Supreme Court Says ‘No’ to Part of New York Eviction Moratorium

Progressives in the Democrat Party are not going to be happy that the rent honeymoon in New York is about to be over.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court blocked part of the New York state eviction moratorium order.

Democrats and progressives have been railing about this specific issue, even holding a recent protest on the steps of the Capitol, hoping to force Pelosi to resume Congress to craft legislation for more relief.

Order Blocked

This is a difficult issue in that most Americans do not want to see people tossed on the street, but there is a flip side to this story.

Landlords have been forced to sit on the sidelines for months, making no money, while renters remain in their properties.

These landlords still have expenses to pay, such as property taxes and insurance, and many of them have no money coming in because of the moratorium.

This was a mess created by the initial COVID relief, as even though there was a moratorium in place, back-rent was piling up on these individuals.

Many believed the government (read: taxpayers) would end up getting hit with this bill, so their extra unemployment and bonus COVID checks were spent elsewhere.

Now, many of these renters are months in arrears with no way to pay the back rent, facing eviction from their homes.

Meanwhile, all these landlords are not only facing the problem of having to evict these individuals, but they are still out months of rental income as well.

This is truly a lose-lose situation for everyone involved, but it will ultimately have to be owned by Democrats.

Source: The Hill

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16 Responses

  1. How do we allow the President of the United States to flaunt his disregard for our Constitution? Aren’t there enough politicians with a brain to stop him and his evil empire.

  2. Anyone with even half of a brain should have been able to see this coming, But the other name for a Democrat is “Stupid.” (Does Biden have even a half of a brain?)

  3. Democrats own this one totally. Renters who do not keep up with COVID news information may have thought the moratorium meant they could live rent free with no payback. Landlords have rights, too. These renters took advantage of the moratorium, and now the chickens have come home to roost.

    1. Your right, what everyone missed (Dems) is their hate for Trump made everything worse, then they threw crumbs at the problem they made, hoping no one would notice/ it kind of worked! Democratic’s aren’t talking about how bad and expensive everything is getting, only the Left didn’t see this train reck coming, and their policies made this!!

  4. Biden is NOT running the show Obama is. Biden is not capable of running anything. This is Obama’s third term on steroids. He knows he will loose the Congress and Senate just like he did before. He is putting all his anti American agenda thru on hyper speed.
    Sad to watch. Americans are ignorant about most of it. It’s been a terrible 8 months for this country and will only get worse!

  5. How can the non leftist Democrats that are just not getting the truth in the news but are getting shady rewording of everything that shows good be being done by the Republicans or bad by that idiot in the White House. It is so sad to talk to some of them, they really believe that Biden is doing good. If you mention anything different, you are a liar. And they are really blind about that Obama character.

  6. Those stimulus checks should have been used for shelter, food and clothing but instead people are out there buying new televisions, cars,down payment on cars,marijuana and the landlord in the meantime is left holding the bag!

  7. What I am having a really hard time understanding is just what is this IDIOTIC government going to do when this “order” finally ends, and IT WILL EVENTUALLY END, and thousands of people are put out in the street for nonpayment of their rent ?? My wife and I have spent the last thirty years paying for our house and finally have it paid off. What about the people that have been irresponsible for their entire life and are going to be homeless now, it’s nor right for the government to pay their bills and not do the same for those of us that have actually done the right thing and paid our bills. This is what happens when the government gets involved in our lives, they can’t give the renters money and simply leave out the homeowners !! when the Republicans finally take control back next year, the first thing they need to do is to revamp exactly what this government exists for, they are not responsible for anybodies bills, period !! WE NEED A “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS” LAW !!

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