REPORT: Ted Lieu Donated More Than $50k to Stanford from Campaign Funds

How would you feel if you donated money to a political campaign only to find out later that money was used to grease the ways for college admission?

If you donated to Ted Lieu, that is now a question that you must answer.

According to reports, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) sent more than $50,000 from campaign funds to Stanford University, where his son is about to attend school.

He Did What?

According to FEC filings, Lieu donated $51,046 to Stanford University between February 2016 and June 2018.

As an alumnus of Standard, it is not surprising that he donated to the school.

The problem here is that he didn’t take money out of his personal account but instead used leftover campaign funds for the donations.

Coincidentally, Lieu’s son is an incoming freshman of the Class of 2025.

What makes this even shadier is that when a Twitter user posted about the donations, the account was suspended…

Lieu’s spokesperson is trying to dismiss this as nothing to see, stating, “Campaigns can and do donate to charities and universities from their campaign funds, but it’s more common when a member is retiring and has leftover cash.”

That may be so, but this particular donation looks far more like a bribe to ensure his son was admitted than just some random donation.

All I know is if I had donated to his campaign and found out this is how the funds were being used, I would be burning up the phone lines asking more my money back.

Source: Fox News

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29 Responses

  1. This is nothing new! All Democrats use money they aren’t supposed! That being said, didn’t 2 actresses going to jail for sending bribes to colleges? I would like to see this dope resign, then put in jail for this offense! The double standards are disgusting & needs to stop!

  2. Oh Demoncrats, you have the majority so you think you can do anything you want to do with no repercussions. Thing is we’re watching you all very closely and will call you out in a heartbeat. Enjoy your short time in power.

    1. You are right but will any real legal action be taken?? Really don’t think so. DemoRats not only run the country but they control the Laws.

    2. Regulations are for thee not me is the demonRATS’ motto. All of the POS feel they are above the law and may do anything ANYTHING they desire and get away with it. It has happened so much in the past why not keep violating the law. The Constitution is in shreds as well as the Bill of Rights and the demonRATS are using to wipe their behinds. The demonRATS are ruining America and the stupid liberals are eating it up.

  3. I had posted on GAB that Rep. Ted Lieu(D- CA) had donated over $50,000 to Stanford over a period of time before his son had applied to Stanford and that he used campaign funds and then his son was admitted. I received many likes and many posters that did not think this was right and legal. I received no suspension because GAB supports
    freedom of Speech. Many GAB users are past Tweeter members and had left because of Tweeter’s censorship

  4. Corrupt politician in an extremely corrupt party! They go after Trump 24/7 just to keep all eyes away from their greedy doings. They are using the pandemic to further hide their shenanigans! Just as the used fraud to steal the election !

  5. Agree with all posts. The demonrats all need to be held accountable for their many mis-deeds! Call them out every chance you get. They are NOT above the law, though they think they are.

  6. It is exposure time. Time for all leaders to check up on their lives and come clean . If not God will expose all of you and replace you all with godly men and women . We are praying for truth ,righteousness and justice to come to the land

    1. The problem is the Dems don’t believe in God. Oh, they say they do, but serving God does not include treason, stealing, and other corrupt things too numerous to write here. The people who support this administration are as corrupt as the administration. Words cannot decribe how dangerous this bunch is to America. Wake up Libs. It is time to take our country back.

  7. If a DemocRAT is involved, there is corruption! Period! That is the reputation they have earned!

  8. Everyone talks about he Democrat’s, but when they get to the ballet box, its a different story. Mine is ok, its all the others. it’ll never get fixed, giving your money away keeps them in office.

  9. This was just a waste of time, everybody knows that Liberal Democrats NEVER follow OUR laws and always get away with it !!! WAIT AND SEE !!!

  10. I’m with you folks about the corrupt demoncraps and their abuse of power. But there are too many uninformed , uneducated , and marxist A**holes out there to keep these idiots in power . If these people enjoy their freedom and their right to come and go at will , then they had better get their heads out of their A**es . The likes of Cuomo and DeBlaiso permeate the demoncrap party . This is definitely not the party of Truman or John F. Kennedy. These two are probably rolling over in their graves because of the likes of AOC and Omar , that have destroyed the democrat party . We as a nation need a two party system , but not one wrapped in communism .

  11. Image, the troops that saved many Vietnamese from the Communist take over by extracting them from Saigon, and this son of refugees is now engaged in corruption to deny our young student a chance to go to Stanford. I bet some of those students who don’t have a Father in Congress are really angry that they don’t have parents to contribute or bribe College officials. It doesn’t take much to corrupt eastern Asians does it!

  12. I was of the belief that this is an illegal use of campaign funds? The school should refund the money.

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