Treasury Authorizes Working with Taliban for Aid to Afghanistan

The idiocy of this administration never ceases to amaze me.

The Biden administration has now reportedly agreed to terms with the Taliban to send aid to Afghanistan.

The Department of Treasury announced it will now approve some financial transactions with the Taliban.

Funding Terrorists

You will have to excuse me on this one if I sound cold-hearted and skeptical, but I do not believe the Taliban can be trusted here.

The terrorist organization has done nothing, I mean NOTHING, to show that it has changed its ways.

Furthermore, we owe nothing to Afghanistan at this point.

Aside from Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal, the people of this country have done little to fight off the Taliban takeover, so why are we now about to send taxpayer money to help them.

Yet, that is exactly what is about to happen.

Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo stated, “The United States is the largest single provider of humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan.

“We are committed to supporting the people of Afghanistan, which is why Treasury is taking these additional steps to facilitate assistance.”

He added, “Treasury has provided broad authorizations that ensure NGOs, international organizations and the U.S. government can continue to provide relief to those in need.”

House Foreign Affairs Committee ranking member Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) slammed the move, saying that while he supports “efforts to provide life-saving humanitarian assistance directly to the Afghan people,” the new policy is “shortsighted” and will “offer broad sanctions carveouts [that] could result in using American taxpayer funds to reward, legitimize and enable” the Taliban.

He added, “Providing these exemptions under the guise of ‘humanitarian aid,’ and without any prior consultation with Congress, further undermines bipartisan support and faith in the administration’s transparency and decision-making.

“I remain deeply frustrated that the administration still can’t confirm what assistance programs have been restarted.

“This committee must be permitted to conduct oversight of foreign assistance resources and priorities.”

Personally, I think it is outright disgusting that we still have hundreds, if not thousands of Americans and Afghan allies still behind enemy lines, yet we are now going to send money to this country knowing full well the majority of that money will never be used for the purpose it is meant to serve.

How do you feel about Joe Biden sending aid to Afghanistan?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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42 Responses

  1. HMM Didn’t BRAIN ROT BIDEN give the TALIBAN enough aid with the MILLIONS in MILITARY equipment and weapons he left ?

    1. Since Biden caused the problems in Afghanistan, let’s send him there until he fixes them, or dies trying.

  2. It’s simply amazing, after the pallets of money, the huge piles of weapons ect, ect. Where did all that money go? Funny how we ALWAYS have endless money for other countries. But our social security is going broke? Come on man. This is a outright disgrace and total disrespect to all the legal US citizens PERIOD .

    1. If the idiot biden sends 1 dime of aid to the taliban or any other of our enemies, he should be forcibly removed from the whitehouse along with his entire administration. Leaving afghanistan like he did, costing American lives for no reason plus leaving billions worth of military equipment is an impeachable offense!
      Enough is enough!
      biden should go straight to jail!!!!!!!!

      1. Biden is AIDING AND ABETTING THE ENENY! This is T-R-E-A-S-O-N!!!!
        PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!! I have been calling Biden “Traitor Joe” for quite some time. . it is time the rest of the country is made aware and this SHOULD do it! Who in their right mind believes the Taliban can be trusted?!!!
        “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. … No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open court.”
        Biden, et al, can’t throw our hard earned dollars away fast enough but this. . . THIS is TREASON!!!

  3. I thought it was against the law to fund terrorists organizations. And if nothing is or will be done to track their spending of our aid money we will now pay terrorists to directly or through funding those that
    Will attack the United States and our Allies.

    1. What I think Biden needs to be stop he is not of sound mind.
      Immigration running loose he has no control Oh but get your shot wear mask mandate bit these people coming through our border bringing virus and God knows what else. And now we shall support Taliban This man is a real fruit cake.Remove

  4. Does the insanity of this administration never end? Obviously many of the politicians under the Obama/ Biden camp care nothing about our Constitution and the American people. This is getting beyond ridiculous. Time for these people to be tried for treason and other crimes. Our government has been getting way out of control for a long time. Time for Article 5! Of course we won’t see justice done in Washington because of the deep state. We saw what happened when Trump tried draining the swamp. It’s almost impossible to have faith in a government that is so corrupt.

