Supreme Court Upholds Qualified Immunity for Police Officers

One of the major sticking points for Democrat police reform is the removal of qualified immunity for police officers.

This immunity prevents officers from being sued personally for any alleged wrongdoing while performing their duties.

Squad members such as AOC have put this front and center, but their movement just took a significant blow courtesy of the Supreme Court.

Qualified Immunity

Democrats want this gone because they use it as an anchor in their racist attacks against police officers.

People like AOC believe that since officers cannot be held personally liable, they are often overly aggressive, especially when it comes to minorities.

I can say without hesitation if qualified immunity protections are removed, we would see mass resignations on police forces around the country.

Dozens of police officers that I know have discussed this with me in detail, and not a single one of them would remain on the force.

The majority of them have also told me that is the feeling among their fellow officers.

This would also create a significant recruitment problem as well as mass hesitation on the part of officers answering calls for fear of being sued.

It would, in essence, serve the Democrat purpose of ending policing as we know it today.

Supreme Court Ruling

The two cases before the court both offered similar opinions.

There were no dissenting opinions recorded in either case, but the justices also did not sign either opinion.

In one opinion, the justices stated that “the officers plainly did not violate any clearly established law.”

It continued, “As we have explained, qualified immunity protects ‘all but the plainly incompetent or those who knowingly violate the law.'”

The justices maintained that was not the case in either incident, so the officers will remain protected by qualified immunity.

Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) was leading the effort on the Republican side of the aisle regarding police reform legislation, but after he refused even to consider removing qualified immunity, Democrats walked out of the room and broke off negotiations.

Source: Fox News

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14 Responses

  1. Yea for our police and all citizens that follow the law. All these criminals destroying our police and our communities must stop! It is been these criminals that should be locked up and put away forever and yet our police force is being brutalizer. Enough is enough! Then AOC afraid she is going to be raped?

    1. FANTASTIC,, OUR Police deserve respect and protection from Left wing nutbags. AOC and the rest of the Squad members are nothing but Communist, anti-American scumbags. The Democratic Party should be disbanded. THEY are the true racist and their history can prove it. FU.K ALL LIBERALS!!!

      1. aoc should revert back to her bar job carrying drink trays on top of that flat head of hers.

  2. Democrays are communist.Tearing down what has made AMERICA the destination wishes around the world.It is fascinating that the illegals want to come to such a terrible country the Democrats portray AMERICA.

  3. Anyone who advocates against police immunity is a fool except that he is in high office that has bodyguards to protect him or her as is the case of those who are advocating against police immunity. They should be voted out so they too lose their protection and we see how they feel in the streets without police protection.

  4. Muy triste lo qué sucede en esté país hoy en día,los demócratas de todos modos quieren ver a todo los EUA convertida en una república bananera,hay qué proteger más a la policía,son quiénes nos cuidan de las garras de tanto delincuente y asesinos,pobre la patria de los qué dieron sus vidas para tener un país grande y hermoso,no deberían permitir en el congreso personas AOC La Omar ni ninguna de esas personas qué solo con su presencia ofenden al pueblo decente de los EUA,en Dios confíamos

  5. Save the Police Depts, Defund Pelosi! Defund Schumer! Defund Bernie! Defund AOC and the rest of the Progressive tribe! Say No! to their tribal warfare. Say Yes! to Law and Order and the great American Way!
    Say Yes! to saving the Constitution. Say No! to the Marxist Left, and their economy destroying agenda of MMT and their values and culture destroying CRT! Say Yes! to saving the USA! Say No! to the nation destroying USSA!

  6. Defunding, deriding, and depriving vital legal protection such as qualified immunity from police officers will only prompt more police to leave law enforcement, and decrease the number of applicants to this profession. Without police to serve and protect, criminals have a field day victimizing innocent people, and get away with it much too often. Police are needed to uphold law and order to help curb crime and arrest lowlifes who have harmed or seek to harm others.
    As a victim of a brutal child molester decades ago(who was never caught, and likely raped others), I certainly didn’t appreciate that unexpected and savage encounter, and hope that there won’t be another. Competent and courageous law enforcers help to reduce the possibility of criminal tragedies against law-abiding people, and at great risk to life and limb. They deserve our deepest respect and gratitude.

  7. right on. thats the best i heard today. get all these terrible communist demorats out and put them all up for treason.there destroying america.we must get rid of the nut thats running our country. who is nancy pelosi and her a catholic throw her out of the catholic churches not just not getting communion.she is for abortions. we the catholic dont agree with this wicked witch of our nation.biden also throw them both out of catholic churches.

  8. Screw the DemoBrats!!!!!!!! It is always the same. WA,WA,WA. I can’t have my way, I’ll take my toys and go home. It would be good for the nation if they did so.

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