AOC Tests Positive for COVID

Well, Karma is a crazy thing.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) constantly torches Republicans about breaking COVD rules.

Well, she recently broke them in a big way, and now she has COVID.

Breaking the Rules

Last week, it was all over the media how AOC had bailed on New York during a massive surge due to the Omicron variant.

She ended up being spotted in Miami.

Of course, she was out partying without a mask, soaking up the praise from her liberal friends in Florida.

She was also seen at a drag bar, hugging and kissing everyone in sight without a mask.

Well, AOC just tested positive for COVID.

AOC is fully vaccinated as well as having the booster.

She is also very young and in great shape, so she should have no problem recovering.

There is no doubt, however, after her ignorant comments when she got called out for going to Florida, that there are a few smiles on conservatives’ faces today, knowing that she got COVID flouting the very rules she pushes on everyone just about every time she opens her mouth…

So, now AOC gets to stay home for a few days to recover, on the taxpayer dime, of course.

Personally, I am very curious to see how she tries to spin her way out of this one.

What do you think of AOC getting COVID? Is this Karma’s way of paying her back?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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37 Responses

    1. Are you a Christian? Somehow I think not. However, if you are, please read Matthew 7:1-2.

      OAC may well be suffering from karma and certainly deserves it. BUT now is the time for TRUE Christians to pray for her rapid recovery AND an epiphany, maybe like Saul had going to Damascus.. She needs not just a healing of the body, but also of her mind and soul.

      1. Love your post Reece1! I wanted to thank you so much for this wonderful post as that will help me to think about saying prayers for her soul to be saved and also a healing of her mind, body and soul. It’s very hard for me to pray for toxic people like this young lady, AOC. She seems to have such hatred towards God’s people and towards Christianity and of course she is so immature and so spoiled. May God always bless you and your families! Happy holidays to you! My name is Teresa. I am deaf, however, I can read lips and speak well.

        1. I wondered if pray really worked. I prayed day and night last year Bad guys lost to patriot President Trump. But what happened made me lose my belief. So you draw conclusion yourself

          1. David, don’t lose your belief and Faith in ALMIGHTY GOD. The Bible SAYS; “GOD WILL Rule Against The wicked and Destroy them with The BREATH of HIS MOUTH. GOD Will be Clothed With FAIRNESS AND TRUTH.” (Isaiah 11) “THE LORD HAS MADE THE HEAVENS HIS THRONE; FROM THERE GOD RULES OVER EVERYTHING.” (Psalm 103) “IF GOD IS FOR US HE IS MORE THAN THE WORLD AGAINST US.” “Those of us Who Trust in GOD WILL NEVER BE PUT TO SHAME. ” I Trust And DEPEND on ALMIGHTY GOD’S Justice Fairness Honesty and Truth to continue to Expose and Destroy All of these involved Evil Wicked Corrupt Lying Dishonest Antichrist Rebels! “HAVE FAITH IN GOD” (Mark 11) I Decree And Declare IN JESUS NAME AND AUTHORITY ♦️

  1. Probably a lie .These tests can be manipulated.She probably want to use this against The governor.Why did she not go to California

      1. that is what. is written on the men’s restroom wall of the bar she used to work at ,but they weren’t talking covid back then

  2. Since when is AOC a “Top Democrat?” She’s an airhead. She’s far from the top. She’s a bottom feeder and corrupt Democrat. Not enough seniority in life to be considered a “Top Democrat” unlesss the top level has sunk below sea-level.

    1. Think about it, being a corrupt, bottom feeding, airhead is exactly what makes her a top democrat!

    1. She’s a liar like all demonrats !! She should be in NYC in her home following the same rules she is trying to put on everyone else!! CANT STAND HER OR ANY LIBERAL

  3. I feel sorry for her because she is not very intelligent. So many in te democratic party are like her. Sad day for our country. Wish her a speedy recovery .

  4. This girl is so full of herself it’s a wonder her bloated ego (body) doesn’t explode. What a blessing that would be not seeing her face front and center every time one turns on their phone. She and Fauci keep elbowing each other for most TV face time.

  5. Maybe she will not get any drugs with Herr Fauci withholding them as he did for the rest of America! Everyone
    needs to read Kennedy Jr’s book – it is what has happened -a very good read and it tells it all! Fauci, Gates, Zuckerberg, Clinton Foundation and Gates Foundation! Fauci and Gates should be shot!

  6. I wonder how many conservatives and wonderful Floridians she infected either on the plane coming and going, t the restaurant, the drag bar and anywhere else she went? If anyone she came in contact with comes down with Covid19or Omicron, they should be able to sue her!

  7. AOC, well done !! you f ing hypocrite !! now you reap what you sowed !!
    now, you see ….. your like everyone else !! the covid, is an equal opportunity
    this is what happend when ” YOU Frustrated ” the Republicans, while slumming in Florida !!
    don’t be nausating, leting US know …. you almost died, transgendering at a bar in Florida …

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