Taliban Approves Departure Flights with 200 Americans, Other Civilians

Well, the Biden administration has yet more egg on its face in this botched withdrawal.

Since the last boots left the ground, the administration has been adamant that the number of Americans left behind was “closer to 100.”

Reports are now breaking that the Taliban has agreed to let several planes leave the country.

According to the report, there are roughly 200 Americans on those planes.

Let Them Go

After days of saying Americans were not trapped, Secretary of State Blinken finally conceded that Americans were being held by the Taliban.

On Wednesday, Blinken stated, “As of now, the Taliban are not permitting the charter flights to depart.

“They claim that some of the passengers do not have the required documentation.”

A Glenn Beck-founded charity had six planes on the ground that were not being given clearance to leave.

There were also other private groups claiming the same.

Today, those planes are believed to be among the ones that were cleared to leave the area.

Over and above the fact that these plans can now leave, it also shows how deceptive the administration has been regarding the number of Americans left behind.

Sadly, there are probably even more Americans that are either afraid or that have not been able to make it to the airport as of yet.

America… this administration is lying to us all.

Source: New York Post

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37 Responses

    1. WE ALL KNOW HES A LIAR .. IF THAT SOB SAID its raining id have to go out and look for myself i think there are FAR FAR MORE THEN 200 TRY 500 ..

  1. After all the work the state department did to stop the rescue of Americans! The nerve of the taliban terrorists! Why is the regime in shock? Wouldn’t you think they should be happy to get the people they left behind? The obiden regime is a disgrace!

    1. The Americans make good blackmail as hostages. Biden is so inept he doesn’t even recognize he is being played a fool by: Nancy Pelosi, Harris, Schumer as well as the Taliban.

    2. Trish, you said something about Taliban having nerve. That’s the difference. Taliban has NERVE! Our leadership has ABSOLUTELY NONE! For four years we had a president who stood up to those people. There was no fighting, we lost no people in combat and in many cases it looked almost like peace in the Middle East. Now, look at the mess we’ve got on our hands. And look at our southern border. It’s like an open invitation to terrorists to enter our country. Because a bunch of damn fools voted for Biden, we’re ALL in big trouble.

  2. Thank god for Glen Beck. He is doing what our government refuses to do. Now let’s transpose this same tenacity into getting our Jan 6 patriots released from jail!

    1. I absolutely agree. I hope that all of the foreign nationals will be released. Also, The Jan 6 that are in jail YET, need to be released. That is not the way our legal system is supposed to work. We the People are to get a speedy trial.

  3. Question: How much did this cost us? Since this administration has been SOOOO truthful on everything I imagine we didnt pay any ransom. Yeah sure.

    1. Those are my exact sentiments. I wonder how much in ransom was paid to the Taliban and what was promised to them. We’ve already supplied weapons, vehicles, secret info on laptops, what else can we do? This Biden and his administration is “the scum of the earth”. God help America.

    2. How much did it cost us? My question is how much has Biden recently added to his bank account? I truly believe someone is making a bundle out of this mess Biden has caused all by himself. Just think, who other than Joe has anything to gain.

  4. Yes I am a Republican and I not shame of it. I was proud when Trump was in office and proud of my Country. I can’t say I’m proud of Biden or his administration, or the State Dept. they all are hiding and telling lies. I have friends that are liberals and they are being very quiet. They were not quiet when Trump was in office. When Biden so called (won) you didn’t see us crying in streets or looting. We are Adults.

  5. Since this presidency began all Biden has done is sell out America and Americans to the highest bidder. And since Harris stood with him in the decisions he has made, she is no different. I firmly believe that they should both be charged with TREASON and made to answer to the American people what they have done.

    1. We can only wish Biden and his gang would be charged with treason but I don’t think that will ever happen.There are just too many yellow belly sapsuckers who won’t take a stand for the American people.

