Texas Governor Greg Abbott Underwater in Latest Approval Poll

If we needed proof that the migration of liberals into conservative states is starting to have an impact, look no further than a recent approval poll in the state of Texas.

Like Governor DeSantis, Governor Greg Abbott has taken a bit of a different approach to the pandemic.

Abbott has supported vaccines, but he believes taking them is a personal choice, not mandated.

The state has thrived through COVID, yet Abbott is now underwater in his approval rating.

Break It Down

Since the pandemic started, Texas and Florida are probably the two states in the country that have seen the biggest influx of residents.

In Texas, this has meant a flood of transients from states like California and Nevada, both states with Democrat governors and very restrictive policies.

People, including large amounts of liberals, left these states because of the mandates in place, yet this is now the very reason Abbott is underwater.

A whopping 54 percent of those polled believe Texas is heading in the wrong direction, compared to 44 percent who like how the state is going right now.

Abbott’s approval rating is a paltry 45 percent, even though Trump has backed him in the upcoming election.

When it comes to the banning of mask mandates, 55 percent disagreed with Abbott, and the state’s position on vaccine mandates was an even 49 to 49 percent.

Here is the really telling number… 56 percent of those surveyed wanted schools to teach critical race theory.

I can guarantee you not a single conservative supported that measure.

Most conservatives I know in the state have no issue at all with the vaccine or masks, but they do believe it should be a personal choice and not mandated by the government, especially when it comes to kids in schools.

Who is supporting these measures? Liberals, the very same liberals that just fled Nevada, California, and a host of other liberal states where these policies were in place.

I have to ask… why did you flee a state only to try to turn the state you fled to into the next California or Nevada?

Should Texans be concerned about this poll? Yes and no.

As I have said many times, 1,000 people can never correctly represent millions, but this is the beginning of a disturbing trend.

Of the 1,148 people surveyed, 46 percent at least “lean” Republican (24% strong, 11% not strong, 11% Independent, lean Republican).

There were 39 percent that at least “lean” to the left and 15 percent independent.

The Texas Politics Project offers even worse news for Abbott, putting him completely underwater for the first time as governor in April by two points, but that has now grown to nine points.

Compare that to April 2020, when Abbott was 56 to 32 percent in his favor.

When you look at the big move to the red for Abbott, it started when his fellow conservatives began to call him a RINO and he came under attack by other Republicans.

He went from being one of the most popular conservative governors in the country to one of the most hated, and he now faces numerous challengers during his upcoming primary race.

There is as much damage being done to Abbott by the right as there is the left currently.

If Abbott gets out of the primary, which I believe he will, will he still have the support of those voting for Allen West and Chad Prather, or will they simply stay home and not vote because of the narrative of the attacks against Abbott.

Essentially, Abbott’s fellow conservatives are doing the dirty work of Democrats for them.

If this continues, it could very well energize just enough Democrats to take the state of Texas and hand it over to a Democrat governor, which would be a complete and utter disaster.

Sources: Washington Examiner & The Texas Politics Project

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31 Responses

    1. Agree!
      If dems think they can tell Texans what to think & who voted for think again! Remember the Alamo & come & Take it @ Gonzales.
      Vote for Abbott over any liar Demorats!

    2. A DemoRat Governor is a disaster for any state. I know. Sadly, I live in California. I just wish that I had moved out of this sh.t hole when I was younger but I am kinda stuck now.

    3. Amen to this. There are lots of ultra liberal folks coming to TX, thinking they are going to take over the govt of TX, to make a laughing stock of TX. Stand up Texans!!! Even this whole “supposed” negative poll against Gov. Abbott. Don’t believe it all. Yet, watch your backs. Thank you Gov. Abbott for all you’ve done to protect Texas citizens!!!

    4. Let’s face it. Democrats of today are worthless pieces of garbage, worse than foreign worthless nations, and in those nations is where Democrats could fit right in……so we should send them to those places, never again to set foot in our decent and wonderful country, the USA! Since they are determined to destroy our nation, it is time we DO SOMETHING TO STOP THEM, and if we do NOT try to stop them WE are as guilty as they are.

