Taliban: Supplies at Destroyed CIA Base Still Usable

Upon leaving the CIA base in Kabul, everything was supposed to have been destroyed and rendered useless.

Videos that have surfaced show that most of the vehicles at that base were destroyed, but not everything was, at least according to the Taliban.

After going through the rubble, the Taliban is now stating that many of the grenades and ammunition left behind were perfectly fine and usable.

Arming the Enemy

As we all know now, the evacuation by our troops out of Kabul was far too rushed.

The same can be said for Bagram, which was a much larger disaster.

According to reports, roughly $80 billion in supplies and weapons were left behind, most of them in perfect condition, for the Taliban to seize.

In essence, the United States has equipped the Taliban with its own air force now.

Additionally, the Taliban appears to be using some of the technical equipment left behind to destroy small pockets of resistance.

Even though most of the equipment was destroyed in Kabul before the last boot came off the ground, it was still a bit rushed, and ammo and grenades seem to have survived the demolition.

Taliban commander Mullah Hasnain stated, “We can still shoot with them.”

It is just another slap in the face to American taxpayers that due to Biden’s haphazard plan, equipment was either left behind or destroyed rather than brought back home.

Billions of dollars flushed because Biden never really had a plan.

Even more worrisome is that he has now leveled the playing field in the Taliban’s favor on some fronts, especially regarding night vision and air support.

If we ever have to go back, the fighting will be far different and far more dangerous than before… and it was never easy to begin with.

Source: New York Post

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27 Responses

      1. I concur. These commie dems are destroying anything and everything good snout America and our republicans and supposed representatives are doing nothing. The Candidates for the scum bags of the day – Mitch McConnell. General milley.

      2. You are correct, the military, industrial complex has so much power in the Obama-Biden Whitehouse that they wanted the equipment left behind, so they could get richer off of making more for our military, they just did not think that Biden was so dumb to leave all of it intact, any private would have known to destroy everything before leaving.

    1. This is what happens when you let enemy islamists into your country and “put them in high places in government.” This was done intentionally and needs to be investigated NOW!

  1. When an IDIOT is in charge, we better watch out. What next? Ships left in the ocean so they can bring all of their new equipment to attack us. Way to go Joe.

  2. He just doesn’t have an idea of what’s happening! He’s mentally unstable to make a coherent decision to safeguard this country , American citizens or the allies that helped in Afghanistan! In is mind hes just gonna not give a damn about anything ! He’ll lie and just say its ok !!!!!!

  3. All the ammunition and military equipment that hair sniffing , Perv Biden left behind will eventually be used on American citizens !!! BELIEVE IT !!!!

  4. When are we going to impeach everyone in this administration? They are as dumb and clueless as anyone can possibly be. Do something now before it is too late although I am afraid of already is.

    1. They are not dumb , just using this and other “catastrophies” to give the USA away and/or bring it down as a beacon of hope to the World . Prizzie Bidet and company hate the USA for many things , At least in their minds that is how it is .

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