Texas Democrat Calls for National Face Mask Mandate

It is not a conspiracy theory if it is true, right?

When the story of the Texas Democrats who fled to DC testing positive first broke, it immediately got my ears up.

When they were all called out for flying without masks, then tested positive, something smelled fishy, and now we know what that stench is.

The ‘Plot’

I have been pretty vocal about the idea that Dems would be using this new narrative to push back against Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and his legislation to repeal the travel mask mandate.

It would be the only way they could possibly flip the negative news cycle into something positive, at least in their eyes.

Well, now one of their fellow Democrats has proven my crystal ball to be correct, again.

Democrat Texas state Rep. Gene Wu is now calling on Biden to put a national mask mandate in place.

Wu stated, “I feel ashamed. You’re right, I should have been wearing a mask indoors.

“I will personally ask VP Harris and President Biden to institute a nationwide mask mandate for all indoor activities.”

So, there you have it… Dems want masks in play, so they conveniently break the rules, test positive, then try to flip the news cycle as though they just made some monumental sacrifice on behalf of the American people.

We should note, some Republicans do not even believe they did test positive, demanding proof to ensure this is not yet another stunt.

Frankly, it would not surprise me one bit if that was the case.

Source: The Blaze

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39 Responses

  1. This makes me wonder if they really did test positive. Or was it just another ploy?

    1. Democrats just trying to keep fear going and a way to keep their hold over citizens.

      1. That’s exactly what I have been thinking. A way to keep all Americans under their commands.

      2. They are commie’s and want to control by fear. The mask are a farce. If the mask were so needed for health they would have been using them. They DONT BELIEVE IN LIFE JUST CONTROL, IF LIFE WAS SO IMPORTANT THEY WOULDN’T BE KILLING BABIES

  2. Just because they or one of them say ” I have been tested positive of the virus”, therefore it is/was written in stone with or without results of the test. Where is the proof?
    If, they have been tested positive, then let them wear the mask, no reason that the nation will be mandatory to wear the mask. I feel it is a personal choice.

  3. Well knowing these Lying Democrats it’s all just another lie. Quarantine them for a month, then fire them! This is nothing but another stupid stunt to scare you , shame on you leftists and may you each rod in Hell for this crap.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Wyatt! I truly believe that most Americans are waking up to what the evil Democrats are trying to do to this country, and the Dems may really have to cheat to win elections now! Of course, they got away with cheating in the 2020 election, so you know that they will be doing it again and again, and I am concerned whether we will ever be able to trust the honesty of elections again!

    2. they just counted the audits in arizona that trump won.now there finding more fraud in georgia trump won there also. impeach biden and his whole adminasration so trump could presume runnning our country.these demorats needs to be accountable for this election starting with pelosi ,maxine waters shumer the mob exspecially the mob.there all corrupt.

  4. You are so right, they will lie to do anything to go against the public. I have never seen such a fraudulent scam pulled on our America as what these vile Marxists have done. We watched the group of Dr.s who healed all of their patients with hydroxy chloroquin. I do not trust the CDC, FDA or WHO kept citizens from something that saved lives. Thousands died that did not have too. The country should have never been shut down, the horrible mainstream media along this administration put needless fear across our country!

  5. I agree with all of the previous comments, but they can’t federally mandate anything, except to the federal government. It all belongs to the States, and they hate it.

  6. When you try to manipulate so much the Lord of God the creator of the universe will reveal your ugly faces your plots and your ugliness your mandates and your insurrection will all be revealed you call one party as the one that’s causing all the wreaking havoc when 99% of the American people if they were transparent and could speak the truth they would say the far left and the Democratic party is the one that is mutated into something grotesque

  7. Wear a mask if you like. Wear as many masks as you like, But stay the hell away from me and my family! And you WILL NOT mandate what we should wear or not wear….miserable lying hypocritical Dems along, with RINO fools! And ESPECIALLY those of us who have been vaccinated, as my wife and I, J & J on Mar. 10, 2021….I did not wear a face diaper everywhere before, and da– sure WILL NOT now! THIS s** is NOT about our health & well being, and all the crap about COVID PLANDEMIC is no more than a means of control. It is about submission NOT safety and well being!…..

    1. I agree that the extremist Dems are using the pandemic to get people used to being controlled by the state. I will go so far as to say some truly far left Marxist actors actually colluded with communist China to sic this virus on the world to weaken world governments as part of their plot to be the ruler of the world.


  8. I don’t trust anything this ADMINISTRATION SAYS OR DOES, BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL LIARS AND CORRUPT! We should ask for proof of them getting Covid! Because, they supposedly have gotten their shots, and if they didn’t, that means they all lied about getting the vaccine,_so no better for them if they did get Covid!!

  9. No one can believe anything a lying Democrat says and there is no other kind of Democrat.

  10. I believe the demorats conspired with China to release the virus it all a pre rehearsal of a plot movie in real life silicon valley hollywood

  11. This way this party can cheat again with false voter ballots like they did in 2020. They created the scare so to justify the changes in the voting requirements. They have done it for years, but this had a much wider gap to get over. They didn’t even blink an eye. That tells you how much they have cheated in the past

  12. They chartered a private jet paid for tax payers. Enjoyed their unmasked flight and drank Beer…Party time as they shirk their duty to the people for no legitimate reason. If they were in the private sector, they’d be fired right now. Whether they got COVID or not. Its not our problem. Had they not abandoned their responsibilities they probably would not have got it. Funding and pay should be withheld from them. They get paid when they show up to vote. Someone should send a letter to all their constituents and explain how they are being charged for their Reps irresponsible actions and how they are not doing what they were elected to do.

  13. You know where the Covid 19 the illegals have it. Joe Biden making sure Covid 19 Shows up all over USA. Joe Biden using the Military to Fly them all over and Bus them. Joe Biden doesn’t want anyone to where. You to look in your back yard or you hear a noise in the night that could be illegals being drop of at your doorstep.

  14. One can only hope that they do have covid,& get really sick.
    Maybe they would realize what a bunch of fools they are then?
    I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one!

  15. Test each of them in front of witnesses. On national TV. But not CNN,ABC, NBC,msndc,CBS,. Do it with news max

  16. I have said they before And I will say it again. Its all a ploy to keep the mask manufacturers in business. How much profit have they make already for the Last 1and 1/2 years? I wonder if any politicians have stock or family in the mask business? Just a thought.

  17. Poor “Jerry” up above! His spelling and grammar are so bad that it was only w/ great difficulty and 3 readings that I figured out what he was trying to say! Too bad, because his ideas were pretty good. Another product of our great American educational system!

  18. Have these five previously not gotten their shots? If they have gotten shots, how could they all test positive if the shots work as advertised? If they have not gotten their shots, they should just shut up and accept the expected consequences.
    The FAA already requires masks on flights. If the existing rules are not going to be followed, what is the point of making more ineffective rules?

    1. The purpose of all these rules, especially all the conflicting mask rules, is to teach the peasants to OBEY.

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