Supreme Court Rules Against Navy SEALs

One of the most significant issues regarding the vaccine mandates of our troops has just been decided.

The Supreme Court handed the Biden administration and Secretary Austin a massive victory in a major lawsuit brought about by the vaccine mandates.

The court rules that the Pentagon can restrict deployments of unvaccinated troops.

Crushing Blow

Our country just got a little weaker today.

The court’s ruling means that some of our most elite warriors will be sidelined indefinitely, if not discharged.

At issue was the ability for a group of Navy SEALs to be deployed even though they have not been vaccinated.

Mike Berry, director of military affairs for First Liberty Institute, which is representing the SEALs, stated, “The Court’s narrow partial stay will not deter our mission to ensure America’s service members do not lose their religious freedom.

“As Justice Alito said, this is a ‘great injustice.'”

He was referring to Alito being one of three justices that dissented.

The other two being Justices Gorsuch and Alito.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh, in supporting the decision, stated, “I concur in the Court’s decision to grant the Government’s application for a partial stay of the District Court’s prelim­inary injunction for a simple overarching reason: Under Ar­ticle II of the Constitution, the President of the United States, not any federal judge, is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. In light of that bedrock constitutional principle, ‘courts traditionally have been reluctant to in­trude upon the authority of the Executive in military and national security affairs.’

“In sum, I see no basis in this case for employing the judi­cial power in a manner that military commanders believe would impair the military of the United States as it defends the American people.”

Justice Alito, in his dissent, added, “By rubber stamping the Government’s request for what it calls a ‘partial stay,’ the Court does a great injustice to the 35 respondents—Navy Seals and others in the Naval Spe­cial Warfare community—who have volunteered to under­take demanding and hazardous duties to defend our coun­try.

“These individuals appear to have been treated shabbily by the Navy, and the Court brushes all that aside. I would not do so, and I therefore dissent.”

We can only hope Austin is smart enough to at least allow these warriors to remain in service and train future SEALs.

This country has millions of dollars invested in every one of these men and they are being taken off the battlefield over a needle… digest that.

And for those of you saying that SEALs already have to get dozens of vaccines, I understand that, but this is different.

First, the vaccine is still a Gen1 vaccine of which we have no information on the long-term effects.

Secondly, in terms of the religious exemption, it refers to the research methods used for the vaccine itself.

This is a fine line between religious freedom and military service, which, again, I understand, but considering the other religious and gender concessions this administration and past administrations have made, it is bothersome that this was not honored.

Source: Fox News


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