  5. What dead brains in the Biden administration personnel have proposed giving aid to Afghanistan Taliban. No more foreign aid should be authorized until the USA treasury is in black ink. USA should not be borrowing money to give away on foreign aid. All of those idiots in Washington should be in prison for such incompetence.

  6. I think we the American People are sick and tired of the Government feeling free to keep spending our money like syrup flowing from a tree. Would they do it if it was coming from their pockets, I THINK NOT?

  7. Biden has been funding terrorist for as long as he has been in Politics. Money in his pocket means more than all of the Americans lives lost to his funding terrorists. More is coming thanks to Biden. Imported hundreds from Afghanistan went he ran like a rat.

  8. No, if it was coming out of their Pockets. No they would be the first to vote it down. They need to have their Salaries redone. They need to be cut back and paid what they are worth. If they have not done anything for the USA in the last 6 months. Why should they get a bonus in payment for being Bench Sitters and playing golf. I just its time that Biden leave the Presidential Office. Health Wise I think its time he left.

  9. I think he should do just that — After he uses his executive power to use the 2022 & 2023 & 2024 wages for every federal politician & their staff to pay for it. If that’s not enough, he can get the rest from the employees of every department such as the FBI, DOJ, ATF, DEA, NIH, NIAID, etc. Let those folks know what it feels like to get robbed to support the Taliban.

  10. This is just as STUPID as the withdrawal from Afghanistan…. How much more does this country have to endure with this IDIOT….

  11. Don’t give one dime of my tax money to the Taliban. We should rise up and quit giving the DC swamp monies to give to our enemies.

  12. Look numb nuts Biden. Our wounded Vets and the homeless needs that money more than other counties. Spend it here as all the Taliban will do is kill Americans. Biden must have flunked recess, but he sure got an A in nap time.

  13. What Bidden should be funding is getting our people home. We
    have never left anyone, not even bodies behind. Biden lied about how many were there and had no intention in bringing
    them home. Every one of the Americans and people who helped them should be home by now. Shame on him. He did
    not care enough about them to get them out of harms way.

  14. Something has to be done to stop the insanity of this administration. I do not believe that the Founding Fathers who carefully constructed and followed the Constitution wanted or intended for this kind of CRAZY, DUMB, ARROANT, DICTATORSHIP, to be able to flourish without the immediate ability in Constitutional Law to stop it. Where the hell is our Congress – all off them? This Administration continues to strive for total destruction of the American citizens and our allies. God forbid, when is this Nation, the Congress and its’ citizens going to say – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!! Thiis insanity must be stopped now.

  15. Biden has done nothing to insure the safety fo this country and it people if the report is true that this administration is going to release the money being held then he is aid and a bedding a group that sponsors terrorism and if this is true then he is guilty hope the people who voted for him realize the horrible mistake they have made and that they can at lest take control of the Congress from the democrats in the up coming mid term elections

  16. Gary Shouse (and others past and present) is correct. If you severely poke even the most docile animal enough times, it will eventually retaliate and try to kill you. Or die trying. Only a Congress of fools and and an impotent SCOTUS will allow this manner of activity, contrary to the needs and or wishes of citizens, to continue unchecked. I do not recall learning about polite, in advance, notices of civil war having been issued through out history. Payback will be unrelenting and vicious, time to take notice America.


  18. Biden is not capable of being smart!!! Brandon is killing America and something needs to be done about this moron!

  19. While the Taliban reaps profits for being terrorists, may senior citizens get some help from Washington? I doubt it. I know how and why I will always vote against tyranny.

  20. President Biden please don’t send our Money to the taliban . You can’t even get them to take care of our country why would you think we’re going to keep up the taliban . Send a plane big enough to get all our people and bring them home the bomb the hell out of the taliban and keep on bombing them till they are no more. Don’t think they wouldn’t do that to us in a New York minute because they would.

  21. This just shows how addled Joe Biden’s brain is. He cares nothing for the people he’s supposed to represent and gives away the store to everyone else. What a jerk!

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