Top Democrat Calls Biden Claim ‘Utter BS’

Joe Biden has been spinning quite the yarn these days regarding the situation in Afghanistan.

We know he has been flat-out lying, so much so that some Democrats are trying to separate themselves from claims made by Joe Biden.

The latest being Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) calling BS on a Biden claim regarding Afghans leaving the country.

I Call BS

On Monday, Biden addressed the nation for a whopping 18 minutes regarding the situation in Afghanistan.

In part, he stated, “I know there are concerns about why we did not begin evacuating Afghan civilians sooner.

“Part of the answer is some of the Afghans did not want to leave earlier, still hopeful for their country.

“Part of it was because the Afghan government and its supporters discouraged us from organizing a mass exodus to avoid triggering, as they said, a crisis of confidence.”

Moulton, in response, stated, “That’s utter BS.

“I mean, don’t tell me that Afghans don’t want to leave when there’s been a backlog of Special Immigrant Visa applications for over a decade.

“Don’t tell me they don’t want to leave when they’re literally clinging to airplanes to try to get out of this country.

“That was the single part of the president’s speech that I not only disagreed with but I thought was just utter BS.”

Moulton was among the first Dems to distance himself from this debacle, stating on Sunday, “To say that today is anything short of a disaster would be dishonest. Worse, it was avoidable.

“The time to debate whether we stay in Afghanistan has passed, but there is still time to debate how we manage our retreat.

“For months, I have been calling on the Administration to evacuate our allies immediately—not to wait for paperwork, for shaky agreements with third countries, or for time to make it look more ‘orderly.’”

Expect to see this more in the coming days, as more and more Democrats will start looking after number one rather than protecting the current occupant of the White House.

Even then, it may not stop this rising red wave that will overtake Congress in 2022.

Source: The Hill

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30 Responses

  1. Hmmm – a truthful

    Hmmmmm – a truthful Democrat????
    Hard to believe!!
    The only good ones are dead!
    Then they pollute the ground they are put in


    1. Hmmm spacex could serve to send them on a burial mission into the sun!
      Naaa alians would war with us for polluting the universe! Lol

  2. Not only is Biden a complete moron, he is also a serial liar. Everything his party and administration has done wrong, he’s blamed Trump; Just like Obama blamed Bush for his screw ups. We need a real leader in the White House, we need Trump.

    1. Bruce, I am a 77 yrs old Canadian married to a 25 yr USAF Vet. I have studied American Politics for 50 yrs since I was 23 living in Canada when JFK was murdered. 50% of Americans are totally brain-dead and 80% of Cdns are totally brain-dead! It is ALL about the NEW WORLD ORDER AND AGENDA 21- which they do NOT even KNOW about! How many times did you hear H.W. Bush talk about the NWO? It’s been going on for 60 yrs! I have been to 20 countries 12 times to Cuba! IF TRUMP DOESN’T GET BACK IN AMERICA & CANADA WILL TURN OVER TO CHINA! Trudeau up in Canada was raised by a Communist Pierre Trudeau! Best friends with Castro who was a pall-bearer at his funeral! I could rant until midnight- will probably get blocked. Bi*en needs to be hu*g at Gitmo!

      1. You are right! The miscalculation is in thinking, those who want to be led are looking for good leaders. Most just want someone to lead, and like sheep they will follow. If that one mistaken as a leader is in fact a wolf who looks like a sheep, acts like a sheep, leads like a shepherd, knowing the sheep will follow the end result of those led are digesting in the stomach of the wolf!

  3. This past week or so has proven what most folks have said out loud. Biden is totally incapable of running this great country. Looking at what and where our country was 9 months ago to today is the most upsetting and depressing situation I have ever experienced in my nearly 80 years of life. Sadly, it is only going to get worse unless the people of our Nation speak out against this puddingbrain, confused person who corruptly got into office.
    I pray the mid-terms can start the beginning of a new era to get us back on track. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!

    1. With you Bob ALL THE WAY.

      As a Canadian senior I have had a Prayer Pg for President Trump for SIX years now with 5700 people on it STILL PRAYING EVERY DAY! And I am not even a citizen! Married to a 25 yr USAF Vet for 10 yrs … KEEP PRAYING! There are HUGE things happening behind the curtain!

    2. We wait for the mid-terms Bob, then we’re REALLY SCREWED!!! .. At this rate, there won’t be a country to fight for by the end of the year .. let alone 2022. What we need to do RIGHT NOW. is round up ALL of these treasonous traitorous rat bastards and let the hanging begin .. swift justice just like the Julius & Ethel Rosenburg .. with EXTREME PREJUDICE!! .. 😡

    3. I’m with you Bob Barr!
      We are heading in the wrong direction with Biden as our President. He is ill and he needs
      to go!
      God Bless Americaf!

