Supreme Court SHOCKER

Virginia Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears, a Republican, recently appeared on Fox News with a MAJOR demand for Attorney General Merrick Garland.


According to Sears, the pro-choice protestors trying to intimidate Justices outside of their homes need to be prosecuted.

She thinks the fallout from the Supreme Court decision is nothing short of “mob rule.”

“We’re not tolerating it,” Sears said about the protests.

“What we need now is for Merrick Garland to go ahead and do his job. You saw that he sicks the police on parents when they were at the school board, simply trying to be heard for the safety of their children. And he won’t do his job. And then we have a commonwealth attorney here in Virginia, also a Democrat, won’t do his job. We have a section of our code 18.2 that says this is a class 3 misdemeanor if you are protesting in a private property, on private property, outside private property. They’re not doing their jobs.”

She has a good point. When parents want to attend schoolboard meetings, the authorities are there.

So why are we allowing this nonsense out of the houses of Supreme Court justices.

It’s a sad answer, but an obvious one.

Just as we saw with the BLM riots in 2020, the reason the protestors are allowed to continue is because they’re liberal.

Source: Breitbart

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9 Responses

  1. Joe Biden/ George Soros / Nancy P.
    Conspiring against America !
    Making targets of political opponents is a true Communist tell! Most All Democrats are involved.
    They want abortion so vote R in November to abort them .

  2. America is now a lawless Country. The Left can break any law, including Federal law and there are no consequences!!!! Lt Governor Earle-Sears is correct. GARLAND DO YOUR JOB!!!

  3. You could add to that list of failures the fact that only two (2) of the rioters at the Capitol on Jan 6th were arrested. All the others were there at the encouragement of Swamp Queen Pelosi and the FBI. Only people who actually entered the building after the Capitol Police opened the doors and let them in were arrested and charged.

  4. “YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTE FOR” If you want this to STOP, make sure that you VOTE for Conservatives next time amd run the TRASH out of town !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. More than being prosecuted for mob rule, it should read: Should be prosecuted because it’s unlawful to intimidate justices while in the process of their sworn duty. And, let’s be clear, it is blatant intimidation whether peaceful or not and whether one believes in abortion or not. Once again, Biden’s DOJ is ignoring criminal acts.

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