Taliban to Bring Back Amputation and Executions as Punishment

Remember that “play nice” Taliban that Secretary Blinken talked about?

Well, that narrative can be officially put on the backburner.

The new regime in Afghanistan has announced that amputations and executions are now back in play as forms of punishment.

Sharia is Back

The Taliban is looking for extreme enforcement of Islamic law and it is already daring the international community to step in.

Mullah Nooruddin Turabi, the previous enforcer for the Taliban, stated, “Everyone criticized us for the punishments in the stadium, but we have never said anything about their laws and their punishments.

“No one will tell us what our laws should be.

“We will follow Islam and we will make our laws on the Quran.”

Not long after the United States had boots on the ground in Afghanistan, the Ministry for Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice was abolished, but it is now back in full force.

So, we can expect very strict rules to be back in place for women, including not leaving home without a male and no education beyond the sixth grade.

Music and other forms of entertainment will be banned, prayer will be enforced, and all men will have to grow a beard.

Some examples of “justice” playing out are thieves having their hands cut off and death sentences for murders, which are carried out by the victim’s family (they can also choose to receive “blood money” in lieu of executing the murderer).

But, after all, this is the new Taliban, so they will allow TV, mobile phones, and photographs and videos.

Turabi stated these modern-day conveniences will be permitted “because this is the necessity of the people, and we are serious about it.”

He also noted that since punishments are often conducted in public, they may now be photographed and videoed to help spread the word as a deterrent.

Source: New York Post & Fox News

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26 Responses

  1. If 6000 = 90% of the Americans lifted out of Afghanistan How many are there in the 10% they left behind to be tortured! DO THE MATH IT IS A LOT MORE THAN THE 100 this communist democrat cult party regime has claimed!

    1. The lies coming out of this administration is unbelievably sad, Dems have always done this slide of hand

  2. Biden and his cronie administration are so corrupt that they didn’t even care what kind of torture the taliban committed against their people. I would even venture to say that if the taliban did this to the Americans who are still over there that Biden would still say they are peace-loving people and do nothing to those who would torture our American citizens. He caused this. He gave a foreign country U.S. Military equipment. That is treason, and he and his administration should be tried and convicted of such in 2022 when the Republicans retake the House and Senate.

    1. It’s a disgrace that we should have to wait until the House and the Senate 2022 mid term elections. Anyone on either side of the political spectrum should be calling for Joe TaliBiden to be tried for war crimes and treason.

      1. Most people believe the whole situation would even get worse under Harris so they remain comatose. Personally ‘m ready to overthrow the present government. We have reached the level of a third world country so why not.

    2. I agree 100% and I am waiting for the American people to grow some and demand his impeachment. He is destroying our country and no one is doing anything but winning and complaining. Our fore fathers are turning over in their graves as Biden and his cohorts are destroying what they fought and died for.

  3. What’s the difference between the Taliban and the present Democratic party? Not much, they both insist on total loyalty, they both denounce anything they do not agree with, they both want severe punishment for anyone disobeying their directives, they both murder innocents ( the Taliban their citizens and Woman, the Democrats unborn children ). With Biden/Obama flooding the country with illegals, as well as hundreds of thousands more Islamic people ( After Obama brought millions to the country ) soon Sharia law will be the law in the US with the Democratic party as the new Isis or Al- Qaeda.

  4. well when you make a deal with the devil would you expect anything less of the taliban
    it is like we have kids running the white house

    1. Even kids would not lead this country like Biden and his criminal cohorts! They are far more fair and caring than that!

  5. I long for what this country use to be. When growing up in the fifties I never thought I’d be ashamed of this wonderful country and it’s duly elected leaders. The Democrats have thoroughly crushed that thought. You don’t abandon your friends and leave them to suffer unmerciful treatment from barbaric people.
    Shame on Washington and our leaders

  6. It’s not communists, it’s Islam that Biden said ‘we’ll put you in high places in our government ‘. Islam has promised for more than 25 years to ‘Destroy their (US) MISERABLE HOUSE FROM WITHIN.’ It’s sad that our politicians have a short or NO memory. Check the members of our State Department! You’ll understand more.

  7. Hey JOE, this must make a HUMANITARIN like you REAL PROUD. After ALL you are MAINLY responsible for this resurgence of SHIRA LAW in AFGANISTAN., May I suggest the next thing you want to do DON’T. Try the DIRECT OPPISITE, you might than do the RIGHT THING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Nothing will be said or done about this. Not our problem or so they think. Wonder what they would say if a democrat was amputated and executed? Would they sit up and take notice? You know there are lots of Americans over there still.

  9. It seems the Taliban have a better understanding of “justice” and “deterrence” than the bleeding heart liberal U.S. justice system, condemning cops for doing their jobs while releasing felons.

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