Taliban Surges After Biden Orders Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal

When then-President Donald Trump announced he was going to pull our troops out of Afghanistan, there was both support and resistance on both sides of the aisle.

This would be a gradual withdrawal to ensure all the pieces were in place to facilitate Afghanistan so the Taliban would not take back all the ground taken away from them.

When Joe Biden took office, he halted the withdrawal, saying that he needed to ensure a proper plan was in place, then he resumed it, with the assumption being that he had put his plan in place to ensure this would not be the disaster experts had been warning about if a proper plan was not in place.

With reports now breaking that Afghan commanders were not even alerted that Bagram was being vacated, Biden now has a very serious issue on his hands, especially considering the rhetoric he tossed around regarding the assurance of having a plan in place before proceeding.

We Have a Problem

With virtually no presence in Afghanistan now by the United States, the Taliban is moving quickly.

Biden apparently left the country with no notice and no resources to keep what we have worked so hard to take away from the Taliban over the last two decades.

Not only is the United States gone, but many of Afghanistan’s own troops are fleeing the country.

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) slammed Biden on this front, stating, “We can’t ignore the reality on the ground in Afghanistan.

“Many of the threats that brought us there in the first place are spreading through the region.”

George W. Bush’s former assistant secretary of state, Robert Charles, added, “It’s sort of a public relations disaster, a physical security disaster, and a foreign policy disaster.”

Fox News also broke this down during a recent segment…

This is a complete and utter disaster for Joe Biden and his administration.

Source: Fox News

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16 Responses

  1. When it comes to Biden and his Democrat administration, stupidity knows no bounds. He has proven once again that there is no clear thinking and planning in anything he has done since taking office. He was so hell–bent on the immature action of eradicating everything Trump that there was never any rational thinking nor planning on what to do next. The southern border is one prime example of that. Running our of Afghanistan without a rational plan was another. Biden is destroying more than just America with his irrational actions.

  2. I’m trying to think of one issue that Creepy Joe has dealt with since stealing office that hasn’t turned into a complete and utter disaster, and unfortunately, there isn’t one.

  3. I am afraid that this is typical of Biden and the dems. Just sneak out under the cover of darkness. Do not tell anyone that our troops will be gone when the sun comes up. Just sneak away like a cowardly thief! That is what Biden has made our brave and valiant troops look like, they appear as thieves sneaking out under the cover of darkness! This is shameful and degrading! Joe will never, and should never, live this shameful act down! He is a flaming coward and he makes our troops appear as if they are similar to him!

  4. No surprise there! Typical chicken sh!t behaviour from the demonrats! Biden is by no means sensible enough to be the so called president! Everything he has done has been AGAINST our country! He is not only destroying our country, he is leaving our allies high and dry! He MUST be impeached, along with Harris, Piglosi and Schumer! They are all a national security threat!

  5. Worse that what happened in South Vietnam in 1975! No warning… just bug out!! So many people have been left cold, left with no where to run. All of the Afganies who have put their life on the line to help our troops are being left holding the bag…an empty one at that!! Shame on this current administration!

  6. As I think anyone with a brain will recall that President Trump was downsizing troops in Afghanistan the so called democrats were throwing a fit. Now, Biden is simply pulling our people with no plan in sight. President Trump had a plan that just MIGHT work. Biden doesn’t. Now, Taliban will no doubt take over that country and create another terrorist nation the same as Iran, the one he obviously thinks is just fine. A nation that’s a sworn enemy of ours and the ultimate supporter of terrorism. Put with those things the proven fact that Biden is welcoming terrorists from whatever nation across our southern border all I can think of to say is, what the hell is going on? When elected Biden took an oath to protect our nation, it’s people and our Constitution. With what Biden is doing I have only one thing to say, and I sincerely hope a lot of younger men will feel the same. I’m a 96 year old disabled man but I most definitely will stand again to defend my country, my Constitution and what it all stands for, and our freedom!

  7. Biden not only has done what you all say, he canceled the pipe which employed Canadians. Now the company is suing the USA for 15 million for breach of contract. Another suit is from some black lawyer is suing us for years of slavery! The Demrats have a fit every time a state redo their voting laws because now they cannot cheat! Biden has connections with Mexico too.

  8. Biden’s administration
    Is leaving this country in
    Shambles and leaving
    Are country at risk since
    He has been in office they all
    Are not for this country best interests and that should be a call for impeachment.

  9. King Obummer is running the show, and wants to make sure that all of the PALLETS OF CASH that he sent to Iran are well spent to support his MUSLIM BUDDIES !!!!!!!!!!!! HE is in charge; NOT O’Biden !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Biden is a loser and always has been. How he became President is the biggest fraud in our country.

  11. Biden is corrupt and a liar.People who voted for him thought he was just a little old man . You were wrong ! he is the worst president this country has ever seen. When your voting for any office please do your homework. Maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess if you did. WAKE UP AMERICA!

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