandates for the private sector (per the new OSHA rule about to be put in place, pending approval by the OMB).

Since most red states are rejecting the vaccine mandate, we will more than likely have to wait until the aforementioned OSHA rule goes into effect, at which point a case is likely to be filed that will fall under the oversight of a conservative justice.

Source: The Hill

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12 Responses

  1. So the SCOTUS lets Biden set exemptions for the court, federal employees and who knows how many other groups, but No one else can? Biden hasn’t even produced a legal federal mandate. Fire these liberal nuts before they bankrupt and get us all killed.

    1. Every policy and bill and executive order or anything else coming from the biden administration has failed miserably! From gas prices to grocery store prices to empty shelves to vaccine mandates to immigration to foreign policy, this group of idiots will go down as having tried to ruin this country in every way possible! Tis is called TREASON!

  2. Nazis working overtime!! We’re losing freedoms on a daily basis with this puppetdictator!!👺👺. How sad 😞 . Poor Americans after all they’ve worked and sacrificed for. Breaks my heart 💔🇺🇸💔😥

  3. Supreme Court judges who voted against blocking this mandate are just like stupid Biden & Psaki, we need to go to the toilet and drop a couple of Biden’s and wipe our butts with the Psaki!!!!!!

  4. Some one out there needs to kill all the supreme Court justices because they are not upholding our constitutional rights with this mandate wake up America and someone must blow up CNN the new York times daily to ABC NBC CBS kill them all

  5. Why don’t we all stand up and request our Congress to take action on Supreme Court Judges that make ruling that are not Constatunal. That’s why they are their, to protect the constitution from being denied American citizens by our labials friends.

  6. If judges follow law, there are no liberl or conservitive judges. BUT, when rationalization enters the debate, the decision is a personal one and not a law one.

  7. The black robes match their black hearts,
    highly educated means nothing when you’re an A hole!!

  8. Until the nations workforce as a whole joins together to stands against this corruption, and with their brothers and sisters against this mandate Washington’s elite will continue to rule as tyrants and dictators.

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