REPORT: Taliban Leader Freed in 2014 by Obama

Khairullah Khairkhwa was one of several suspected terrorists released in a prisoner exchange when Barack Obama was in office.

Most of us worried this move would come back to haunt us with these men returning to the battlefield.

That worry is now a reality, as it is being reported that one of the Taliban leaders is Khairullah Khairkhwa, the very same man Obama set free.

Leading the Resistance

Khairkhwa was actually involved in the talks that Biden’s delegation recently had in Afghanistan with the Taliban.

During the summit, Khairkhwa stated, “I started jihad to remove foreign forces from my country and establish an Islamic government, and jihad will continue until we reach that goal through a political agreement.”

To add insult to injury, the Khairkhwa deal was the deal that brought Sergeant Robe Bergdahl back to the United States.

While Obama applauded Bergdahl as a hero, he would later be court-martialed, eventually pleading guilty to desertion and misbehavior in front of the enemy.

Some believe the Taliban became much deadlier in its attacks against American convoys and troops because of information given to them by Bergdahl while he was a “captive” of the terrorist group.

That one move by Obama set a series of events in play that led us right to where we are today.

Source: New York Post

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51 Responses

  1. Our military leaders during the obama administration were reporting obama & biden were supporting ISIS & other terrorists . Secret Service reported terrorist guests of obama in the White House . This is just another way for these 2 muslim terrorist / enemies of America collaborators to do even MORE treason against America , beyond their constant , intentional , 8 years of it . All these 2 criminals ever have done is various ways to give our American military the middle finger for their efforts & sacrifice.

    1. WHO let this happen, there had to be others that were a part of Obama’s dirty deeds. I for one couldn’t stand the man, not to be trusted and certainly not a statesman!!!! He betrayed our country and should face the firing squad!!!

      1. The fraud of the ballots that elected Biden. We all saw it yet the Democrats fought hard to to get away with it. And here we are, not just us but many people from different countries are suffering because of this horrible man who calls himself the President. A fraudulent President he is.

    2. Your totally right. So why isn’t Obama in Jail. To hear Pelosi tell it. Being a President doesn’t make you any less of a person that you should be thrown in Jail. That is what she said about Trump. Maybe we need to Jail Obama and Hilary Clinton just for Safety’s Sake.

      1. Absolutely! They are all so corrupt and have hurt this nation terribly. Now there is room for them in gitmo, send them packing fast!

    1. He wasn’t even a legal president….He was not born in the U S and should not have been on the ticket so no one could vote for him.

  2. It was Obama then and it’s him today, making all the decisions !!!! He set them free, because he too is a Muslim !!!!! He isn’t working for AMERICANS, he is supporting his Muslim brotherhood !!!!!!! FACTS DON’T LIE, PEOPLE DO !!!!!!!!!!

    1. This people sure lied. Up to his eyeballs in lies! People should have known immediately that Obama would be able to operate in the open.

    2. I agree Shelia, He is a Muslim. he was raised by the Unitarian church through his grand parents. How did he get to be President? Cheating, Look at his wealth, never worked a day in his life at any job that amounted to anything. This is what our white neighbors & friends voted for because of the D behind his name. I hope the Dems realize what they have done to our country, made it an unsafe place with liars & cheats at the helm!!!

      1. I think it had more to do with the color of his skin. People wanted to see change and they thought electing a black man would do it. I have no ideal how he got elected for the second term. But he sure made some changes alright and none of them good.

    3. I understand Obama wants to destroy the USA and with Biden in office he has free rein and Biden in his demented mind gets accused. Obama got a lot from the USA so why does he want to destroy? Only he or his friend can answer that. He gave up his citizenship when he went to Indonesia to study the Koran. He came back to the USA and got a foreign student scholarship for college and got his degree. Per his first Autobiography and apparently it has been changed a bit. What he is having Biden do is destroying the USA because no one fights against it, except Trump. I felt safe with Trump in charge but with Biden “in charge” he just may invite his friends, the Chinese, to come on in. He, his brother and son(s) have businesses in China per Mr. Bobolinski who set up the businesses. BTW anyone know why illegals, the good and the bad, are being placed all around the USA instead of in a particular area they could build and live? GOD PLEASE SAVE THE USA,

  3. All of these traitors should be charged yesterday, this has been going on way to long. Republicans if you knew about even part of this garbage and YOU did nothing, shame on you!!!!!

    1. Shame on the entire Congress for Allowing him and Hilary to have those people killed at Benghazi and get away with it. Congress is the ones who need to be shipped off to some other Foreign Country and told come back when you can prove that you were not part of this Crap that went on when Obama was President. Michael needs to go too. You never liked America so why the hell don’t you leave as your not serving a 3rd Term. You SOB.

  4. He needs to tried for treason and put before firing squard!!!! along with many of the other demoRATS

  5. This debacle by the Biden Admin is just one of many. I can’t think of anything good that has come out of this shameful admin. If their intent is to destroy America then of course they are being successful at that. But its still not good.

  6. Chingus tree swinging , bannana eating , he-she tasting , inbred , degenerate Hussain Obama and CREEPY Joe , should both be given to the Taliban !!!! That would be a GREAT day !!!

  7. The fact that the 2020 election was stolen,furthers the plan to allow the terrorist to reclaim Afghanistan.
    biden knows full well what he’s doing, but who is telling him to do it? He certainly doesn’t have a thought of his own!

