Texas Early Voting Shows Big Swing by Hispanic Voters

Democrats continue to push to make illegal immigration legal.

They clearly believe doing so will help them with more of the Hispanic vote in this country.

Ironically enough, the complete opposite is happening in border states like Texas.

No Free Ride

If Democrats actually took the time to talk to Hispanic voters rather than pander to them, they would probably be surprised at what they would learn.

Hispanic voters do not like illegal immigration because they know they followed the rules to get here.

They filled out their forms, they paid their fees, they took their citizenship tests, and they earned the right to vote and have a say.

Why should someone that skipped the line to come here get the same benefits they earned?

Hispanic voters are turning out in droves for Republicans, with far less energy on the Democrat side of the aisle in the same demographic.

Part of the reason is that Republicans are going out and talking to people… it really is as simple as that.

Republican candidate for Texas Land Commissioner Ben Armenta stated, “I’ve spent a lot of time in Cameron, Hidalgo, and Willacy and all the counties in the valley, and there has just been a very different vibe with Republican voters.

“I meet with folks, and a high percentage of them are new, and they’re just engaged differently than they’ve been in the past.”

He continued, “It’s about the issues that are impacting their home.

“The issues that are impacting their pocket book, their schools, the crime in their neighborhoods.

“When as a Republican candidate, I’m talking to them and I just ask them even in the last 13 months of the Biden administration, ‘Are things better for you?’ The answer is, ‘No.'”

What is one of the most significant issues that is driving more Hispanic voters to the Republican ballot? Border security.

Former Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman, who is running in the Republican primary for Texas attorney general, stated, “Hispanic values are Republican values, and I think that message is resonating with Hispanics across the country.”

As Democrats have done historically with minority groups, they just assume Hispanic voters will pull the handle for any Democrat on the ticket come the general election.

That is no longer happening, however.

Over the last two elections, Hispanics and black voters are starting to ask more questions and come over to the Republican side of the aisle.

Many of these voters have seen Democrats in office for decades. During those years, they have seen crime rates rise in their communities and proud neighborhoods reduced to ghettos from neglect.

They are starting to respond to a question that Donald Trump asked them all in 2016: Why not vote for a Republican for a change… what do you have to lose?

Source: Fox News


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