Philadelphia Surpasses 500 Homicides After College Student Killed

The saying “go woke, go broke” may need to be altered soon.

The motto should be “go woke, go broke or die.”

Look no further than the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA, as proof of that.

Deadliest City

The last time Philadelphia saw a homicide rate this high was three decades ago when crack showed up on the city’s streets.

This time around, the culprit is something far more deadly than any drug… Democrats.

Over the last five years or so, Philadelphia has bought into the woke agenda hook, line, and sinker.

Like many Democrat-run cities, gun violence dominates the streets and seeps into neighborhoods where this type of violence was never seen.

I grew up in this city and used to be proud to consider it home.

After seeing a decline more than a decade ago, I left, eventually moving to Texas.

The last time I visited the city was for a family wedding, and I was horrified by what this city has become.

The downtown area used to be beautiful and spotless; today is dirty, overrun by homeless, and rampant crime.

The neighborhood where I grew up, which was once a solid middle-class working neighborhood, is ridden with filth, crime, and abandoned houses.

The homes that still have residents are protected like Fort Knox to prevent break-ins.

Several years ago, Mayor Kenney made national headlines for dancing on video after declaring the city a sanctuary city for illegals.

In recent years, the liberal DA has handcuffed police and dialed back penalties for petty crimes.

Now, violent crimes and homicides are at record highs, but nobody seems capable of connecting the dots.

Sadly, the city surged past 500 homicides this weekend,

One of the casualties was Temple University student Samuel Sean Collington, who was a mere 21 years old.

According to reports, Colington was the victim of an attempted robbery that went bad, with Collington being shot dead on the North Philadelphia campus.

Temple’s executive director of public safety, Charlie Leone, stated, “This attack … only further highlights the senseless gun violence that continues to grip the city of Philadelphia.

“We mourn the loss of a bright and thriving political science student, and share in the wrenching grief of his family and friends.”

The word “illegal” should have been inserted before “gun,” as these are not law-abiding citizens with legal guns committing these crimes.

Temple professor Artemy Kalinovsky, who taught Collington Russian and Soviet history, stated, “Even on Zoom, you could see he was the kind of student who inspired the students around him, something only confirmed seeing him in action as the head of the Political Science Society.

“With his inquisitive and sharp mind, he could have been a scholar, but he was also concerned with the problems of the here and now and doing something useful.”

This was a young man with a promising future, now he is merely a statistic in a record-setting homicide rate that continues to climb.

The city’s count now stands at 506, already having eclipsed the 1990 mark of 500 homicides.

With a full month left on the calendar, it would not be surprising to see the city top 600, as we know criminals will be looking to prey on holiday shoppers.

You want to kill a city’s ability to lure students and tourists… seeing a college student murdered on campus will do just that.

Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Detroit, and virtually every other major city run by Democrats… they have all become cesspools due to Democrat policies.

Source: New York Post

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