    1. It’s all coming together isn’t it Tim? It’s been Obama’s 3rd term as President. He’s making these decisions.

      1. Yes your right Claudia– Obama aka Biden is serving a 3rd Term. He is the POS that is leading the Pack. That is why he is laughing all the way to the Bank. The SOB

        1. Obama was the worst president in history of the US.He is the master of deception.In my opinion he is running things and Biden is taking the hits for whatever reasons along with the big payoff.So Obama sits back and enjoys his payoff from Soros and our enemies who want to destroy America,without ever being blamed for annnything and this is my opinion and I am sticking too it.Remember how when Obama got into ofc.his worth was less than 500,gran and now just one of his homes is worth over 15 million and other home in the millions.How can this be?

    2. biden is getting orders from obama and nancy pelosi. impeach these corrupt people. throw them out of the usa.disgracful person.

  8. What force’s do we have left to terminate these evil people, the whole government,FBI CIA, MILITARY, HOMELAND SECURITY, DEMOCRATICS,JOE FRAUDEN ILLEGALMET PRESIDENT,BIG TECH,BLM, ANTIFIA, HAS BEEN HIDING in the WEEDS LIKE COWARDS let’s not forget the SUPER WOKE company’s they are all against the UNITED states’of AMERICA IT’S Mind boggling

  9. The deeds of the Biden admin are so much more serious and harmful to our country than anything that the left made up about Trump. So when are we going to rise up and stop this madness?

  10. These two clowns should be tied up at city square and have each citizen kick them on the groins until they call for mercy. Then call the firing squad to fish them off.

  11. It’s taking a long time, but I knew the truth will finally come out..Biden, Obama, Michael, Soros, Pelosi, Schumer are all Traitors and enemies taking over the government of America and most all the media, like Zuckerberg, Dorsey and others are in on the take over too! Everyone knows Donald Trump handily won the 2020 election,
    the fix was in and it was planned by obama, & all since Trump entered the bid for President….Donald Trump IS OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT!

    1. Good statement. Has anyone noticed that Pelosi and her gang have not said a word in the last 5 days of this mess, that Biden got us in?

      1. pelosi not saying a word because she knows whats going on. and she has obama telling the people of our beautiful america.obama just got his 3rd term from joe biden and harris. harris is another joke.the whole ltof them should be in jail. including aoc andher mob. it s time president trump comes back in the white house now.

  12. I can’t believe Facebook is still protecting Biden, and pelosi and Obama..there are some posts that won’t go through..and when you try to get on certain posts, they won’t go through either if it doesn’t fit their narrative!

  13. Don’t doubt it obamo was always pro Islam he was raised and schooled in it. He supported defended and funded moslems.

  14. I said all this many times! I knew what he and Michelle were the minute they refused to hold their hands over their hearts during a flag salute while running for election the first four years! Powerful persons with money cleaned this traitor up for duping a blind section of voters! Now we are truly losing America, its constitution, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, dividing black and white in our schools (when little first graders and kindergarten little boys want their moms to dress them alike or cut their hair the same way so their teacher can’t tell them apart! ) Leave it to the children and God! Every human being is the same color inside, with a soul created by God who is Our Father…. (OUR) Father. All Christians know this! Obama and the deep state don’t understand this. This post may never be seen….I may go to prison for saying this, they don’t like people who don’t kowtow to the cabal! My prayer to God Almighty is for His Salvation to fall mightily upon America before it is too late!

  15. The Oscumas, Bathhouse Barry and his husband, ex-linebacker formerly known as Big Mike, (do the deep research dive) have been described by several key insiders as the most corrupt and devious partners ever to enter the White House Both are pathologically evil and clinically narcissist who desperately seek attention and wealth identified as Michelle, Micheal desperately wanted to be seen as a Queen and he, G-d like The executive orders were most likely preprepared with attention to their wishes They appear to be self loathing with hatred and disrespect of America Trump is more intelligent and saw through them: thus the tremendous need to dismantle his accomplishments evidenced by Stroke Patient Joe’s executive immediate orders

  16. Obama gave this mess to Trump. Then Trump started to fix the problem. Then Biden took over and made a bigger mess of it all. Hope all those who voted for this moron are happy. All of you now have blood on your hands. I feel sorry for all the women who not have to live under these terrorist bastards.

  17. oboma was not american born in his heart he is muslim a well paid /smart terroist supporter

  18. So what is the point of this article?
    The Taliban used to be U.S. Allies when the Russians were in Afghanistan.
    Afghanistan like all wars is about the Economics of War not life, liberty or the pursuit of justice.
    A lot of people (politicians, contractors), governments (Pakistan, Afghanistan), and the military industrial complex mad a lot of money during the war, so it was in their interest to keep it going as long as possible., and the wasted lives were simply collateral damage.

  19. Agree with all posts! Obama is the skunk in the woodpile! HE is running this fake administration through his stooge Biden. They should all be arrested for treason, and face a military tribunal! Come on republicans, grow a spine and get them out, arrested and executed!!!! All the people loosing their lives due to biden’s Idiocy , their blood is on his and obama’s Hands! Don’t forget, Obama released the terrorist who started isis, with obama’s Help!!!

  20. Over 600 obviously fit young men being airlifted from Afghanistan; many more to follow. Why weren’t they fighting the Taliband instead of leaving it to the US and other countries?

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