Texas Runs Out of Monoclonal Antibody Treatment, Awaits Federal Shipment

The dangers of the federal government hoarding monoclonal antibody treatment are coming to fruition.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lost it when Biden announced that the federal government would take over the disbursement of monoclonal antibody treatments.

His concern was that the states that needed it most would be locked out if they were put on a monthly allotment while other states were able to stockpile supplies they did not need.

Texas is now out of the treatment, and it will not get anymore until next month when the federal government sends out its next allotment.

But People Will Die

It was not until Florida saw mass success with this treatment that it was even on Biden’s radar.

As soon as he got wind of it, he took over the supply chain distribution, much to the chagrin of red-state governors.

Now the worst nightmare has come true… Texas has run out with almost a full week left to go before the end of the year and there is nothing that can be done about it until Biden opens up the locker and sends more out.

Texas Health and Human Services Commission stated, “Other monoclonal antibodies have not shown to be effective against the Omicron variant, which now accounts for more than 90 percent of new cases.

“The infusion centers will continue to offer those antibodies as prescribed by health care providers for people diagnosed with a non-Omicron case of COVID-19.”

The treatment to which they referred was the sotrovimab monoclonal antibody treatment.

Texas only received just shy of 2,700 doses of the treatment in mid-December, and they are already gone.

Now Texans have to wait until the week of January 3 for the next shipment, and there is no telling how many lives will be lost in the meantime.

Do you think Biden should be distributing these treatments and holding back supplies from states that need them more?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: The Hill

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23 Responses

    1. I can not believe this man is still in office after all the blunders he has committed under his watch what a disgrace to our country ! This POS should be impeached.

    2. He should be SHOT for TREASON: How much more can the demo-rats destroy, make the American people suffer. Why is money to them more than human life?

  1. Oh HELL NO! Who the hell does he think he is? Biden is playing God by his executive orders! He can’t be removed from office soon enough, whatever the means (legally).

  2. When are we the American People going to stand up and get rid of him. We fought hard for our Country to let this idiot tear it apart. He is a moron and needs to be impeached out of office. Thank God for DeSantis & Abbot. Now if the rest of us back them we can rid our country of this idiot.

    1. We need to rid our country of every Dem, and Charge them all with Treason and Murder. Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Chuck Schummer, and many others can all be removed with a new law suit to recall every Dem for corruption, murder, Treason and untruthful statements to the American Public.

  3. Biden and the dems want complete control, also believe they are into population control. People cause global warming, just ask AOC and the squad, unless, of course, the people are democrat politicians

  4. Biden is such a jerk!!!! He is trying to get even with the states he doesn’t like and killing people in the process. How does he think this will help him with his poll numbers, NOT!!! He needs to be impeached for treating American people this way. I am so disgusted with this government.

  5. Biden could be impeached any time for treason. check the Constitution, Article 2 section 3 & 4.for the justification. If you read this correctly it is the best solution for this. The problem here is that it requires the house to impeach and the senate to convict. So this will not happen until the republican’s have a mjority in both.

  6. Biden better hope no dies due to his inability to run the government. If someone does die he should be charged with first degree murder. Then he and his VP should both be removed from office. Let the stupid Nancy take over. It will only get MUCH WORSE. Then she can be removed on the 25 Amendment.

    1. The problem with the art 25 is, it has to be iniatedby his own party, and until he is no longer useful, that will not happen… IMO, the democrats are set in motion to remove biden, kick the Constitutionall ineligible harris up, (neither of her parents were American citizens) bring in hag hillary and then harris will be “Arkancided” (by shooting herself while hanging herself), then we will see hillary bring in slick as v.p. and get another illegal immigrant, the Indonesian citizen obama, on SCOTUS, and where that unfit boot licker Austin is programming the military, America will become a full blown communist country….. democrat/communist coup complete!

  7. Since Biden says he is turning Covid over to the states as the Fed can’t help that should mean the control of this drug. First he should never have had the control. Hoping the states (At least the Red states!!) get rid of Fauci at same time. Biden is off in DE again and it’s only Tuesday.

  8. When will Americans come to the understanding that this current administration is in the process of taking control of every aspect of peoples lives?
    Wht a bunch of BS, they say they want to save lives in their strange approach to this covid virus, yet they support abortions, they say they want to povide medications, yet they hold them in some dark deep location, they say they want people to be well off and happy, yet they do everything which produces the reverse results….. By “they” I mean the democrat party and their power hungry need to control bunch, welcome to communism, people!

  9. Is it only red states like Texas who are being denied the vaccine? If so that alone should be plenty of reason for not only impeachment but imprisonment for murder, selective as it may be! Biden’s pettiness will soon bite him is his ars of a brain!
    I truly believe Biden and his supports are envious of Chi’s uygher camps. What a convenient methodology!

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  11. Well, If your agenda is to depopulate the entire nation & the vaccine is only working at a certain rate, which may not be as fast as you want it to go, you need to supplement with another way of accomplishing your goal.
    The real question is whether we MADE A BAD CHOICE of people to put in administration in our last election. IT IS THESE PEOPLE who are doing these kinds of things to the nation whom the administration is supposed to be PROTECTING.
    I may be wrong, but I think the pledge the president took was to PROTECT not DESTROY the people of the nation he is in charge of.

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