Top Harris Spokesperson, Symone Sanders, Resigns

The turnover in the Harris office continues.

Late Wednesday night, reports broke that Symone Sanders, the primary spokesperson for Kamala Harris, was resigning.

Sanders’ resignation will take effect at the end of the year.

More Turmoil

Harris’ office has been rocked by controversy from Day One.

She also has a long history of in-office issues dating back to her days as a California prosecutor.

Only two weeks ago, Communications Director Ashley Etienne resigned from her position.

So, the departure of Sanders is now the second top-tier aide to resign in as many weeks.

Harris has become the sinking ship of the administration, polling even lower than Joe Biden right now.

Harris has been given opportunity after opportunity to shine, but she has failed with gaffe after gaffe.

The White House, on Sanders’ departure, stated, “Symone has served honorably for 3 years.

“First as a valuable member of the President’s 2020 presidential campaign, then as a member of his transition team and now deputy assistant to the President and senior advisor/chief spokesperson to the Vice President.”

Sanders first made her name working for Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), but she transitioned to Harris’ team after Biden won the nomination.

This departure will only bring more focus to the dysfunction of the Harris office.

Are people tired of her toxicity? Are they bailing on a sinking ship? Administration?

What do you guys think? Why are so many Harris staffers leaving her office?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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28 Responses

  1. Harris is more of a complete failure then the president himself she’s a joke she hasn’t done anything to improve her position or the country riding on the coattails of Joe Biden. I would like for somebody to tell me one thing just one thing that this stinking administration has done correctly since they came into office. That’s right nobody can tell because it hasn’t occurred.

    1. Yet these dem ocrap morons continue to to believe in this disaster of an administration. We can get rid of these two soon enough. The problem is the 60m that voted for the clowns.

      1. All biden appointed dem cronies are worthless & are not qualified to be in U.S. Government or be in the U.S. ! The dem’s vote fraud has to be proven very soon to stop these dem tyrants, commie, bo marxist attack on the U.S.A. ! The treason is obvious and U.S. Miltary trials are mandatory for justice and U.S. Patriot’s retaliation !

      2. …….or did they really vote these morons in???? All press coming out of Maricopa and numerous other counties, tells us the corruption on this last election was nationwide and well orchestrated. The question remain, will we ever have a secure, honest election again. Already, Biden is talking about the mid term elections being held as mail in ballots because of this BS Omicron variant. The Dems are setting the stage for another fraudulent election because they simply cannot win an election honestly. Beware people. this is going to get uglier.

    2. I have ONE thing they did right…….He POOPED his pants in the meeting with the pope!!! That was the best way to say what he thinks of his own presidency!!! LOL

      1. POOP is “0” compared to biden’s stench of treasonous E.O.’s that stink with bo’s shadow dictator tyranny !

  2. OH, PLEASE statements made ”after Biden won the nomination!” is a lie he never won any such thing.
    We all know the 2020 election was stolen, and THERE IS corruption in the Whitehouse. sitting in high places. And in this administration!
    that’s my opinion as I SEE IT.

    1. High Treason is the fact & U.S. Military trials for biden, bo & support cronies is mandatory for justice !

      1. harris and biden are complete, utter failures in their respective offices. The horrible policies put forth by democrats are partly to blame and the president is “not all there” plus the vice president has a very questionable past(willie brown).
        I hope this country can survive the treasonous democrat party and this incompetent administration!
        2022 and 2024 cannot come soon enough!

    2. YES I AGREE…. So why are they not trying to show everyone that this is a crime and take them all down so they will not try it again. Fine them and send them to years in prison. Then put in the man who won ! NOW
      if it is not in the Constitution – There should be a new amendment so we do not have to go this in the future!

  3. How there are over 40% of people who want to see this country destroyed and do not see the insanity of this admin. direction, and have our constitution blatantly ignored, without recourse, is truly beyond my comprehension. Biden and all his people are treasonous, perverted clowns, who are creating havoc by divide and conquer methods, and so many are being fooled by this BLM, woke, hateful, communist agenda. Why is it that you, I mentioned cannot see this? We have apparently been sold off to china by biden and his drug addict son for millions, but we are the ones paying the price. Biden is using hatred for Trump and his positive actions, and has reversed everything that was making us safe, self-sufficient, and stronger than any other country, but this hatred has made us oil dependent, broke, and will allow china and russia to overtake us. Why can’t people see this?

  4. Well I guess her staff can see the writing on the wall, get out now before things get even worse

  5. We talk about how bad this administration is, but we never talk about how to kick all of them out and prosecuted for all the damage they’ve done to this country and its citizens.

    1. I read a prediction for the future, that actually struck more fear in me for the future of our Country then having Biden and Harris in office. A prediction that is VERY POSSIBLE, based on all the other stunts the Democrats have pulled to get into office and stay there, this one makes the most sense FOR THEM ANYWAY If Trump runs for office again ( and I pray that he will) The ONLY TEAM that might give him a run for the money in 2024 is
      Hillary Clinton / Michelle Obama . The best way for that to happen is Harris resigns now, Biden appoints Clinton as replacement VP, then resigns for health reasons. Its the ONLY way Clinton will get into office, !! However based on how many people die who make the mistake of willing to testify against her, I can easily see her staying in office until there is NOTHING Trump or anyone else can do to save our Country from becoming a communist ruin. George Soros has made it his life mission to completely destroy the USA and I fear with Clinton and Obama running things HIS DREAMS will come true !

  6. All of these idiots in the white house need to be charged with treason there getting rich schemes is destroying America. We must use or rights and remove them!!!

  7. That is exactly what the democrat agreed with Joe to pick the worst candidate during the primary debate.
    It is not a surprise. If democrat wish to win the 24 white house they get rid of Harris at this moment, not later.

  8. Typo…that comment is supposed to read I pray to GOD they don’t I repeat I hope the democrats DO NOT get the White Castle back in 2024. We need another America 1st President !! In the White House. It isn’t a castle to rule from like this administration believes it is. I would vote for Donald J Trump again if he ran. Or some orjer candidate tjat was America 1st. But no more America last … people please.

  9. Harris is a crab pulling the administration down. So we want her to stay on, to pull them harder down till we win then she will be kicked to the curb.

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