Suspect Arrested in Shock Attempted Child Abduction in New York City

Crime in New York City has been out of control since Mayor Bill de Blasio caved to the far-left movement.

The defunding of the police department has led to a surge in violent and brazen crimes throughout the city.

Criminals have become more emboldened than ever, as was evident on Friday night during the brazen child abduction attempt of a boy walking with his family.

They Got Him

Security cameras in the area captured the failed attempt at taking the child away from his mother.

As the mother and her children were walking down the street, a maroon car can be seen pulling up alongside the family.

One man jumps out of the car, grabs one of her children, then shoves the child into the back seat.

As the vehicle was pulling away, the mother was able to pull the child back out of the car through the window.

James McGonagle has been identified by the police as the man who attempted to grab the child.

He is now in custody and is being charged with kidnapping, reckless endangerment, and acting in a manner injurious to a child.

His accomplice, who has only been identified as an older, balding man, is still at large.

Source: Fox News

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29 Responses

  1. Well good, another criminal off the street. The mom of this child will live with this crime for the rest of her life. God Bless Her. Hope to see the capture of the other person involved.

    1. Mike, you are talking about New York now. That means the suspect will be free before the sun goes down. The AG only wants to lock up conservatives and if they lock up criminals that won’t have enough room.

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    1. I am glad the cops were able to nab this idiot! The NYC cops are some of the best in the country. I just feel sorry for them being under the leadership of the cop hater and cop defunder deblasio and the liar and killer of the elderly, cuomo! Hopefully the voters will elect a conservative republican to be mayor and governor! They sure need to!

    2. Sadly with George Soros paying attorney generals and judges to release criminals you can bet this pedophile will be back on the street in no time at all.

    1. I get deleted if I use any word about the left, communist or Biden administration. Just another proof of a biased tech giant.

  3. The question, is Joe Biden doing a good job? No he’s a false fool. Oh that’s right Google blocked my vote on this question also. Safari could not open page.

      1. But what epithets do you use? 😉 I’m sure if I posted in the vernacular how I felt, I’d get blocked as well.

        1. I never use epithets. But if I use the word Biden or left or commie I will get deleted. Or if I try to say something good about Trump or the Republicans, I get deleted.

  4. Google, read the first 10 Amendments of the Constitution. You might find that you have broken federal law. To bad huh? Fools, including those paid off by Pelosi and mob. Right down to the moron workers. Because as Mr Fitton says “Nobody is above the Law” not even the people who are paid to cheat at Google. Have a nice day. Watching the Maricopa County Audit. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.

    1. Please keep in mind the Bill of Rights applies to GOVERNMENTS, local, county, city, State, and federal. The 1st Amendment doesn’t apply to private companies like Goggle, especially since it and Facebook and other forums are protected by Section 230 of the Decency in Communications Law.

      That’s why we supporters of free speech and honest journalism are advocating that Section 230 be revised, since the forums are acting like publishers and discriminating against conservatives, Republicans, and libertarians.

  5. Hopefully the ‘at large would be abductors’ will be located and both criminals will be sentenced to a lock-up where they will receive their “reward” at the hands of men who strongly disapprove of their actions

  6. Give us Trump back!!!! Crooked election! Remember 2008 ! Everything went to hell! People list homes! We’re heading back to that with Biden and democrats!! Thing is will we survive it???

  7. I was blocked out about 2weeks ago!! I write what I think, and it never gets posted! THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! I WILL PROBABLY GET THIS BLOCKED TOO!! JUST SAYING!!!

    1. That’s because google execs are morons. They would pimp their own children out if it meant Biden would win the election.

  8. Nazis will always lose in the end..and the people who run and work for google, facebook amazon etc etc are fascists..they are Nazis and for the child molesting kidnapper that this article is about..douse him with gasoline and light a match….crocodile done deal!

  9. I feel sorry for NY in that the either voted this fool in or allowed the steal
    Something else I don’t get is why these supposedly conservative sites use google and the like

    1. And where did you come from Rose??? The Liberals are the liars. I really don’t want to think that you Liberals are so stupid, you cannot take it that Trump made this country a whole lot better. I guess you like high gas, grocery, car, home, etc. prices. I am here to tell you that I don’t. And, I don’t like open borders that let all the illegal sick, criminal, drug dealers, etc. into our great country. So sad that you do.

  10. Isn’t New York the State that releases criminals without bail ??? The police are simply wasting their time to even arrest these fools, this one was most likely out on the street before the paper work was completed !! People are going to have to take matter into their OWN HANDS if they want any kind of Justice !!!

  11. How about this: BLOW his stupid child molesting HEAD OFF!!.A let it serve as a STERN, SEVERE, IN. Y OUR FACE warning and example to ALL other pedophiles…

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