  1. More liberal media lies. People are flicking to Texas and Florida to get away from the draconian mandates the liberals have put in their states strangling the people. Why would they even want to turn a state that is open and gives them a choice, for the same Nazi rules they just left. Must have polled all Democrats for this poll as every other poll says just the opposite!

    1. The Liars are setting up an fake election next time! This is the prep! The BIG LIE OF ALL Communists is T”there are more of them than you”! THIS IS THE COMIE LIE! The BIG LIE ! How they get you to addept their rule!

  2. Polls are as corrupt as DemoRats are. I don’t trust polls. One poll says one thing and another poll has something different. Polls are done by political groups so of 90% of poll takers are DemoRats of course its going to show approval ratings lower for a Republican Politicians.

    1. Got that right. Alot of us are over! all the bs. We must never give up the fight though. This administration is abominable. Rotten to the core. Good over evil. I tell myself that everyday…God Bless us Patriots! If these crooks didn’t steal the election we’d all still be doing great as a country. Trump2024.. I sure felt safer with Trump. Now with Bozo we’re killing our own people. First time Benghazzi, now Afghanistan. 🙏🙏🙏

  3. I would like to know who did this poll? Personally, I haven’t seen a poll.
    Gov. Abbot is doing an outstanding job fighting for our Freedoms and the right to make our own choices.
    If you don’t like our Texas values you have the right to leave our great state of TEXAS.

  4. I do not trust these polls as far as I could throw a bus and I am an old man that has had 4 back surgeries and 1 knee replaced and am probably going to have another surgery just to keep walking with a cane instead of a wheelchair

  5. Governor Abbott is a good, moral person. He is “Texas Tough” & one of the best Governors we have ever had. Many liberals moved here to escape their own state’s strangling laws. If they find they don’t like Texas conservatism, well, they don’t need to let the door hit them in the backside!

  6. It has been all over Facebook. People claiming to be Democrats moving to texas to turn it blue. They want to make life rough for a lot of people. At the same time, they’re in for a very harsh reality. Polls always lie. It’s a hype used to influence people. The Republicans will be fighting Media slander and restricted communications. This abortion thing just about killed Republican standing. Real stupid thing to push something that isn’t really popular with most voters. This truly is a minority idea in this day and age. But how can you blame states for doing this considering that medical cost for treating life-threatening illnesses of the uninsured has been tough let alone pay for an elected surgery such as abortions?

  7. The citizens of Texas should let the transients from Cali and Nevada that they like their state the way it is and if they don’t, go back where they came from. Texans, hold steady, you have a governor who has been looking after you all this time, don’t turn your back on him or you’ll have a Calif.

  8. Has anyone experienced the loud booms louder than thunder with no thunder clouds in sight ??? They are so loud and enough force to shake your home ? Some say the Angel’s are coming ! “I believe there have been signs ” For one lightning striking George Floyd’s mural and burning to the ground ” two Mississippi river flowing backwards ” The lord has had enough of this evil !! ” ” God bless us all “

  9. I was born and raised in Texas. It is one of the best states in the USA or numerous reasons. I once lived in California and at that time it was a decent enough state. Then I moved back to Texas. But now I live in Arizona, an O.K. state. I believe all conservative states are great and I see all leftist states being horrid. Do I think the left will ever love America? Nope they never will love America…they ONLY WANT SOLID POWER and most of the money. Leftists of today are so mentally warped that they cannot see any sort of logic, any sort of love, any sort of decency…..and all of that, coupled with their hatred and ignorance, means we should send every one of them to another nation where they can be happy and then WE could also be happy to see them GONE, OUT OF AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE AND OF THE DECENT.

  10. The problem with polls is that they get too many idiot Democrats screwing them up! Texans are smart…Democrats are not and they want to steal influence away from the people. Abbott is doing fine and the polls are rigged. The likes of Beto are enough to revile any one. He sucks for Texas and he is very representative of failed leadership and underhandedness. Dems want Texas blue and stealing and lying is normal for them.

  11. To all Dems/liberals
    Don’t want your input into how our state is run. Take your communist/ liberal ways and get out of Texas. We’re Republican and thanking God for our great governor Greg Abbott. Texans take a stand keep Abbott in office. Defeat all Dems/liberals running for office. You destroyed your state , don’t want you a or need you in Texas- GET OUT!!

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