Texas Economy ‘Surging’ While California Businesses Close

The Omicron surge has impacted different states around the country in different ways.

We are seeing pure panic in blue states and pure defiance in red states.

That defiance is paying off, as Texas’ economy is flourishing while businesses in blue states continue to see closures from the pandemic.


The 2020 year is one we would probably all just rather forget.

As a small business owner, I can tell you that the shutdown was devastating for small business owners.

We had about 90 percent of our clients have to shut down during the pandemic, most of them never opening their doors again.

When you consider the butterfly effect of just those businesses, thousands of people were put out of work.

Slowly but surely, Texas has managed to climb out of that hole, with business finally getting back to normal again.

While California businesses as well as those in other blue states are still closing, Texas is seeing a surge.

Republican Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar stated, “With Christmas shopping jump-started by the early start of holiday promotional pricing weeks ahead of Black Friday, and despite supply chain clogs and household budgets pressured by rising prices for food and gasoline, consumer spending drove double-digit increases in receipts from retail trade.”

Texas set a record for sales tax collection in December, bringing in a massive $3.6 billion.

The good news is that this surge includes the hospitality industry, which just got crushed during the pandemic.

Hegar stated, “Receipts from restaurants, another sector depressed a year ago, were also up sharply and well above pre-pandemic levels.”

Governor Abbott celebrated the news on Twitter…

That is not the case in California, where restaurants are again shuttering their doors during the surge rather than stay open with crippling sanctions that make it all but impossible to even break even.

Christian Albertson, owner of The Monk’s Kettle in San Rafael, is shutting his doors until April, laying off almost three dozen workers in the process.

It is just a different mindset right now once you cross the state border.

California business owners are willing to be held hostage by the virus whereas Texans are starting it down and going about life normally.

This is why we are seeing massive numbers of transients show up in states like Texas and Florida.

Those with commonsense are bailing on blue states, but we just hope they all remember why they left these blue states when election day rolls around.

So, let’s hear from our Texas and Florida readers on this one…

Are you worried that the massive influx of blue states residents into your state will flip the state from red to blue?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox Business

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15 Responses

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    1. Doesn’t care. He’s not suffering. A puppet to biden, pelosi & the gang. That’s why pelosi is moving to Florida when she retires. I hope they boo her out. She need to stay in the state she ruined.

  2. It is a red state red states don’t flip blue because they are strong and stay red blue states are week and stupid because they don’t stand up for them selves like the red states do all blue states need th stand up against the demo clowns and become red states

  3. Life long Democrats have a worldview that determines their mindset in actions, including voting, that reflect the belief that they need to force everyone, through regulations, to save or “help” the underprivileged, criminals, and the world. They mean well but their actions invariably make things worse, Housing projects are destroyed by the people that live in them on subsidized rents, homeless tend to “foul their nests”, no-bail criminals rob or kill repeatedly on release, not to mention many illegals masquerading as migrants looking for a better life who are no more than gang members and middle eastern radicalized young men.
    So don’t expect an LA, Minneapolis, or San Francisco Democrat to suddenly become rational on arriving in a state that is prosperous and follows basic laws. They will feel the vacuum of not-enough -regulation soon and will try to tell the people of their new state what should be regulated and what new laws need to be enacted because it worked so well where they came from.

  4. we have had a huge influx of demoncrats from other states here in south carolina. i’d like them to leave. i have suggested it to several of them, but so far none are doing so.

    1. The sad part about this is that people move into these Red States and want to change politics. They got another thing coming. Here in Hawaii, we are seeing more license plates from Washington, Oregon, California and Colorado move into the state. Coming here to do whatever they please. That’s why we have a big influx of hostile attitude between locals & mainlanders..

  5. One might think that blue state residents would have had ENOUGH ALREADY! They have the power to make all the difference in the way our country goes next election. WHY would anyone want to live in states like Oregon, Washington, Minnesota and NY as they are being destroyed and the government does ZILCH!!! This is a true measure of the conscience of our once wonderful nation! It would seem that half of us have gone insane!

  6. I rather they stay in their own State and fight. Rather than come to a Red State with the same narrow mind.

  7. Sure hope the people leaving the democratic controlled states remember why they left and who is running the state they just left

  8. If voters want real change for the better, in November 2022, and November 2024, they must vote R and not D. Fear is not an option for a civilized society. People die every year from numerous causes. Lockdowns do not stop the spread of a particular disease. Rather, it causes grief and hardship for busineses and sick people with all kinds of ailments. Let us get back to normalcy, before it is too late to recover liberty and freedom.

  9. The blue states are the way they are because of VOTERS! Those who voted for imbeciles just because they have a D by their name have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT THEMSELVES!!!!!
    WAKE UP California, new york, Oregon, New Jersey, TAKE A CHANCE and vote for someone with an R by their name. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it would make!!
    Just don’t move to a red state and try to make it like the blue sh*thole that you just left, it could really turn out bad for you!!!!!!

  10. I have done worry that people coming into Texas and Florida, after leaving the Hell hole they came from, will continue to vote Blue. They are only interested in fixing their own problems.

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