REPORT: Taliban Hunting Down Afghans Using US Data

Disturbing reports have been breaking over the last two days regarding the equipment left behind during the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Scanners that were among the supply cache have enabled the Taliban to tap into a massive database.

The information accessible… biometric data of Afghan nationals that were helping the United States during the occupation.

It is now being reported that information is being used by the Taliban to hunt down and kill those individuals.

Special Squad

The Taliban have reportedly created and mobilized the Al Isha unit.

This is a specialized unit meant to use the biometric data to find the Afghan nationals that helped the United States.

Once the individuals are located, they are reportedly being killed.

The individuals cannot even deny their work, as their denials will be contradicted by the massive database of information left behind.

Zenger News was told by Nawazuddin Haqqani, “Now that Kabul is taken, operational work has taken a back seat and we’ve turned our focus on counterintelligence.

“While most of the brigade is now resting in different madrassas [Islamic religious schools], the Al Isha group is now the principal agency handling this [biometric] data project.

“We’re in control of the Interior Ministry and the national biometric database they kept. We have everyone’s data with us now — including journalists and so-called human rights people.

“We haven’t killed a single foreign journalist, have we? We aren’t arresting the families of these people [who are on the blacklist] either.

“But American, NDS [Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security] and RAW’s [India’s Research and Analysis Wing] puppets won’t be let off.

“They will always be watched by Al Isha. Those who were barking about having US dollars in their pockets till a few days back — they won’t be spared. They can’t be spared, can they?”

That is literally an admission that these individuals will be hunted down and killed.

This is just more blood on Biden’s hands.

Source: New York Post

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35 Responses

  1. They are being hunted and killed with the information furnished by Biden. Thank you you F’ing D head, their blood is on you, not Donald Trumps. President Trump refused to negotiate with terrorists

    1. President Trump told them what they could or could not do unlike joey boy who does what he’s told by the terrorists!

  2. This is outrageous! The level of incompetence of the Biden administration and the military leadership in Afghanistan just continues to reveal itself. There are many who should be called to account for this. Court martials and trials are expected to begin soon. This cannot without any disciplinary consequences. Even Congress must find out who these idiots are that failed to destroy this data. This administration evidently did absolutely nothing to protect confidential information. Why? The brain dead need to be held accountable, including Joe Biden himself.

  3. All of you out there are concerned, but Biden doesn’t care one bit. He never did, and he never will. His answer would be “So what? I’m OK!” If you’re not part of his family, you’re nothing.

  4. It’s so fundamental of what should have been done. Kind of get the feeling this has been a planned event. Why?? Who IS pulling the strings?? Who is getting paid for this job?? Who is doing the paying?? Biden is only the demented puppet who will be blamed. Exactly how it was planned. Expose the corrupt anti American players


  5. Why am I NOT surprised !!!!!!!!!!!! I am 73 years old and I NEVER thought that our leaders (Civilian and Military) could be SOOOO STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!! But THANK GOD that they are WOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT will save a LOT of lives !!!!!!!

    1. I’m a 71 year old veteran and I’m incensed at what is going on. I never dreamed the country I served would become the festering mess it is today. A big thank you to the dimocRATS who poured my country up beyond recognition!

  6. Conseqence of the most stupid leadership in the world in office due the the theft and crimes of biden and his group of lackeys who also dont have a clue

    Just wait for more of the same incompetance , judgement shall follow this Godless , Evil group of people
    playing God is a very dangerous game an they will pay for thier sin .

    Worst of all , we have to suffer for thier actions , and thier judgement from God who is and always will be , after the retards are removed

  7. It all is what criminals obama & biden planned , to kill as many as possible , per their NWO agenda goals of 6 BILLION !
    Biden was a 8 year V.P. of a muslim terrorist , communist , illegitimate “president” – for a reason !

  8. Now, if we could get rid of the White House administration, the top two levels of the JCS, FBI, NSA, CIA, DoD, State Department, and Treasury we MAY be able to get people who are for America in all those positions. Then our country might recover from all the damage this administration has caused.

    1. It’s easy eliminate every one with a D behind their names as they are all corrupt and YES I hit this with a broad brush as there is not one cintilla of a brain in any of them.

  9. impeach the president he is a idiot to old he is runing our country kill the bastard save the us.

  10. Scary man to interview. You can tell that this dictator has anger toward authority. He’s after the leaders because they are the only ones to play with him. The people that actually know the Taliban runs for their life. You could see the Taliban actually firing weapons around the crowd to make them crush each other. Real sadistic moves. As he makes these people suffer, he will only see fear for the rest of his life. I believe that. Our leaders are too full of hate toward fellow Americans to see clearly. When you say Republican, they act like you are a foreign enemy. Even so far as to say Republicans are terrorists because we are their political opponents. That attitude doesn’t stand for Democracy. That explains Biden’s destructive policies.

  11. How many Democrats are suffering from BUYERS (VOTERS) REMORSE?? They must be sooooo proud that they voted for this imbecile.

    1. I’m not sure that is the case.
      I refuse to argue with them.
      It seems that all of this is Trumps fault.
      Joe Joe could not have done this.

  12. If these events by the current administration had taken place 30 years ago The whole Biden clan would have been court martialed long before now!

  13. Biden and his administration is responsible for every drop of blood, every death. His has been the most irresponsible military in America’s history. He can spin it, deny it, whatever – we know better, and, we will not forget.

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