Tapper Questions How Mayorkas Can Have Fair Investigation After Biden Comments

As most of you know by now, several Border Patrol agents are under investigation for tactics used during the Haitian surge at the Del Rio, TX, border.

Even though Democrat leadership, from Joe Biden to Kamala Harris to Secretary Mayorkas (and plenty of others) have slammed Border Patrol, Mayorkas says there will be a fair investigation into the incident.

CNN’s Jake Tapper called Mayorkas out on that and, once again, had Mayorkas double taking his way out of the interview.

How Can It Be Fair?

CNN has been exposed plenty of times pushing bogus narratives, so it was nice to see Tapper actually check the facts before piling on.

In this case, he took the time to view ALL the videos, which completely debunked what Democrats had said about Border Patrol agents.

This included Joe Biden declaring war on the agents, threatening that they “will pay” for what they did.

Well, they didn’t do anything, but something tells me they are still going to pay because of all the outrage created by Democrats.

That was the exact point Tapper made regarding the possibility of a fair investigation.

He stated, “How can DHS claim to have an independent investigation into these Border Patrol agents when the president says ‘those people will pay’ and you say the images ‘horrified us’?”

Mayorkas responded, “Jake, I think it’s quite clear that what the images suggest horrified the American public.

“What those images suggest, what they appeared to portray was horrifying, and that I think deserves attention.

“That is quite different than fact determinations and I will tell you, I served as a federal prosecutor for 12 years, and we conducted independent investigations despite what appearances might have been and the public outcry about them.”

I would interject that the only Americans that were outraged were the left, mostly because Biden and his fellow Democrats got them all worked up, even evoking images of slavery, which was the next point made by Tapper.

He stated, “But that’s the thing. Some of the initial descriptions of those images were just patently false.

“There’s now video out there that provides more context. Having seen the video, are you certain that there was actually wrongdoing?”

As good as that was, Tapper had a great zinger at the end of the interview where Mayorkas was trying to suck up to Border Patrol…

Since last night, reports have surfaced that the investigation is coming up empty, but leadership is still looking to discipline those agents to keep the egg off Biden’s face.

Rumors are that the agents in the video will be suspended for a couple of days due to language used when trying to move the Haitians back over the river.

However, even that is ridiculous and simply a way for Democrats to keep pushing this nonsensical racial narrative against Border Patrol agents.

I still fully expect ANY disciplinary measure handed down to generate significant pushback among Border Patrol agents.

Source: Daily Caller

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22 Responses

    1. You are partially right, spell it devolution and you will be right on the money. The downhill slide is getting steeper by the moment, and the Washingtonian Liberals and Liberal Democrats may have gone so far over the curve, for them there is no going, or coming back.

    1. NorthTexas78!! That is 1,000% TRUE!!!! No it was not a LEGAL ELECTION!! CHEATED LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO!!! Biden is Worse President Ever Then Obama is Next WORSE!!!! God Bless America!!!! United We Stand!!! Our nation Under. God!!!! AMEN!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!

  1. So much for doing your job and doing it well. There was no whipping involved and if you were to understand what the Border Patrol on horseback involves it would be clear to you. Since Mayorkas doesn’t seem to have a clue or wants to understand their job I really doubt if he will come to the conclusion that this is fake news-again. I feel bad for the Border Patrol. They’re trying to hard to do their job and now this.

    1. While I know he wont do it the little SOB should go down there are ride around with the BP for a couple of days.

      1. That is the problem, no democrats including Harris or Biden won’t show their face at the border. Republicans can only get in there by drones. I support these officers at the border. Harris has made their job an impossible task.
        Take your infrastructure bill and help our Americans get jobs that are poor and living in tent cities. Continue to build the wall! Why are Dems creating more hardships for the American taxpayers by bringing in more dependents on the government? We need to get out and vote! Don’t most Americans believe in legal , controlled immigration? Biden breaking law everyday by snubbing the Supreme Court decision.

  2. This administration is guilty of I don’t even know how many federal statutes. And investigation into what, you all should be lock and the key thrown away. The problem is not even the illegal alien’s, and certainly is not law enforcement. Psssssssst! The problem is YOU, it has always been YOU!

    1. That is funny. Because I used the word “Jack***” Administration” twice you deleted it twice.
      The “screw you too” was meant for the deleter.

  3. Biden is certainly trying to be a dictator. If he resigns or is impeached, Harris will be much worse.

  4. Let the Border Patrol do their jobs. Biden, Harris and the rest of those loser Democrats needs to look at the truth. Can’t wait until 2022 when the GOP takes over the House ( Goodbye Pelosi) & Senate (Goodbye Schumer). Screw the Democrats.

  5. It is not just to punish but to use the situation to create new regulations limiting the border patrol agents and move things more to the leftist’s liking. For example, they could say that border patrol agents cannot touch an illegal immigrant. This is exactly what the left do. They make outrageous accusations then move the “goal post.” The great and grandiose exodus from Afghanistan. All Americans will be evacuated. They used all that want to leave, then they claim small numbers, left behind. The numbers of those evacuated, if you were not paying close attention you would conclude that they tried to get all the Americans, and evacuated almost all of the SIV applicants or approved SIV holders. It was deliberately done that way because there was no other way to do as they claimed. This is just like they have done for many decades. A tactic of radicals. Think about it.

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