Tough Guy Fetterman Was Living Off Daddy’s Money

PA Senate candidate John Fetterman likes to come off as the tough guy liberal.

Well, as it turns out, he is nothing more than another pampered rich boy.

To that point, reports are now surfacing that daddy was picking up his bill even in his 40s.

Daddy, Help

Not only was Dad picking up Fetterman’s tab, but they were also skirting tax laws in the process.

Fetterman and his wife, in 2015, received four “gifts” from his parents of $13,500.

Why that amount… so Johnny would not have to pay taxes on the money because the threshold for a taxable gift was $14,000 at the time.

It gets even better.

Fetterman’s parents were paying his bills while he served as the Mayor of Braddock, PA.

The salary at the time for the position was $1,800.

Now, you have to keep in mind, less than 2,000 people are living in Braddock, so this is far from a full-time job, yet that is apparently how he treated it.

I have lived in towns like this, and the mayor works about 10 hours a week, if that.

Mehmet Oz’s campaign stated, “Here are facts: John Fetterman was living off of Daddy’s money until he was 46.

“During this period, he failed to pay his taxes 67 times.

“Now, he’s running for Senate, and wants to raise your taxes by trillions and spend billions more than even Biden.

“John Fetterman knows how to tweet, but apparently not how to type

“We suggest he take lessons in between his rush to get from one non-existent public event to the next.”

Fetterman’s campaign responded, “John has spent his career rolling up his sleeves and fighting for forgotten people and communities in Pennsylvania.

“He has dedicated his life to public service and helping others.

“John had a good job with a good paycheck, but gave it up to focus on serving the forgotten communities in PA.”

Now I know why these liberals in PA love him so much… he is literally one of them.

An entitled rich boy who got something for nothing his entire life.

He cannot even manage his own household and they want to hand him the keys to the state?

It is just pathetic.

Source: Breitbart


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