Dallas Morning News Ripped for Story on Ted Cruz’s Teenage Daughter

Remember when kids were off-limits?

That changed when Trump went into office and the media and liberals could not help themselves from attacking Barron Trump.

Now, Senator Ted Cruz’s daughter was the subject of a major piece in the Dallas Morning News, and it did not go over well.


Like most kids these days, Ted Cruz’s daughter posts to TikTok.

She had recently posted about what it is like to be the daughter of a public official like Ted Cruz.

The Dallas Morning News decided to run with it and blasted it out on its Twitter account.

The story says, “Answering questions from followers on the social media application about the pros and cons of being related to a U.S. senator, Cruz’s 13-year-old daughter said she liked traveling and receiving candy and gifts in the mail.

“But she expressed dislike for her security detail, which she said follows her around her neighborhood and to her friends’ homes.”

Newsweek also picked up on the video, reporting, “A lot of people judge me based upon him at first glance, but I really disagree with most of his views.”

Her accounts have since been turned private.

The backlash on social media was immediate for targeting this child…

Make no mistake about it, some Democrat, probably AOC, will use this to mount an attack against Cruz, trying to openly pit him against his 13-year-old daughter.

They are children… leave them alone!

What do you think about major media outlets targeting young children of conservatives?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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38 Responses

    1. I wouldn’t expect a thirteen year old to have the maturity and life experiences to fully agree with a mature, responsible, intelligent, and experienced adult. And you would think that a mature, responsible, intelligent, and experienced journalist would know that.

  1. We all know printed news and media alike are scumbags. Leave their children alone. Only 13 yes they have opinions and as the grow they will change again. Get a real job you scumbags!!!! Pick on someone your age. FJB

    1. The “reporters” are probably that age too! Certainly aren’t real journalists, just bloggers with inflated opinions of themselves from listening to their parents at the dinner table every night.

  2. Far too many of this nation’s newspapers have become this nation’s worst enemies. Newspapers have become overpopulated with incompetent hacks who failed to learn the basic principles of good research and good copy. Beware of what you read.

    1. Any news media that attacks children should be sued and shut down.
      They are not adults and shouldn’t be subject to this kind of crap.
      It just goes to show how cowardly and low the main stream media is these days. Let’s go Brandon.

  3. Our children will never agree with our views or opinions as teenagers. They already know everything and how to solve the world’s problems. Of course they won’t agree with us.
    However, since the communists are in charge of the media, they don’t have to follow the rules. Our children need to be protected from them, not allowed the media to stalk them.

    1. I agree 100+%. What 13 year old child agrees with their parents? I certainly did not. I thought they were wrong and I knew better. My views took a 180 turn when I became a parent. Get lost corrupt media. Leave ALL CHILDREN ALONE.

  4. Liberals are vile, evil, sadistic, child harmers !!!!!! May KARMA bit them BIGGLY !!!!!

  5. Thought Ted Cruz was smarter than this. Why is he letting his daughter use Tik Tok in the first place? Why does anyone use China-owned Tik Tok, where any and all info that can be obtained from your acct will be provided to the Chinese government. And if you do not believe this, I have a bridge to sell you.

  6. When I was 13 (many, many years ago) I did not agree with my conservative father either, however, back then we had too much respect to say so. Besides, at 13 I didn’t know enough about life to agree or disagree. I set my thoughts on what my friends said. I hardly even believed what my teachers told me because they were, after all, old and what did they know? For the “reporter” to pounce on this is laughable. There are so many things wrong with this so-called report. A. she’s 13. B. she’s easily influenced by her peers. C. Tic-Tok should be out of bounds for children of any age. D. Social media should be off limits for children of any age up to 100. Whoever wrote that article should soak his/her head in brine hoping that it will clear the head and heal the wounds.

    1. I totally agree with you. The news make me and others sick. They have no respect for themselves and to attack 13 year old or any children is a disgrace. You can tell they do not have God in their lives.

  7. All children for any of the politicians are and should be off limits. They’re kids ! Guess y’all don’t remember being a child yourself. Kids should be off limits and the news media and all the other apps should be ashamed of themselves. Pick on someone else who can fight back.

  8. Why does anyone use shady Tik Tok to begin with? As for Ted Cruz’s thirteen-year-old daughter–underage family members of public figures should be kept out of the spotlight.

  9. Senator Cruz may not be able to sue the reporters or publications because HE is a public figure, but surely there is some kind of invasion of privacy issue or cyber-stalking of his daughter, who is NOT a public figure. (despite, at the time, her tiktok account being public).
    If there aren’t laws against this type of cyber-stalking, there most certainly should be.(how many of the comments she made were a result of being conned into believing the reporters were “youth”? Just asking…)
    Her “disagreements with him on issues”…a product of indoctrination in “school”, or as a result of the required security detail, and her (typical) rebellious nature of a teen?

  10. The media has become nothing but a bunch of sleeze balls! How about reporting things that are important to people. When you were 13 did you agree with all your parents views? I doubt it!

  11. She certainly deserves her own opinions but since her father is an official she should reserve her comments for more private times The media needs is arse kicked for preying on family. The Obamas protected theirs and they got into a lot of escapades. Right now we have a shoe in president of dubious accolades with a family that should all be investigated. Back off media!

  12. Just like the Democratic Party no news because they are so sad with Biden and Harris so they pick on 13 year old girl.Even chuck Todd did whole show today on Trump to get his ratings up.

  13. What I would like to ask about this person who wrote this crap for DMN is why is he trolling 13 year old little girls social media accounts. Did he run across her on line stuff while enjoying his perverted sick fantasy. Or does he go after children on line all the time. He must be a very poor excuse for a reporter that he can not find anything normal people would care to read about. To top that off the Dallas Morning News used to be a respected and widely read newspaper. What has happened to them to cause them to sink to the level of publishing this sort of tripe? Sad, so sad.

  14. Absolutely disgusting ND unethical behavior. Children of politicians are off limits and always have been. But some news agencies have forgotten that. There needs to be consequences for that behavior.

  15. These Journalist s who attack children are pathetic and have nothing going for them so they attack the young who cannot attack them .I hope you journalists do not have kids as what you are doing will come back to you and worse

  16. Liberals are the lowest of the low on any planet. Leave the kids out of it. How would they like it if a so-called news company would go after all the Democrats kids? For all you liberals, Lets Go Brandon.

  17. it is bad to pick on kids and to have kids to vote ,let them live their lives first,and them see the evile in this country,they have never got to learn of the evil of the democrap party and what they got to put up with if they have their way with this nation!kids dont have any knoledge of what going on i this nation except what those comunist teachers teach them!

  18. It disgusting the way the so-called news media reports the news why don’t they just stick to reporting the news instead of picking on some 13 year old kid

  19. It just show how low the media can go. Leave the kids alone. P.S. the fake news is running real scared.

    1. Probably not. But their parents or legal guardians can sue on their behalf. Sounds like a good way to start a college fund.

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