  4. The time has come for an impeachment of Biden and all his staff under Biden including Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, etc, all the ones involved also. He had time to organize to get the people out of the country safely, and didn’t have to say when he was doing it. This is sheer stupidity and ingorance and he has no right in office for the proof is coming out about the election counting. Time for a reelection in November for with the same ones on the ballot and he will be gone.

  5. when i hear of all the afghans being slaughtered and the stranded people from europe and north america, all i can think is what a horrible avoidable mess created by such incompetent fools.

  6. We Will Be Lucky To Have Anything Left By 2022. Like We Pro Trumpers Knew ; The Rigged Election Was For This Purpose. Its Blowing Up Better Then Expected , To The Joy Of Our Enemies And The Fear And Distrust Of Our Allies.

  7. I am so ashamed of our President and his cabinet. Obviously Bidens last 40 years have taught him nothing. If he is even able to think for himself. And those advising him need to be hung from the nearest tree.

  8. LoL, quite frankly, he betrayed his ENTIRE country before his democratic party betrayed him.
    This just put a HUGE dent in any credibility he/they may have had…
    I would like to say ooops but out of respect for those still stuck over there and scared, I will not. I pray they all get home safely

  9. What happened was the video of the people trying to hang on to the plane was shown before anyone could put the kabash on it. Can’t hide it now! Everyone knows what the Dems are up to now. So everyone has to go along with the truth now and deny what Biden has said if they want to be re-elected.

  10. It’s clear the democrats with brains know the American ppl are not believing Bidens lies. A smart one is definitely going to separate from Biden. Biden is a puppet being used by idiot Puppet Masters that don’t know what they’re doing…unless intentionally planning to destroy our country. The media isn’t honest and ppl living in areas around the border are sending pics and messages to family and friends abt the mess at the US borders. McAllen TX…South Texas border city put up several tents to house an overflow of migrants with COVID-19 who have been released by fed authorities with nowhere else to go. But the new tents drew such outcry from residents that late Wed, the city officials announced the facility was being moved. Our borders are being crossed by ppl from more than 130 countries. One can’t help but wonder how many of these are from the Taliban? We need a leader that is willing to put the American ppl 1st…protect our country….and then help others like the USA has done for decades. Right now…Biden and his Admin is doing NOTHING for the ppl he was elected to serve. He is to serve us…not the other way around!

  11. didn’t robert gates say in his book about being sec of defense that Joe Biden had never been on the right side about about anything to do with foreign policy ,and added was seldom right about anything else ,in a interview during his book tour .basically badmouthed Joe big time

  12. Why in the hell do we have a vegetable as so called President ???? !!!!! Every US .citizen knows he is illegitimate and should be in prison for colluding with China !!!! Americans we need to get louder we’re done with these evil Incompetence and should be on an end of a rope !!!

  13. Old Joe doesn’t know what day it is !!!!!!!!!! HE isn’t doing ANYTHING !!!!!!!!!! The PUPPETEERS that REALY run the country are destroying this country and just using Joe for a front-man !!!!!!!!!!!! China and the HOME GROWN communists call the tune !!!!!!!!!! Too bad that NO ONE will talk about that !!!!!!!!!!!!

    “YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTE (OR STEAL) FOR” !!!!!!!!!! You vote for TRASH; THAT’S what you get !!!!!!!!!! They NEVER do a good job running ANYTHING !!!!!!! BUT they are REALLY GOOD at blaming EVERYONE ELSE for their BAD DECISIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. biden has been lying for so long that he has no idea when the truth looks him square in the face, as for the democrats backing away from him now is like RATS leaving a sinking ship. with all of their criminal acts from the election on there is no way anyone who can think for themselves will put one of those crooks back into office. look a pelosi getting ready to retire, i suspect that even the people in san franciso are getting tired of her and she sees the handwriting on the wall

  15. I would like to see the republicans grow a pair and vacate the speaker’s chair, kick old bag Piglosi to the curb and put in a conservative republican speaker. Jim Jordan gets my vote! Then impeach the entire Biden administration! At this point, I haven’t seen Mc Carthy do anything but whine! Isn’t he supposedly the house minority leader? Why isn’t he getting his people on board to do this? I’m sure there are enough demonrats who hate Piglosi that would vote to oust her sorry old commie arse and be happy to be rid of her. Come on guys, get it done!!!!

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