Top FDA Officials Resign, Drop Bombshell on Biden Administration

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Joe Biden stated that he was wary of the vaccine because he believed Trump was putting pressure on FDA officials to approve the vaccine, bypassing safety protocols in the process.

Well, two high-ranking FDA officials just resigned and guess what they stated on their way out?

Much of the reason they were leaving was because of political pressure being applied by the Biden administration.

Sudden Departures

Marion Gruber, director of the Office of Vaccines Research & Review (OVRR), and Phil Krause, OVRR deputy director, have announced they will be leaving the FDA in October and November, respectfully.

The two of them together have more than four decades of service in the agency.

Why are they leaving?

Both have stated that CDC has been having far too much influence on decision-making that should lie with the FDA…

This is a rather startling blow to the Biden administration, especially when you consider how hard the administration has been pushing booster shots as of late.

We are seemingly now getting decisions driven by politics rather than being backed by science.

That was the overwhelming message from this administration during the 2020 election cycle, but that has all been tossed out the door now.

Currently, only one vaccine has been fully approved by the FDA, yet booster shots are now being touted to get us through the expected winter surge.

The fact we have FDA officials now resigning over this should have everyone’s ears up.

Source: The Blaze

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32 Responses

    1. He sure as heck does, they ALL have done nothing but ied the entire time they’ve been in office. They’re destroying our country as fast as they can to fill their pockets with money. Nothing more than simple greed. They care nothing about Americans at all !!!

  1. Why haven’t we heard anything about VP Harris is she lost or is she just hiding out something is wrong with this picture what does she have to hide from other than being a rotten VP her and Biden are quite the team along with Jill and Pelosi they along in orange jumpsuits

  2. Yah, they said one vaccine was approved, but that approved vaccine is not available. It won’t be available for years. Check it out, it’s the truth! The Biden communist regime is pulling a fast one on the people. So they can mandate it. It’s all for money! Stocks! Look it up.

    1. THANK YOU for calling this what it is; COMMUNISM. And nobody wants to do anything about it. There’s got to be SOMETHING WE CAN DO, too many of them in administration this time.

  3. Maybe the author of this article should look a little closer at the name of the Pfizer vaccine that was just approved and then compare it to the name of the Pfizer vaccine that has been given to people. It isn’t the same vaccine. The vaccine approved by the FDA has never been given to the general public and has only been used in clinical trials.

  4. Is the vaccine approved by the FDA or not I know it was approved for emergency use only so what’s the truth in all this if people been lied to by the CDC and Fosse and Biden for what

  5. Murderer joe biden and murderer dr death fauci (like hitlers Dr Menegele – all the save just as evil, just as corrupt

    1. Absolutelly truth!!! All for tón Of money and control Of us . It’s coming all out, what many of us knew.Research is a Great tool to navigate through all the layers Of lies and liers…

  6. Approved or not – it’s a lethal injection. There is a ton of dead bodies out there to prove it. I actually watched a video of a woman getting a shot and died right there in the chair. They pulled her body off behind a screen. It was horrible.

  7. Approved or not, the shot is lethal. I actually watched a person getting a shot and died right there in the chair. The body was carried off behind a screen. Horrible.

  8. That’s why the shots should not be mandatory. People should have the right to make their own decisions. One of my doctors will no treat me if I am not vaccinated.
    I took the first shot but not the second due to all the flip flop Fauci remarks. All very confusing and I do believe it all about money and not about saving lives.

  9. Don’t take the shot whatever you do. Unless your not afraid of dying within a couple years, these vaccines are population control. BEWARE

    1. It maybe a sterilization med? It’s known to pool in reproduction areas and may cause c/a. Some counties have already banned it’s use because of this. We deserve to have true facts not just some person saying I took it and therefor it must be safe or I had my kids take it it’s safe. Where is real science?

  10. It is impossible for me to comprehend that the man directing our salvation from this coronavirus is the same fellow who in the Wuhan province developed the virus. The idiot that we have as a president has no idea what he is doing and the country as a result will be held hostage to this virus which emanated from China and was deliberately released and created in part by Obama and Fauci

    1. Take off your masks , they are not keeping Covid out, just an other way to control us. Obama , Pelosi , Newsom etc. they live well on our tax dollars, they are laughing how they scared us to submission ! Trust me, they didn’t get vaxxed or their Family . They are the chosen ones who want to rule with iron hand Calls Communism. Stalin also starved His people.

  11. the FDA is the gold standard ??? BS there are no more gold standards in this administration, we ought to check to see if this standard is based on gold or tungsten since the Chinese have been caught slipping tungsten in shipments over seas then claiming the receiver shorted their selves

    1. Yes, China is Something to worry About . Our Military are getting mandatory shots, so we will be all alone … this is worse dream I ever had !!!

  12. The Director of CDC needs to step down. She is overstepping her bounds. First she
    implemented the No evictions of renters which she didn’t have the tight to do. She was ‘t in the Property Management field and out of her area of expertise! A lot of landlords are going to be losing their properties due to foreclosures and her stupidity! They never got any compensation that our federal government was going to dole out! Now, this idiot is going after our guns and the 2nd Amendment. She better stick to the heath part of CDC or get the hell out!

  13. Yup blocked again, no truths allowed….FDA picked funny time to approve vac, the day the top dog looks like a big terd…….

  14. How long do we allow the dems to buy and sell America. Break state and federal laws, wipe their feet on the Constitution, and Bill of rights.
    Time for Republican governors to join forces, activate guard and arrest dems…..

  15. The top dem terd has been breaking the constitution almost every day…….
    They have been lying, cheating, committing fraud, insurrection, and treason so long they don’t care and know they will never be arrested

  16. It’s time for republican governors to stand up and arrest Biden his entire staff, and military generals. They are all breaking laws and constantly lying to the American citizens. With the intent of taking complete control by the democrat party…….the group in charge hides behind their trillions $$$$$$……their trickery, overlapping lies, deceit, fraud and constant blitzkreig of distractions and buying of large portions of our government. To bring in single party dictator, with complete democrat allegiance, dems have said do as we tell or be arrested covid, lock downs, vaccine, church groups, control of info they only call misinformation….lie after lie after lie…….
    Arrest them now

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