Maskless Teenager in Wyoming Arrested for ‘Trespassing’ at School

One of the bigger debates in the country right now is whether children should be forced to wear masks at school.

Most conservatives say this should be a choice made by parents, not the school.

In Wyoming, that choice has been taken away, and a teenage girl was taken into custody for disobeying the mandate.

Arrest Her

Grace Smith is a junior at Laramie High School in Wyoming.

The school has a mask mandate in place, which Smith did not follow.

She was given a citation for not wearing the mask, but she then refused to leave school grounds.

She took a video of an officer approaching her, informing her that since she chose not to leave school grounds after getting the citation, she was going to be arrested for trespassing…

Now Smith faces three two-day suspensions as well as a $1,000 fine for the trespassing violation.

Anthony Bouchard, who is one of the candidates trying to unseat Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), called her a “badass” in a tweet of her interview…

So, now, a straight-A student cannot attend class because of a mask… a mask!

In addition to the embarrassment of being arrested, Smith stated that some of her friends are no longer talking to her and claimed parents and teachers have discriminated against her because of this stance.

I really hope you are happy, Joe Biden.

Source: Fox News

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38 Responses

    1. So, let me get this straight, we are now arresting people(students) for not wearing masks and we are letting people out on bond for murder??? When is this stupidity going to stop

      1. The stupidity in this country will only stop if and when we can get the Democrats out of power. They are communists, and they are out to punish this country, and control it! They also conspired to rig the election for Biden! There is no way that Biden won that election fairly!

      2. Of course this is simply tyranny in action. There is no scientific reason for children age 18 and under to be made to wear masks. Science and experience have proven that people age 18 and under are 5 times less likely to get, spread or die from Covid then they are from the annual flu. Further, masks are useless in stopping the spread of any virus including Covid as was proven by every major scientific study completed since the year 2,000.

        1. Not only that, but recent scientific studies have shown that 1) due to Covid expanding in the lungs more rapidly with less oxygen, & 2) masks decrease O2 intake, that Covid will progress 14% faster when wearing masks!!! The absurdity of wearing masks for Covid is mind numbing!

      3. Plus all those horrible illegals don’t have to be vaccinated or tested!
        They are the demo-rats new voters too ignorant to know better.
        The demo-rats want to kill off American citizens with their “clot shots” because we won’t vote for them!

      4. If things in Washington do not change, this will be the norm; we’re only an inch away from Communism. PLEASE vote all these scumbags out before they stop all elections, Every one Biden appointed was working under Obama, known to hate America

  1. Get Ready for Biden Nazi s , using the local s to enforce His Nazi agenda

    The kill shots dont work , they set you up for a future dependence on shots which have a percent death rate ,

    this is how they will accomplish Eugenics a form of population control and depopulation , gates used this in africa in the 90s , now his money friends are at work on you

    Get the shot , makes you less imune to future deseases , weekends your immune system

    then you get the second , kill of more

    then by the time your all get the 3 and 4th shot , it will accomplish the goal , population control

    how can so many be so DUMB and accept this LIE from the greedy , selfish , Narcistic familys who want it all

  2. Good for you Grace. There are some things worth fighting for and I believe the right to choose when it comes to COVID is one. Throughout life you will be required to choose the right/wrong path and keep choosing the right path for you. This backlash says more about todays control and a lot about the few that still stand for their rights to choose.

  3. Goo for you. Don’t let those Marxists destroy your courage. You are a free entity who has a choice to mask up or not, to take a vaccine or not. I don’t mask up nor will I take any vaccines and I am healthy. I am a 75-year-old retired educator/librarian who thinks it is about time we fought back against these enslaving rules. They are only in place to keep legal American citizens controlled and eventually enslaved in a Marxist regime. Stand your ground, my dear. You have many of us with you fighting as well.

    1. The whole school needs to refuse to ware their mask. Shut the school down. One year lost is better than all lost…

      1. We can only hope they do. Good point. The People still have the power to influence the actions of those whose salaries they pay. Money Talks!

