Ted Cruz to Lead Fight to Block Biden Policies

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is on a mission.

Cruz is focused on helping his fellow Republicans in the House and Senate take back control.

He is focused on doing this so he can lead the effort to “stop every dumb— thing Biden and Pelosi and Schumer are doing.”


Some pretty interesting headlines are coming out of Turning Point’s AmericFest this week.

One of the biggest of them, however, was Senator Cruz opening up about the GOP mission for 2022.

Cruz stated, “There are really three things I’m focused on right now in the Senate. Number one is leading the fight [to] stop every dumb— thing Biden and Pelosi and Schumer are doing.”

Cruz added that he is “working with the hearts and minds of Americans” in an attempt to “try and find ways to get around the media and speak the truth” through his podcast and books.

He added, “I have focused day and night on winning in 2022, retaking the House and retaking the Senate.”

The Texas Senator concluded, “This year, we’re gonna be bigger, we’re gonna be bolder, we’re gonna raise more money, we’re gonna recruit more candidates, and we’re gonna win more seats.”

Cruz then clearly broke with the usual strategy of Senator McConnell (R-KY), stating, “Often Republican leadership in Washington, they support the candidates who aren’t gonna rock the boats.

“They support the candidates who are going to follow orders and be obedient. I’m looking for people who will rock the boats.

“I’m looking for conservatives who will lead the fight, and the problem is leadership funds the squishy candidates.

“I’m trying to ensure that real conservatives who have the courage to fight have the resources to be able to win and get their message out, because when we articulate what we believe as conservatives, we win.”

I could be wrong, but this is the first time that I can recall Cruz ever having openly challenged McConnell, which is what he was doing here even though he never mentioned the Republican leader by name.

I can’t help but think that Cruz may be considering mounting a challenge to McConnell for his leadership position.

I believe only a few Senators could mount a challenge successfully, but Cruz is surely in that group.

There is a lot to read between the lines here, so we will continue to monitor this.

Would you support Ted Cruz as the GOP Senate Majority Leader if Republicans take the Senate back?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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47 Responses

    1. McConnell is ready for pasture. He has become too ameliorative, caving to democratic initiatives,at the sacrifice of the party faithlful

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  1. Ted is the correct person for the job. McConnell has sold his soul to our countries enemies and must go.

  2. Yes absolutely. He could handle the job remarkably well. He is not afraid to be bold when you need to be bold!!

  3. Hell ya I’d support Ted Cruz in any endeavor in which he would undertake! There’s a few others too. Oh but be very clear here…Not one of them are DEMS!
    LOL 😆 🤣 😂

  4. Ted Cruz would break his back to support the will of the American people . Also would not mence words to get our United States 🇺🇸 back to where we need to be.

  5. Absolutely, I support a true conservative, constitutionalist, Non swamp, Republican like Ted Cruz over Mitch McConnell any day of the year as Senate Majority leader if, and I hope the Republicans do retake the Senate as well as the house.

  6. Absolutely. He has always bucked the establishment, that’s why the swamp never liked him.
    Donald Trump taught us that if the swamp/establishment doesn’t like you then you are on the right track.

  7. I hope the republicans learned their lesson in 2016 when trump pulled a win out for the republican as president and the party was not ready to rule and deal with obamacare
    here we go again
    so what would be the republican game plan for 2022 if they take the house and the senate??????

  8. Ted Cruz would be perfect as he has a strong personality, and we need a new Senate Majority leader as time for McConnell to step down.


  10. It is definitely time for McConnell to retire. I would support Ted Cruz in any endeavor he decides to take on. I would like to see him run for President.

  11. Ted Cruz Should be the leader. He is a fighter. McConnell is a mush mouth snow flake Rhino. We need leaders & Fighters to save this country.

  12. Things might get interesting and I hope that the democrats loose big in the house and senate as for the leadership that has to be up to the membership

  13. Yes, I would support Ted Cruz for taking over Communist Mitch McConnell’s job. Mitch speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He is not 100% for the American people. He has way toooo many family ties to communist China. Also, Jim Jordan would be fantastic as Speaker of the House, he has balls and we would be in excellent hands. McCarthy is part of the swamp and has “no balls”. He is worthless and isn’t a leader!

    1. How great would that be, Speak Cruz in the Senate and Speaker Jordan in the House, and eventually joining them would be President Trump in the White House. America would be great again!

      1. HOLY SMOKES Josette, I think you’re on to something BIG!!!
        What a freaking wonderful world it would be for those three to do exactly that, AND THEN DeSantis takes over from Trump, giving us the next TWELVE YEARS of SANITY, SECURITY, PROSPERITY AND PEACE!!!!!!

  14. I definitely would support Senator Cruz., He sticks up for the American people and cares about the American people and actually has a back bone and wants to do something about the deep state swamp, we don’t need weak Republicans to run our country we need strong Republicans to fight against the left radicals who are trying to control the American people and destroy America!

  15. I would ABSOLUTELY support CRUZ! Any one of several other GOP Senators would be better than “DEAD IN HIS TRACKS” MCCONNELL! He just can’t seem to understand that “get along” is NOT GOOD ENOUGH ANYMORE! TRUMP was a call for action that WE HEARD, but MCCONNELL AND MCCARTHY have not. Time for some fresh, energetic, LEADERS in our party. The RINOS and long term deadbeats in our party have to go!

  16. I think that Senator Ted Cruz would be great at any conservative Republican position that he wants to do. I voted for him for President, but when Trump became the nominee I fully supported Trump. I think that Donald Trump is the greatest president that America has ever had. He really showed us who the RINOs are and how terrible the democrats are. I also believe that Ted Cruz would make a great president. Both Trump and Cruz are fighters for America and American citizens. I fully support both of them and believe that America is better off with them working in and for our government.

  17. YES, I SUPPORT CRUZ, JORDAN, COTTON, BLACKBURN, JOHNSON, HAWLEY and even MANCHIN, ALL of Those who have the BALLs to fight for AMERICANs and Throw out ALL those RINOs, AOC and the COMMUNIST SQUAD.
    REALLY stop this BS TALK and TAKE our COUNTRY BACK. WE the people w/our TAX dollars pay the SALARIES of all the GOVERNMENT and all they do is give our TAX dollars to BS.

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