      1. Don’t forget Pelosi and Schumer, they are also complicit in this whole thing, if they did their duty to the American people and unheld their oath of office to the Constitution articles of Impeachment would have already been filed and sent to the Senate for trial. But these Nazis only do what their party leadership and Sponsor ( Obama and Soros ) tells them they can do. After the Midterms if nothing has changed ( Except the majority in both Houses ) All of them should be charged with Treason and accessory to treason, Aiding and giving comfort to the Enemy, and take their bank accounts, then expel them from the country, wanna bet Soros won’t be there to help them in anyway

  6. As Usual , no Clue Joe has NO Clue
    The villiage idiot is in the house on Drugs and cannot even figure out where he is
    I guess the leader ship love s this , so they can do what ever and blame Joe

    Just wait
    More Judgement coming on the idiots who left so many behind and need to pay for thier actions

    when you make deals with Evil , YOU GET SCREWED and that s a fact

    1. Wanna bet the state Department trys to claim they did it and rescued them without any help from outsiders ( Like they have done numerous times already )

  7. Under the constitution Biden Harris pelosie is traitors. Why under the constitution they aided and comforted the enemy with military equipment( helicopters- guns- vehicles) important names of soldiers and family’s to use on civilians / reporters / and spies who helped the USA. What legal action is going to be done on these people who betrayed our country

  8. This administration has NO idea what is going on. Since when do you bring home the troops that were there to protect the people in order to get the people safely on the planes and safely back home instead the troops were first removed and the people second what a joke. The people that elected Biden had no idea what was going on or just wanted to get TRUMP out of office. We now have a puppet in the office who cannot answer any questions on his own (needs cue cards). The media protected him so we all know that he is not capable to be in this office or take on any questions The media is also protecting him as you can see from all the FAKE NEWS. Trump was right all along on his campaign trail. Get ready for a war I hope not I had enough from Vietnam yes I am a veteran

    1. Thank you for your service my Brother in arms. But with this bunch in charge it ( unfortunately ) is going to get worse, if we survive it at all

    2. Thank you for your service ❤️ but we all know this was done to take away from the voter fraud and little Hunter Biden and these lame brains that are in the out house because they have turned it to a big pile of you knowwhat and it no longer stands for government of the people by the people for the people it backs up the trash that is taking over our city’s and now the out house wants to take out guns away

  9. this administration is the most criminal in the history of the USA, bar none, that includes the Obama administration. I wouldn’t believe ANYTHING that this Communist Liberal group of liars and thieves ever say. IT’S TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THESE CRIMINALS !!!!

  10. HOW can we get this Democrat regime OUT of here? We CANNOT wait for another election 3 1/2 years away – – we will be destroyed by then – I am NOT calling for insurrection AT ALL, but I DO think that our last election was rigged against President Trump. He is still “my President”.

  11. Before the day ic over Senile JOE, will be taking CREDIT for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Talk… lip service until it gets swept under the rug like everything else! Why talk just frigging do it!

  13. Instead of focusing on getting US Citizens out, BIDEN is focusing on getting ANY AFGHANIS OUT, WHETHER THEY WORKED WITH THE US OR NOT! This is just more AMERICA LAST, AND OPEN BORDER POLICIES FROM BIDEN! The GOP leadership in DC are frozen, accepting any abuse the corrupt DEMS throw at them! When the CAPITAL POLICE refused to allow members of Congress to visit the Jan 6th “suspected demonstrators”, they JUST WENT AWAY! YOU BETTER WAKE UP MCCOLLUM AND MCCARTHY, AS WE WILL FIRE YOU BOTH! BIDEN HAS GOTTEN FIVE TIMES AS MANY AFGHANIS OUT THAN HE HAS US CITIZENS. THERE IS NO VETTING OF THESE PEOPLE, WE DON’T KNOW WHO THEY ARE! SIMPLE TASK, GET THE PEOPLE WHO WORKED WITH THE US, BIDEN, NOT JUST ANOTHER OPEN BORDER! CAN’T YOU DO ANYTHING RIGHT? Who knows how much of OUR MONEY BIDEN paid the Taliban to let the flights go!

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