    2. Now THAT’S an intelligent educator! I wish there were still some educating children in our public schools! Vicki, I’m right there with you in your thoughts.

  4. This fool that the liberals elected should be impeached or declared incapable to
    lead what used to be the greatest country in the world.

    He will not be happy until he obliterates democracy!

    1. Totally agree! It’s obvious this Goofball President has no cognitive abilities remaining. Where is that 25th Ammendment they were trying to impose on President Trump, who was light years ahead of any cognition remaining in the head of Crazy Uncle Joe?

  5. The government doesn’t want any kind of resistance. They seem to think that bullying and threats, will make convince people to do what they’re told. Forced masking is actually doing more harm, than any benefits that can be gained. There should be no masking forced on anyone and should be a choice by parents. This might have go to court and challenge these unconstitutional and unlawful demands by Biden.

    1. Speaking of Bullying… what ever happened to the Demoncrat narrative of “Stop The Bullying” with which we were inundated a few years back? Hmmm, I must have missed the memo making it disappear.

  6. What little population Wyoming has, they’re a bunch of spineless people for not standing up against the stupid mandate.

  7. Sounds like a DEMOCRAT idea !!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrest a KID for not wearing a MASK while they invite several hundred, THOUSAND ILEAGLES in and with ABSOLUTELY NO restrictions whatsoever !!!!!!!!!!!! These Democrats should ALL be removed from this country !!!!!!!!! Don’t worry about the “NEXT” election; just DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Our democrats and Rino’s in government want anyone over 65 yrs old dead, they won’t have to med ins and social security it will be more $$$$ in their pockets !!!!!!

  9. The mask mandate as well as the vaccine mandate are unconstitutional and SCOTUS needs to step in and curtail this Marxist regime. The student that was arrested was trying to go to school and better herself and the Communists do not want any independence but control every aspect of your life. The police should be proud of themselves by following orders from the Marxists. America needs to get rid of the fake president by trying him for treason but the GOP have no spine to even try.

    1. Well, the SCOTUS has been pretty much AWOL so far concerning Conservative cases, so I wouldn’t hold my breath! Secondly, I think the President is immune from prosecution for treason because there has to be a DOJ that is willing to file charges and prosecute. Good luck with that! As far as I’m concerned the ENTIRE Biden Administration should be tried for treason, but it would be more likely that I would take “the Jab” than any prosecution would occur (i.e. Never!).

    1. Don’t be so sure about that. . The judges are all bought and payed for in some form or other . They wouldn’t hear president Trump about the election. That would have ended all this . Remember we were told it’s only a mask . That was just the beginning.

  10. Her MISTAKE was being AN AMERICAN. None of these MANDATES. are required of JOE’S ILLEGALS. No JABS, NO need to be able to support yourself ( JOE, will let the AMERICAN TAX PAYER pickup the tab ) CHECKS FOR DISEASES etc. The word FREE today is only for JOE’S, CHOSEN PEOPLE. We are now the DECIPLES of a Dictator. CONGRESS is NO longer a Viable Force in GOVERNING the USA. ” HIEL BIDIN”

  11. Couldn’t the school have taken care of it? Did they have to call in the police? Just another show of how crazy the left has made our country. Arrest a teenage girl? What in the world is wrong with the left? They are totally out of their right minds. Why make a federal case out of nothing?

  12. So, this is an honor student, whose PARENTS PAY for the salaries of the police officers, not to mention the salaries of the “WOKE” educators in this school. What a damn shame when American Citizens are persecuted by the very people whose salaries they pay! To the Police Department: “Go arrest DANGEROUS people! You are paid to PROTECT citizens, NOT to ARREST the innocent! Why Innocent? Because MASKS DON’T WORK you bunch of friggin’ idiots!!! To the School Board: DO YOUR JOB! You are paid to EDUCATE children! You are NOT paid to WASTE taxpayers money by being “Woke”! Shut Up and Teach! On the other hand… she’s probably better off NOT being “educated” by those friggin’ MORONS!

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