Ted Cruz Reveals The Truth Liberals Wish Had Been Kept Secret

Every American knows that the January 6 hearing is nothing but a farce.

However, since Ted Cruz is much more eloquent than me, let me use his words.

“The event is a Democratic campaign ad.”

Luckily, Americans were not buying it.

The hearing has produced some of the most dismal viewership ratings in the history of political television.

“The event tonight is a Democratic campaign ad,” Cruz began.

“Democrats have hired a Hollywood producer to put on a campaign ad. They’re not seeking the truth. They’re not interested in what actually happened. They’re engaged in politics, and the reason they’re engaged in politics is they desperately want to change the subject because the Democrats’ policies have been a miserable failure.”

“Tonight’s hearing, it’s a kangaroo court designed to change the subject.”

The committee, which is costing taxpayers millions, said that the intention of the hearings was to summarize it’s investigative findings to the public.

Well the public knows they’re a bunch of clowns, and the public wasn’t watching.

The hearings aren’t productive. They’re designed to distract us.

The war in Ukraine, gas prices, inflation, our shoddy borders… Americans can’t complain about those things when they’re busy thinking Trump is a corrupt bigot.

Unfortunately, that’s about the only angle liberals have left.

And it’s not an effective one.

Source: Breitbart

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13 Responses

  1. Let those people you’ve jailed over this supposed “riot” go free! I was watching from home,and SAW the “police” or actors,whatever they were move the barriers back. I also saw people being waved into the capitol building. Who do you think you’re fooling? Can’t believe such idiots have been in charge of anything!

    1. I agree with JDS. Let the people who were jailed for entering the Capitol on J6 go back home to their families. They are patriotic Americans who were standing for our rights and standing against evil. They are the heroes.

  2. Nancy Pelosi’s Inquisition :
    This sham trial was another deceptive propaganda effort by the democrats to try to place the blame on President Trump & Republicans to disuade voters & their sentiments. It was a lie just like the Russia Hoax & was a complete disaster. It reminded me of the Trojan Horse !

  3. When clowns get into the court, it becomes a circus. Jan 6 panel
    is a circus with imbeciles clowns.

  4. If you want justice for the January 6th farce, charge the Speaker of the House with Failure to Protect.
    She was informed by The FBI of a possible breech and disregarded that advice. Truth be known, she set it up to frame Trump, Republicans and endangered many people in the process.

    1. Hell, eventually the truth will come out that FBI and or other federal agents were in on it/leading it.

      1. Just like the truth on the ballots for 2020 election! PA they ruled that if they are not dated t does not matter!
        Thanks so much for all your hard work PA! You stink as usual!

  5. Just like the thieves who stole the election
    have not truth , so they create Drama , Lies, show that tells only deception

    never trust the democrats or you will fail , get used, be the caladral damage of the democrats

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